Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with wewe all my juu inayopendelewa eleven "good" characters. (And kwa "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why juu eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my orodha of juu eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor character, but I thought she was hilarious in season four. When I re-watched the season, it really bothered me that everyone at Alfea were just worshipping the Winx. This never happened before in any other season. I mean Christ, they defeated the Army of Decay in season one, but wewe didn't see the other vichimbakazi freaking out and smothering them in season two did you? Clarice was someone who did not fall at the feet of the Winx, and I liked that. She was snarky, sassy, (Calling the Winx "show offs" and that they were "full of them selves"—which they pretty much were) and even made a bomb blow up in Flora's face. (Which is a total plus in my book)

10. Tressa

She might be a minor character as well, but I like her all the same. Despite the fact that she, her mother and brothers existence in season five is just a big middle finger to the audience, (Being that she's related to Layla even though this makes no logical sense what-so-ever) I still like her character. When we're first introduced to her in season three, she's seen as shy and doesn't believe in her abilities. The Winx help her overcome this and she was usually the one stepping in to fight back the mutant-mermaids of save Layla from the Kraken. In season five, we see her fight against Tritannus and protecting her mother and Nereus. Though she's aliyopewa a short amount of screen time, she makes up for it in her actions. She's a brave little mermaid that I am proud to have on this list.

9. Daphne

Honestly, I never thought I would ever say that Daphne is one of my inayopendelewa heroines from the show. I mean, she was hardly seen in the onyesha and when she is, she's only usually talking to Bloom. But, I started to see how I overlooked her character. (And this is the Daphne from season 1 to the first movie. Season five just—) I realized how brave she was. I mean, she sacrificed her life to save Bloom. I've seen some mashabiki argue that without Stella, she wouldn't have met the Winx and become who she is, which is a valid point. But Daphne was the one who saved her and sent her to Earth so she wouldn't get killed. Protecting your kin is sort of a duty us older siblings have, and Daphne took full charge of that responsibility. Daphne is also very kind and sweet. She helps Bloom develop her confidence and helps her whenever she needed assistance. She's also the one that leads Bloom into vanquishing the Ancestral Witches off of Domino. (Bloom thinks all hope is Lost in Obsidian, but Daphne soon shows up and tells her to believe in herself and that hope is something never lost; Bloom then merging with her sister to take on the three witches) Without Daphne, Bloom's parents would still be trapped in Obsidian and I'm pretty sure all the Winx and Specialists would be too. She's wise, kind and brave and a great big sister with a great character.

8. Palladium

I never really understood why I liked him, and I still don't know. Maybe it's because I've always liked elves? Maybe because I thought he was funny? Maybe because I thought he was cute? Either way, he's one of my inayopendelewa characters. (And probably one of my only inayopendelewa teachers—save for Griffin, of course) Palladium started out as a weird little geek in season one, who freaked out about small issues which usually lead to some comical scenes in the classroom. Season two is when he got his upgrade; not only in looks, but also in personality. wewe can tell he's much zaidi confident now than he was in the awali season. He shows his powers off zaidi (Especially that bad-ass protection spell in season three) and I think interacted with the students more. (He really being the only one to do so, except for Wizgiz and Faragonda) He's smart, confident and adorable and of course, a bad-ass elf. What zaidi could wewe ask for?

