Who would wewe date?
First off, it's an opinion. Don't take it to moyo (or do, it'll do wewe good... NOT lawl). Thanks for kusoma :D

The title says it all. I know it's weird, but this happened on Facebook and I saw it. I don't remember what it's really called though lol. But I do have my opinions and reviews on them. First, let me give off a little summary of what happended:

1. Bloom - WINNER
2. Flora - Runner Up
3. Musa - Third place
4. Stella - Eh, fourth place
5. Tecna - *sniff* So low
6. Aisha - *weeping*
7. Roxy - Now who doesn't like animals, huh??

I don't really agree with this list.

First of all, Bloom is the winner. I'm cool with people dating her (cartoon, that she is), but she's not my type. Now, who would want to tarehe a Mary-Sue? Just because she's the leader of the show, you're gonna tarehe her? Really? So wewe like watching her boss wewe around? wewe like her that much that you'll do anything - even go on a tarehe with a Mary-Sue? Yeah? Not.

Flora.... I agree she's sweet and nice and *gulp* pretty, but seriously. wewe ask her out, she goes, "Hehe... erm... haha... I'd upendo too, but wewe see... um... I'm... shy........" wewe tell her she's pretty, she goes, "Ooooooooohhhhhhh..... Flowers are prettier than me......." wewe bring her flowers, she goes, "WHAT? HOW DARE wewe HOLD THOSE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIKE THAT!" Still consider dating her?

Musa made it higher than Stella. Wow. I'm surprised and pleased XD. I'm happy to see her quite high, but truthfully, I wouldn't tarehe her. She'd make a good friend, but I don't think she'll be good in a relationship. She's the kind that always breaks up, makes up. I don't like that. I don't know how people cooperate. But still, I would tarehe her over the rest.

Stella. Now this is a peculiar thing. She'd drag wewe to shop. Her kauli mbiu "Shop till wewe drop" (not really her motto) is true. You'd long be tired and rip off your clothes and before wewe can leave in peace, she'd ask wewe if the skirt, upindo is too high. It is. Learn to dress decent please. Thank you. I don't want to go clothes-shopping all day, to be honest. I'd rather watch dolphins au sharks swimming. I hate shopping haha.

Poor Tecna. I upendo technology a LOT. I'm the kind of computer-geek too lol, but no one sees me as that hehe. I'd upendo to play computer and virtual and video games on a tarehe for sure! It'd be fun! Too bad not many people voted for a fun date. They were being biased, and many mashabiki still are. Why wouldn't anyone like to tarehe Tecna anyway? Answer: She's unpopular unlike the other Winx. *sniff*

I really didn't expect to see Layla/Aisha so low. I like her a lot. She's sporty, fun, a gymnast (I guess) and so cool. I don't know why the mashabiki didn't give her enough votes. In my opinion, she should be higher. He could spend hours dancing with her, watching her impress him with her abilities, and play a match against her! I think that kind of tarehe would be actually fun. But kids these days..... they watch a movie as a date... sinema are cool, but not as cool as spending time with your partner the way I see it.

Don't people like animals? Poor Roxy. I didn't want to see her this low :( I'd upendo playing with animals, going to a zoo au aquarium, au swimming with sharks! A girl with animal power is cool! We could talk with the animals, hear what they're saying and it would be FUN! Something we'd remember forever. I personally thing that Roxy gets a lot of hate au she didn't get picked because she was new. Poor Roxy.

I have my own opinion on who is the best date.

1. Layla/Tecna
2. Musa
3. Roxy
4. Stella
5. Flora
6. Bloom

That's my orodha of who is the best date. Thanks for reading!