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Question 1: What are your feelings on being chosen as this months "fan of the month"?

~ I'm really honored that I'm FOTM May! It's really good feeling. That I'm 2nd shabiki of the month. I'm glad that people like my posting and contributions to the spot and they've chosen me as the shabiki of the month.

Question 2: Who is your inayopendelewa Winx Club girl, and why?

~ My inayopendelewa winx club girl is Stella and Tecna.
Stella: I don't know why? But the dakika I saw her I fell in upendo with her. She's a fashion diva just like me. She's talkative and life of the winx I don't know why some people here don't like her much. Tecna: Tecna is so much intelligent! She's so cute some people don't like her in short hair but I adore her in short hair. She's kind to all. That's why I upendo her.

 Her two inayopendelewa Winx girls: Stella & Tecna
Her two inayopendelewa Winx girls: Stella & Tecna

Question 3: Which girls in the Winx group do wewe think are the most underrated? Why?

~ I think the most underrated in winx is Layla/Aisha. Everyone say she's too ugly. Well don't know MUCH! Why is she's underrated. But in my opinion she's the most underrated au after her Tecna.

Question 4: Which girls in the Winx group do wewe think are the most overrated? Why?

~ With NO doubt the most overrated character is Bloom. She gets all the attention. We just see Bloom Bloom Bloom...everywhere and the others get no attention we find out about her past. And forget all the other girls. As I think other girls are zaidi interesting than Bloom.

Question 5: Which season was your favorite? Why?

~ All the seasons were my inayopendelewa but I LOVED season 4. Just because I saw it on T.V. And I saw other seasons on youtube.(lol xD) But also I find season 4 zaidi interesting than other that's my opinion The girls get there believix. Especially I upendo the Lovix and Sophix transformations.

Question 6: If season 5 had an episode where the girls would visit one of their home-planets, who's nyumbani planet would wewe like to see the most?

~ Even my inayopendelewa is Stella but we still know plenty much about her planet. I would like to visit planet Melody of Musa. To find out zaidi about her.

Question 7: Do wewe have a inayopendelewa villain? If so, whom? If not, why don't wewe like the villains?

~ The Trix with no doubt. And I upendo Darcy from the trix. GOSH! I like Icy too...But Stormy...ahh no. I upendo villains cause without of villains the story will go plain and It'll have no fun.

 Her two inayopendelewa villains: Icy & Darcy
Her two inayopendelewa villains: Icy & Darcy

Question 8: A lot of people in this fandom seem to hate Layla (Aisha) as much as they do Bloom. Are wewe one of those Layla haters? If so, why do wewe hate her so much? If not, what would view do wewe have on the bashing towards Layla?

~ I'm so sorry to say that I'm one of Layla haters. I adored Layla in season 2,3 But in season 4. In the ending episodes I find Layla so mean. She left her Marafiki just for her boy friend. She wanted revenge I understand that...But being mean with her Marafiki that disappointed me.

Question 9: What are wewe maoni on Nickelodeons version of the show? upendo it, hate it? Tell us why.

~ I would like to answer it in a simple way. I don't hate and I don't upendo it either. There are no special reasons for it. I just like The 4kids version of it.

Question 10: What are your opinions on the upcoming season?

~ I have positive maoni for Season 5. And I hope It'll be a cool and nice season. I hope we don't again see Bloom and Bloom everywhere. And others don't have bit attention.
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Note wewe might end up crying at the end. Also this shabiki fiction is way different from anything I have written, it's much darker, mature and for future chapters it will only get darker and sadder. I am also working on the Wizard and WInx one shots and The War too, but it will just take time so thanks for the patience everyone

The first week back was a rush of new classes, new friends, new teachers, new students and most of all new changes. The first week ends with the typical welcome back dance. The girls got ready together as usual like they did for every dance for the last three years. However...
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