7. Nebula

I found Nebula's character to be very interesting. I couldn't really remember much of it, and re-watching season four, really made me appreciate her more. She's a perfect example of what loss and pain can do to someone. Morgana reveals to the Winx that she was once the fairy of peace, but after the Wizards attacked and trapped the Earth fairies, she became vengeful and tossed aside her awali position; thus becoming the fairy of revenge and war. When she possesses Roxy with the White mduara, duara and hunts down the Wizards, we get to see first-hand just how pissed she really is. She goes through anyone to get to them and shows them no mercy when she's attacking. She's the only fairy who remains set on the idea of war on humans and the Wizards throughout the majority of the season. Nebula even overthrew Morgana. She blamed the Queen for what happened at the judgement day, saying if they had just destroyed the Wizards, no one would have perished. Nebula is cold and ruthless and does whatever she wants to get what she wants. Revenge is a very deadly motivator and she is just the epitome of what someone so angry can do. But, what I like about her character is that she feels remorse. She isn't just some rage-filled monster. She feels saddened at how she treated Morgana and how she almost got her warrior vichimbakazi killed in the attempt of defeating the Wizards. She even threatens to kill herself so she can have redemption for the way she treated Morgana. But Bloom talks her out of it, and the Queen forgives her for what she has done; then making Nebula Queen of Tir Nan Og. I believe this action restored Nebula's faith in Morgana and made her the fairy of peace once again. Her character had changed completely, and I found this transformation very interesting. I believe when most people saw Nebula, they thought she was going to turn out into a villain due to her behavior. Well, I guess she's just another example of: wewe can't judge a book kwa its cover.

6. Morgana

I don't see why people don't like Morgana. I liked her ever since I first saw her in season four. She turned out to kwa one of my favorites, because she's one of the only parents shown in the show. (And she's important to the plot too, which helps a lot) Morgana reminds me of Daphne with how she helps Roxy believe in herself, and to not give up. But of course she's zaidi frequent because she's her mother. Morgana being Roxy's mother helped me like her character as well. Roxy is one of my juu inayopendelewa characters, and though she does a lot of developing on her own, Morgana is who really pushed her to be her best. (As most mom's do) What I also like is what happened with Morgana's character. Morgana is seen as this kind, loving, motherly-figure in Roxy's dreams, but when they release her and the Earth vichimbakazi from their prison, she is vengeful and bitter. She declares war on humans and the Wizards and wouldn't even listen to her own daughter. Throughout the season, wewe can see how her maoni on humans change and she even gives the Wizards a chance to redeem themselves. (But of course they have to be dicks about it and trick her) This says a lot about her because she found both of those people horrible. She hated humans because they stopped believing in fairies; making the Wizards zaidi powerful and they too weak to escape. She hated the Wizards...well, for obvious reasons. Being able to get over those very strong and angry opinions is not something easily done and it shows just how kind and understanding Morgana really is. She's strong, beautiful, kind and regal. Who owns the thrown? Morgana.

5. Mirta

Mirta is a character that I've liked ever since I first started watching the show. She was cute, fun, spunky and had a very unique personality and look to her. Mirta was someone always shown as picked on at Cloudtower for thinking positive thoughts on fairies. I always felt so bad for her, and the mentality always reminded me of this; oh you're different? Well, that's bad, so we're going to make wewe feel bad for feeling and having different opinions! Maybe that will make wewe change your mind! This kind of reminds me of what the LGBT community is going through. Everyone gives them so much crap for how they feel and whom they choose to upendo and be by, and I think Mirta is in a similar situation. She likes vichimbakazi and has nice maoni on them, while everyone else around her hates them and just has completely negative maoni on them. The Trix picking on her, making everyone know how she feels, is just the same with how gay, trans and bi children (And even adults) are picked on; people poking-fun of their lifestyle and upendo choices. But, as we all know, Mirta didn't change her mind on vichimbakazi and even helped the Winx out a number of times during season one. I like this about her character because she's brave and it shows that she will fight for what she believes in. She fights to save the Winx; to save her best-friend Lucy...she fights for all those she cares about and that is the best reason. Something I upendo about her too is her look. I've always loved her short, red, pixie-cut hair and the style of clothing that she wears. Now being a fairy, it's nice to see that not all of them wear bright colors and heels. She's kind, brave and unique and all-in-all an awesome character.


