The inayofuata morning Bonnie felt a lot better and it looked like the weather was copying her mood. She walked outside to get some fresh air and almost stumbled over Jeremy.
“Jeremy?!” she exclaimed. Jeremy startled and looked up. He was completely soaked and wrecked. “Oh my God, wewe sat here all night? Let’s get wewe inside” Bonnie alisema worried. She sounded like herself again, Jeremy noticed. He got up and followed her inside. “Why didn’t wewe go home, Jeremy?” Bonnie asked, while she was putting some tea. “I was worried” Jeremy said, shaking from the cold. “You were uigizaji very weird last night. Don’t wewe remember?” He heard how Bonnie took some cups out of the cupboard and placed them on the sink. “Yeah, unfortunately I do” she replied. “And I’m really ashamed of myself. I don’t know what got into me. I think this whole seeing dead people thing is stressing me out” “It’s stressing wewe out?” Jeremy asked. “How about me? I’m the one who sees them” “I know, I know” Bonnie said, while she poured the water in the cups; she’d made it boil faster with magic. “I just think it will bring a lot of stress for us, as a couple” She came into the living room and handed Jeremy his cup. “Drink up, you’ll get warm” she said. “What do wewe mean, for us as a couple?” Jeremy asked, putting his cup down on the living table. “I think it’s better if we stop seeing each other” Bonnie explained. Jeremy considered it a good thing he’d put the cup on the table, because otherwise he most likely would’ve dropped it on the floor. “I’m sorry, what did wewe say?” “You heard me, Jeremy” Bonnie said. “I really think it’s for the best” “Okay, let’s just put aside the fact that I upendo wewe and I believed wewe to upendo me back. wewe promised you’d help me. wewe alisema you’d fix my whole seeing dead people thing” Jeremy alisema shocked and upset. “I will” Bonnie alisema with a smile. “But in order for me to succeed I need wewe to stay away from me as far as possible”