Maonyesho ya Televisheni ya Vampire Diaries Which male name meaning fits their personality the most?

Pick one:
Damon: Gentle, tame, loyal au godlike
Stefan: Crown au mduara, duara
Jeremy: Highned au God will raise wewe
Tyler: Tile maker, tile layer au public
Matt: Gift of god au present
Alaric: Noble ruler, strong au rich
Richard: Strong power au determined
Logan: Hollow au little cave
Zach: Pure au to remember
John: God is gracious
Frederik: Peaceful ruler au peace-keeper (lol)
Harper: A player on the harp
Mason: Bricklayer au worker
Luka: Man from Lucania au bright
Jonas: njiwa au the peace-keeper
Niklaus: Victory of the people
Elijah: The mighty
Bill: The kofia, chapeo au the strong will
Mikeal: The mighty au God
Finn: White, bright au blonde
Kol: Coal au the blackness
Jamie: Betrayal
Connor: The help
 Katherine-P posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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