She is definitely a character that would have never been on this orodha if I wrote this last year. I used to hate Stella. In fact, she was my sekunde least inayopendelewa Winx fairy. I used to despise how girly her character was, how obsessed with her looks and fashion she was and how she just loved attention from both men and women. (Plus the added "dumb blond" stereotype was not helping things) But, now that I have had a chance to re-watch awali seasons (And even the latest one), new light has been shed on this once hated character. I never realized how relatable Stella's character actually was. Her parents are divorced and this is probably something most teens have to deal with. Most of my Marafiki have divorced parents (Mine included). Stella also shows feelings of she being the reason why they mgawanyiko, baidisha up. This is a maarufu and sad thought that most children have when this happens to their family. Stella thinks she wasn't good enough of a daughter and that maybe she did something that upset her mother and father. She's seen battling these emotions (More-so in seasons 1 & 3) but even thinking these things makes me sympathetic towards her character. She is also a very brave and kind character. She risks her life to save Bloom when she barely even knows her; she almost dies in the Downland trying to save Brandon; and risks her life to save her father after he is being attacked kwa a dragon. She is also much smarter than most people give her credit for. One of the best examples is when she saves Flora and Layla from that mutant-squid in the Royal Deeps in season five. She's the only one that notices that the shield is the only thing that can save them. I also think her vanity is downplayed. Throughout season three, she is put in various situations where she has to learn that being beautiful is not what counts. She has to face this when turned into a monster and when receiving the Water Stars. I really like that she's shown maturity and growth in seasons 3-4. (And maybe even a little in 5) Though there are downsides to her character as well, I think the good aspects of her are what shine through the most.

3. Layla

Layla is one of my inayopendelewa characters. She is strong, brave, kind, independent...everything a good character should be. Her character always fascinated me, even from when she was first introduced in season two. Layla is a brave character who risked her life to save the pixies, save the mermaid queen, save her family and protect the Winx. She didn't need any help from men, and didn't even seem interested in them. (Which was nice, seeing as how all the Winx were in a relationship) She could take care of herself, and though we have other characters who can too, she's the one whose really become the most independent. She is kind, helping Flora and Helia get together and comforting Musa throughout season four. Layla is also a very strong character. She's strong in magic, yes, but she's even stronger emotionally. What she went through with Nabu is something very difficult and tragic. Most people can't even go on with their normal lives when someone that important is taken away from them. Which is why I admire Layla. Even after so much heartache, she went on with her life. She understood that mourning Nabu would only do zaidi pain than good. Though we see her sad now and then, we know she's strong enough to deal with it. Not only does she have the support of her friends, but she also has a strong will. She's brave, strong, spunky and fun, she's our princess of Andros.

2. Roxy

I liked Roxy as soon as I saw her in season four. Why? Because she had an adorable dog! Okay, now I have better reasons for liking her, but who doesn't upendo Artu? He's adorable! Anyways, Roxy is a character that has grown on me even zaidi after I re-watched season four. I don't understand why most people dislike her. I actually find her character to be very interesting. What most people complain about is her crying. Well, yeah. She cries. So what? The girl is sixteen years old and has lived her life like any other teen. I don't think wewe would be feeling so hot if a group of six girls broke into your house and told wewe that wewe were a "fairy" and were "in grave danger". Any normal person would find them insane, right? Oh don't tell me wewe wouldn't. Of course she tries to ignore it but runs into the Wizards where her life is turned upside down. She's basically thrown into the world of magic without any warning. (Well, except for maybe that half-assed one kwa the Winx) Some of wewe might argue that Bloom was the same way. Excuse wewe but no, she wasn't. She was attacked kwa Knut yes, and Stella's powers surprised her, but she at least attended at Alfea and got to adjust to the world of magic. Roxy was just told she was a fairy and then almost kidnapped kwa a group of middle-aged guys. I think you'd be pretty freaked out too. Besides, it's not like she cries that much in the season anyways. The only time she sheds tears is when she's under immense stress, someone she cares about has gotten badly injured au when she doesn't believe in herself. Now, tell me, who hasn't shed a few tears under those conditions? What I like the most about her character is that she does eventually believe in herself and becomes confident in her abilities. She shows that if wewe believe in yourself, wewe can do anything. And she does what she sets out to do. She releases the Earth fairies; she saves Morgana; she saves her father and she helps defeat the Wizards. She set objectives for herself and she accomplished them. She may be weak and inexperienced as a fairy, but at least she had the guts to try and do the best she could. Roxy is also very kind and supportive. She loves and nurtures animals; something I do, which makes me relate to her character. She loves her Marafiki and family and supports them in any way she can. She supports her father kwa protecting him and helping him at work (The Fruity muziki Bar) and she supports the Winx kwa helping them in battle and cheering them on. Roxy is a great character that has a lot of potential. I was really disappointed that she was just tossed aside in season five. I understand that she needs to study and develop her powers, but she could have at least come along au appeared when they were on Gardenia fighting the Trix au those mutants. I hope that they develop her character zaidi in season six, but I doubt that's going to happen. Her power is something that I upendo too. I mean, how cool is it that she can communicate with animals? She can even make them talk! It was so awesome when she made Artu, Kiko and the upendo Pets speak. (Well, maybe zaidi Artu and Kiko than the upendo Pets, but, it was still cool) Roxy is an amazing and unique character and I hope to see zaidi of her in the future.

