This orodha is based on what the audience rated the episodes. [link]
And, like with the juu 10 best episodes, I'll tell wewe my opinion on those episodes.

Premiere of the mid-fifth season.
Aired: February 8th 2015
Rated: 7.9

I personally liked this episode. I'm surprised it's on that list. I agree it's not the best one, but there was worst episodes than this. I actually loved the 'link' aspect of it. It was kinda cool and interesting. It was new.

Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese, What Happened and What's Going On, 5x09

Sixth episode of the fourth season.
Aired: November 17th 2013
Rated: 7.9

This episode was okay. I liked the introduction of the Chambler family. And I really loved all of the references to Rise of the Governor. But I kinda hated that they tried to humanize the Governor. He was and was always going to be a monster. So yeah, he was nice in this episode, but we all knew it wouldn't last. I really don't know what they were trying to do. Make us like him? Anyways, it didn't work.

David Morrissey as Philip, Live Bait, 4x06

Eleventh episode of the third season.
Aired: Feburary 24th 2013
Rated: 7.9

Another episode that I kinda liked. It was a bit long and I thought that Andrea not killing the Governor was really out of character and that annoyed me. But I loved the scene between Andrea & Carol, it was the beginning of the Carol who would do anything to protect her family and it also gave us, maybe, a glimpse at what Carol planned to do with Ed, but never did.

Laurie Holden as Andrea, I Ain't a Judas, 3x11

Thirteen episode of the third season.
Aired: March 10th 2013
Rated: 7.8

What a boring episode! The only good scene was the Daryl & Martinez scene where they compared their testosterone level, because it was kinda funny. But other than that. Boring. Boring. Boring. Filler episode. Hated it. This episode could've been higher on this list.

David Morrissey as Philip, Arrow on the Doorpost, 3x13

Sixth episode of the sekunde season.
Aired: November 20th 2011
Rated: 7.8

It was an okay episode. I liked the Andrea & Shanes scenes. But the rest was kinda meh. I liked that Dale tried to talk to Hershel about the ghalani walkers. But yeah... I don't really have anything to say about this episode. *shrugs*

Laurie Holden & Jon Bernthal as Andrea & Shane, Secrets, 2x06

Fourth episode of the fifth season.
Aired: November 2nd 2014
Rated: 7.7

I have mixed feelings about this episode. I really upendo the Noah introduction. I hated every single scene that had Gorman in it. I didn't like Edwards. I didn't really enjoyed Dawn. This episode was supposed to get us to be intrigued about where was Beth and who had taken her and I was expecting some great villains and well.... Yeah. That's not really what we got. We got a bunch of followers and a wanna be leader, who was actually really shitty at leading people (letting people getting raped on your watch and let it slip, really?). Anyways, I wasn't really impressed kwa this story. After the big hype the writers did.... just for that? Whateves...

Tyler James Williams & Emily Kinney as Noah & Beth, Slabtown, 5x04

Fourth episode of the sekunde season.
Aired: November 6th 2011
Rated: 7.7

This episode deserves its place on this list. The only story that was enjoyable to watch was Daryl's tafuta for Sophia and him comforting Carol. Every other story was really boring. The well walker is probably one of the lamest walker they've ever had on this show. And Glenn & Maggie's little trip to the pharmacy was a borefest. *yawn*

Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, Sarah Wayne Callies, Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey DeMunn & IronE Singleton as Shane, Andrea, Lori, Maggie, Dale & T-Dog, Cherokee Rose, 2x04

Tenth episode of the fifth season.
Aired: February 15 th 2015
Rated: 7.6

Another episode that fits here. Okay, we get it, the group mourns their latest loses. Yes, I know, it's hard to loose two members in two weeks, let alone a kid! But... It wasn't necessary to spend an entire episode on that! They've Lost people before, it's nothing new. I did like the scene where the whole group united their forces to keep the ghalani door shut. That was a really beautiful scene! And I really loved Aaron's introduction and the Carol & Daryl scene. The muziki box at the end was really eerie, which I liked. But that's pretty much it

Steven Yeun & Lauren Cohan as Glenn & Maggie, Them, 5x10

2. NOW
Fifth episode of the sixth season.
Aired: November 9th 2015
Rated: 7.4

I'm surprised this is the sekunde worst episode. It wasn't that bad. Here's Not Here was way worst and it's not even on this list. I kinda liked the Aaron & Maggie pairing in this episode, it has been a while since I enjoyed something Maggie related to be honest. Though I have to admit that her big reveal was a bit ridiculous, because we all knew she was pregnant. So instead of a 'WHAT?!' moment, it was a 'DUH!' moment. I didn't like Spencer in this episode. Like, stop pitying yourself and do something with your life already! The fight between Carl & Ron made me laugh a lot, though the scene between Ron & Rick made me hate Ron even more. Just go away Ron, nobody likes you!

Ross Marquand & Lauren Cohan as Aaron & Maggie, Now, 6x05

Drums roll...... And what is the worst episode of the entire TWD series according to pretty much everyone..... *drums roll*

Twelfth episode of the fourth season.
Aired: March 2nd 2014
Rated: 7.1

Wow..... What a boring episode! wewe could literally skip this episode and not miss anything from the show. An entire episode of nothing happening. Nothing at all. The only good thing they did with this episode is the title, because it fits the episode so well. Still. The story stood still the entire episode. Everything was pointless in that episode. What we learned from Daryl's past life? Who hadn't seriously figured it out before this episode? It was pretty obvious, they didn't need him to fight with Beth to tell us he didn't do anything but follow Merle around before the apocalypse. wewe just needed to pay attention to his relationship with Merle to know. As for Beth? She was so out of character the entire episode! She used to be this really kind, peaceful, good, well-behaved, sensible teenage girl and then all of a sudden she becomes a spoiled brat who wants to get drunk in the middle of the woods while there are walkers everywhere.... That's a really good idea Beth! And Daryl followed you? Where was the careful and level-headed man we all grew to know? No where to be seen. And why not burn the only shelter we have while we're both drunk in the middle of the night with nowhere else to go. What a brilliant idea! They should get a noble price! Both were strangely out of character and it was really annoying and pointless. And I see that everyone pretty much agrees with me on that one.

Emily Kinney as Beth, Still, 4x12

Do wewe agree with the general audience?
What is THE worst episode according to you?
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