Maonyesho ya Televisheni ya Vampire Diaries What's your inayopendelewa Damon quote from Ordinary People?

Pick one:
Elena... Boo! Scaredy-cat.
Seems even the ancient Lockwoods were anti-vampire.
It`s the Lockwood Diaries, pictionary style.
Yep. And I like to call him papa original.
The ghost of krisimasi past, Mason Lockwood, alisema that the cave
Make sure she doesn`t power struggle wewe into a wheelchair.
Hmm. Pasty and pouty.
wewe know I`m not a big champion on this whole Lexi recovery
What are wewe talking about? It`s family siku at vampire rehab.
Liar, liar, pants on fire, brother. Klaus compelled wewe
wewe really have aliyopewa up.
Screw this Lexi plan. I think we can both use a drink.
You`ve been on this bunny diet for the better part of 50 years
All that effort wasted trying to tell wewe how boring wewe were, and
I happen to like the edge, Stefan. Your problem is
I thought wewe could use a hug, Stefan.
Maybe I wanted to remind wewe what freedom was like before Klaus took it from you.
That`s my point, Stefan. You`ve aliyopewa up. Now wewe can sit
I really hope this game of 20 maswali isn`t your secret weapon.
Go ahead. Kick, yell, scream. I`m sure you`ve been planning your rant all day.
Why not? I went behind your back, freed Stefan. And wewe know what?
 mrssalvatore6 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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