Maonyesho ya Televisheni ya Vampire Diaries My faves from 3.11 "Our Town." Yours?

Pick one:
Damon happy in the kuoga / Elena & the punching bag
Those hybrids. They're really bringing the neighborhood down
You'd think that if spirits of a bunch of dead witches can figure out how to make
Even though I want to put wewe first before anyone, I can't. I'll never be able to
(Tyler gives Caroline a gift) Happy birthday.
Marafiki don't strip Marafiki of their free will/Yeah that was a little extreme
Stefan decapitates Klaus' hybrid Mindy
Smores, campfire.../Cake, like when we were little/Except with tequila, tekila
The only point to 17 was to get to 18, it's a filler year. I'm stuck in a filler
Here lies Caroline Forbes/Cheerleadr, Miss MF, 3rd gradehopscotch champion/Friend
Carol, and don't take this the wrong way, but do wewe know you're kissing the punda
Oh, please don't tell me you're gonna drink the Klaus Kool-Aid
Liz, I 'm impressed. You're all strong and sheriff-y
Your switch is fried, Stefan. Just like your brain.
To be the villain, Damon, wewe have to be the better villain.
I'm not moving on from anything. I upendo wewe (♥♥♥♥♥!!!)
Stefan/Elena speeding at Wickery bridge (whole scene)
Are wewe going to kill me?/On your birthday? wewe really think that low of me?/Yes.
"I'll let wewe in on a little secret." Klaus/Caroline scene
There wewe go sweetheart, have at it. Happy birthday, Caroline
It's not right / It's right. Just not right now.
Caroline opens the gift from Klaus
Here lies Elena gilbert, a fun girlfriend and an amazing friend.
Talk about a humanity dimmer switch/Screw wewe
Can't a council meeting ever just be a council meeting?
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