The Vampire Diaries shabiki Fiction

Please note that this isn't to harm the onyesha itself au to discredit the writers and producers of the series. I hereby state that this onyesha isn't of my original idea and that this is only a fanfiction au shabiki made reboot of the series. If anything this is zaidi for the fun of uandishi and entertainment purposes.


Starring: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerholder, Paul Wesley

Location: Woods

“For over a century, I lived in secret,” Stefan says as he writes in his journal. The ink bleed along the paper that formed his very words as he spoke but he stopped. “No, no,” he says crossing out the sentence that was just written.

He shook his head side to side with displeasure at his work. This uandishi was a form of art to him and yet it look like some amateur's poetry work. So he tore out the page and tossed it in the trash can and eagerly turned back to his work. Speaking to himself once again, he found his place of peace and began to write over.

“For years I've tried to keep my life a secret. This world I live in can be so dark, so cold and for so long I wanted a way out. It's been a mwaka since I made a promise, a promise that I vowed to keep. Now that promise may be my way to start over, not just for me, but for her. She's in danger, I just know it. long till she knows.” Stefan smiled at his work and stared at the window that sat before him, it was time.

Location: Changes Woods to Road...

"An hour's drive to hear that crap. wewe know, it wasn't even a band. A guy with a guitar. An saa each way," Darren says to his girlfriend complaining.

“He wasn't that bad," she majibu in a scuff and small laugh.

“He sounded like James Blunt." Darren majibu to justify himself.

“What's wrong with that?“ She says giving him her full attention along with a slight serious face.

“We already have a James Blunt. One's all we need."

“So why did wewe come?"

“Because I upendo you.“ He says giving her a romantic look.

“Nicely done. What's with all the fog?" She majibu and avoids his incoming kiss.

“It'll clear in a second." He says turning his attention to the road with a smile. It would only be a matter of time before he would try his songesha again.

“Watch out!“ Brooke screams taking her smile from her face she rushed her arms mbele to songesha the wheel.

Jerking the wheel the car maneuvered off the road and Darren slammed his foot on the brake.

“Are wewe OK?" Darren asks her checking her face in panic.

“We just hit someone! Oh my god! We just hit someone," she says with a sense of shock.

“Call for help.“ Darren orders.

“I'm the nurse," she says and steps out the car. Slowly she walked towards the man's body as he laid on the road.

“Please be alive! Oh, my god." He says rushing to dial , he ripped his kiti, kiti cha ukanda off and stepped out the car.

“Sir," Brooke says checking his pulse. Her hand lightly tapping his face for a response she then checked his eyes for shock.

The man laid there on the road his body merely lifeless to the female that sat over him. Though she had yet to realize that danger was coming her way. His eyes fluttered in a flawless uigizaji attempt to play injured.

“Oh my God, Darren, he's alive."

“Please," the man whispers in a weary voice.

“Damnit, there's no freaking signal," Darren
curses as he runs farther down the road.

“Don't worry, we're getting wewe some help," Brooke says.

“Please," the man repeats. “Come closer." He says and willingly she listens and cautiously leans forward. With a look in her eye he spoke. “Don't scream." He says and launches forward.

“Baby, there's no getting a signal we ne--" he says but the sight of her lifelessly body frightened him. He ran mbele and flipped her body around just to see her bare neck. “No, baby!" He says till he realize the shadow loomed over him. To hold his scream that he held in fear he curled himself into a ball in front of his girlfriend.