This is a orodha of what I think it the juu 10 greatest characters from the graphic novels.

Beware, this might contain spoilers for people not up to tarehe in the comics AND people who haven't read Rise of the Governor.

If wewe are not a comic reader, wewe can still read this and probably still enjoy it. But beware for spoilers again, because on the onyesha they are doing a lot of the same stuff from the comics.

So all of my *SPOILER ALERTS* have been put, wewe can't bitch, kahaba to me about them! ;)

Occupation: Leader of the Saviors

He's not a big character, but I think he still deserves to be on that list. He's a really great character. Complex. He comes in first as a villain, one of the bad guys, but it turns out he's a really nice guy who only wanted to protect his wife and get her back from Negan. And when he finally succeeded (with the help of Rick & Co.), she decided to dump him (Is it because he has his face burnt that wewe don't upendo him anymore, Sherry? Because, may I remind you, it's partly because of you that it happened!)

Anyways. He's a great character. I wish we could see zaidi of him.

Dwight, Issue 141, Volume 24

People who never read the comics are probably wondering why she's on that list. Well, if wewe read the comics, wewe can see that she's pretty amazing! Maybe not at first, she's zaidi like a late bloomer, but now she's a little bad-ass! She can defend herself against boys and is not afraid of everything anymore. Her relationship with Carl is great also! She's really interesting and has a lot of potential.

Sophia, Issue 134, Volume 23

Occupation: Head of the Herd-Duty Crew & Head of the Ammo Crew

He's awesome! He's changed so much and in the really good way. Yes, he did start off as a wimp, but now, he's one of the most important people in Alexandria and he helps a lot and he's vital for the survival of his fellow survivors. He is very smart and this is important. As a bonus, his relationship with Rosita is adorable..... *sniff*

Eugene Porter, Issue 147, Volume 25

Occupation: Head of the Construction Crew

What an AWESOME character! I loved the way he talks, only Abe can talk like that ;) He didn't take anyone's bullshit and I loved that! Just a great character. I miss wewe Abraham!

Abraham Ford, Issue 63, Volume 11

Occupation: Supply-Runner

Glenn! Still not over it. What a waste! He was so great. I don't even know what to say. He was pretty much the same as the TV onyesha one. Nice, kind-hearted, too good for his own good. Glenn, wewe are still sorely miss!

Glenn, Issue 100, Volume 17

Occupation: Apprentice Blacksmith

There's no word to describe Carl! He's everything and he'll be the last one standing! He'll outlive everyone. He's reckless, but still caring. He's a good mix of bad and good.

Carl Grimes, Issue 137, Volume 23

Occupation: Former Constable of the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Michonne is so complex and she's so unlucky! She's probably the least luckiest person out of the series. She had two daughters, both died. She had four boyfriend after the apocalypse started, four died, three while in relationship. Bad keeps happening to her, but she never gives up, she's always standing up and that's why she's great. In her situation, a lot of people would've aliyopewa up. I admire wewe Michonne!

Michonne, Issue 108, Volume 18

Occupation: Leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Well, what can I say. It's Rick Fucking Grimes! I like the comic book version better than the TV version. I upendo that he wants to bring society back, but at the same time I disagree with a lot of his decisions. Like not killing Negan! That's going to come back a bite him in the ass! But for the most part, he's a really good character. And anyways, a character that is perfect is boring, characters need some flaws. And Rick has a lot of them.

Rick Grimes, Issue 101, Volume 17

Occupation: Look-out for the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Way better than the TV version! Andrea is amazing! She's just the best! Everything about her is awesome. She's strong, she caring, she's a great mom to Carl, she's a good shot, she's just good at everything!

Andrea, Issue 132, Volume 22

Occupation: Member of the Herd-Crew & Recruiter

Now that is THE best character of the ENTIRE series of the comics books! There's no word to describe Jesus. He's just freaking awesome. Can't wait for him to arrive on the show!

Paul 'Jesus' Monroe, Issue 134, Volume 23


Occupation: Leader of Woodbury

Whether au not wewe liked the Governor, wewe have to admit that he was such a great villain! A complete monster.

Brian Blake 'The Governor', Issue 42, Volume 7

Occupation: Former leader of the Saviors

What an amazing villain! One of the best villains ever! He has everything you're looking for in a villain. And with a bonus, he swears every other words and I really upendo it!

Negan, Issue 125, Volume 21

*Sorry about all of these link[/b] and exclamation points. I guess I was just really excited to write this, but it's really not my best work. Sorry about that.*

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