"Why would wewe tell him?"
Damon yelled.It echoed all around the house.

"I'm sorry i didnt know what else to tell him."Caroline pleaded.

"You might as well told him to bite us when he changed.Damon had gotten so mad he ran in inhuman speed toward Caroline witha stake.

"Don't wewe dare touch her." Tyler alisema charging at Damon.

Suddenly Tyler's body was replaced with a jet black wolf.It lunged for Damon's throat but ended up biting his right arm.

"AaahUggh."Damon was in pain because of the venom in the mtu-bweha saliva.Caroline herd someone at the door.It was Elena.

"Elena hurry Damon got bit kwa Tyler."Caroline alisema moving Elena towards Damon.

"What?Okay I know a way to help him.I have to let him drink from me."Elena said.

"How do wewe know it will work?"Caroline asked.

"Well I was coming to tell Damon."

"Damon i need wewe to drink from me.It's the only way wewe will survive."Elena said.

"What no I can't."

"Damon wewe have to do it for Stefan do it for me."

"Elena i can'-"Damon's sentence was cut.Then he felt a warm sweet taste on his tongue.Elena's blood was like nothing he had ever tasted before.Soon Damon stopped burning from the venom and stopped drinking.

"Thank wewe Elena."

"You're welco-"Then Elena fainted.She woke up in the Salvatore's house.

"Hey there sleepy head." Damon alisema in a sweet voice.

"Hi what happened?"Elena asked.

"I drank from wewe and wewe fainted."Damon answered.

"Well atleast it was worth it."Elena said.

"Was it really Elena?"Damon asked.

"Ofcourse it was I saved your life."Elena replied.

"Well Elena no one cares about me."

"I care about wewe if wewe did not already know."Elena said.

"Yes,but not the way i care about you.I upendo you."Damon alisema it so sweet it broght tears to Elena's eyes.

"How do wewe know i don't upendo wewe the same way?"Elena asked

"Well because no one loves me."

"I do."Elena alisema leaning close to Damon.They were practically nose to nose.

"Show me wewe do."Damon alisema leaning in.

"uum Elena Stefan wants to know if your okay."Caroline alisema looking surprised kwa how close Damon and Elena were.This broke Elena and Damon apart.

"Yea I'm fine.So is Damon."Elena alisema giggling.