1. Tecna

And my number one inayopendelewa "good character" is of course, Tecna. Tecna is the one character who has been my all time inayopendelewa ever since I first saw the show. She was smart, funny, cool, her fairy outfits are awesome and that British accent she had was way too snazzy. (I'm referring to the 4kids dub) For some reason, I was always liking the smart female characters. I know now it's because I can relate to them. Though I'm not smart in all subjects, the ones I excel at, are the ones most people turn to me for help in. Tecna is always giving help in difficult problems and she's the one doing her homework and knowing the answers; like me. We're both hesitant on sharing things and don't really like inaonyesha affection. I don't care for inaonyesha affection, and the only ones I really onyesha it to are my mom, dog and pet lizard. I'm reclusive about sharing certain aspects of my life and thoughts—even to my closests friends. Tecna and I are both very rational. She believes in science and probability, as do I. Science is something I've always loved and lived by. It makes the most sense and of course, provides the most substantial evidence. It gives us facts and explanations to live by. We also even relate with family situations. Tecna's father is only shown in the comics, but he is portrayed as cold and firm. He doesn't like Timmy and tries to force Tecna to break up with him. He doesn't want her going to Alfea either, and would like her to return back to Zenith. Tecna of course refuses to do either of those things. We're both stubborn as well, and I refuse to go with most of the "plans" that my father has "offered" me. He always blabs on about how I should become a lawyer and that I should do this and that. I have never been interested in law. Maybe the science involved in it (Like forensics) au the criminal profiling, but not standing in front of a jury and ranting on about how my client is guilty au not guilty. I have gone against most "plans" that my father has aliyopewa me, and our relationship is rather strained. (As is Tecna's with her father) Not only is she the most relatable, but she also has good aspects of character. She is very brave, the most prominent examples being the closing of the Omega portal and saving the Winx from ravenous spiders with little to no power. She is kind in her own way and tries her best to be part of the group and even improves in inaonyesha off emotions. Her character developes over time and I upendo that. Though she has kind of gotten dull in season five like the rest, I still upendo her. She's my ultimate inayopendelewa and she will always be. Because she's Tecna, fairy of technology.

Well those are my inayopendelewa eleven "good characters" from the series. If you're wondering if I'm going to do an makala with my inayopendelewa villains, well, the answer of course is yes! But, I don't think it's going to be eleven. (Seeing as how there really aren't that many decent villains) Whatever the number is, just know, it's coming. Well I hope that wewe liked my makala and opinions. Feel free to maoni what wewe think about the characters above, and what wewe thought of my opinions. Thanks for reading!