Congratulations to our October FOTM: SummerThunder

1. My reaction? I was very, very surprised and also excited! I've never really won anything like that before. I am also happy that the people here enjoy my contributions to the BEST spot on fanpop, so... I guess that's why they chose me. But really, I never thought that I'd actually ever win because there are so many active people on here and trying their best to contribute zaidi and more. But... thank wewe guys for choosing me :)

2. As most of wewe guys know, it's Bloom. I felt in upendo with her from the very first episode of the show. What do I like so much about her? Well, she tries her best to know her real parents. She is ready to face anything... and why not even risk her life to save her parents? We even saw that part in the first movie, when she faced the three Ancestors and Mandragora. This tells how much brave she is and ready to do anything she can to save her parents. That's one of the things I upendo about Bloom. Let's not forget that she always cares and helps about the other Winx members, too. Yeah, I do agree that she could be a Mary-Sue at times, but this does not bother me. Also, yes, she didn't do anything at all to earn her Enchantix, but we shouldn't forget that there is nobody for Bloom to save from her planet, because it was destroyed and no one was alive. I upendo every single transformation of hers and I just upendo how blue and red matches. So, yeah... I upendo pretty much everything about her, and I doubt this will ever change.

3. Actually, I like all the Winx members, but if I had to pick a least inayopendelewa one, then I'd go with Tecna. I do not hate her. But, I just find it annoying at times that she is so obsessed with technology... And it's like everything in her life is connected with technology. Yes, she doesn't get much spotlight, but I still dislike this thing about her.

4. I actually have three inayopendelewa transformations, which are tied at first place: Harmonix, Enchantix, and Lovix. I find Lovix a very beautiful transformation, mainly because of the fur. I do agree it's a useless transformation and it was used for just two episodes, but I find it really beautiful. I upendo Harmonix as well. Now, I don't think that Harmonix was a useless transformation. It helped them using their spells under water, and even swim faster if I am correct. So it's useful + beautiful. And for Enchantix, I think it's amazing and unique... they way they made the Winx earn their Enchantix was just amazing, I loved it! They made all of them to sacrifice something, in order to gain Enchantix. And that's one of the main reasons why I upendo it so much.

5. I was never a shabiki of Sirenix. Magic Winx too. Magic Winx is kinda too simple. It helped the Winx a lot, that's right. But I just don't find it that pretty. And as for Sirenix, it is just... horrible imo. The hairstyles, those leggings, omg... pretty much everything! It is kwa far one of the worst transformations ever made. My inayopendelewa is Daphne's, except her hair.

6. Mainly the people. The people on this spot are just so amazing and unique... I have never met so amazing people like wewe guys on fanpop before. Whenever I need something, au feel bad au anything, I always feel free and salama to post the problem, au whatever it is... wewe guys are just the best and the reason why the Winx spot is so unique. ♥ upendo you.

7. I think the Winx spot is fine, for now. The spammers and trolls are gone so I guess everything is fine atm.

8. Eh... I miss pretty much everything. Mainly: The voices!!! God... the voice actresses in S5-S6 are so damn horrible and do not even fit the characters. I miss the old season like season 3, the best season ever... the plot was amazing, the villains were amazing. Why were they amazing? Because of 4Kids!! I am also pretty sure that if 4Kids continued S4 and S5, even S6, the onyesha would be PERFECT. But... no. It sadly isn't perfect any zaidi now that 4Kids is gone.

9. Like many other people, Season 3. I upendo the plot, the villains in it, transformations... everything, everything for real!!
It was just perfect.

10. My least inayopendelewa season is Season 4. I didn't like it at all. The villains were horrible. The Wizards were just too annoying to me. Even the Trix weren't there and we have no clue where they were. Which I also didn't like about it. But I do like some of the episodes from this season, but overral I think it was bad. Also, I liked the Lovix transformation and Diana. She's amazing ♥

11. Never really liked the Selkies. I don't know why, but they were just... useless, imo. They did nothing but "protecting" the gates. And they always failed to protect it, falling after the very first hit from Tritannus, which made me think they were just useless. About the pets I don't have opinion on them. I just think they are cute... that's all. Don't hate them. Don't like them. Neutral. Now, the Pixies were the best. They were so adorable and cute, always helped the winx, and I actually really liked them, unlike the Selkies.

12. I like Faragonda and Griffin. Not a shabiki of Saladin. Faragonda and Griffin are in my juu 10 inayopendelewa non-Winx characters. I quite like them, especially Griffin. I like her powers and she's pretty cool imo.

13. Well, I can't think of anything. I think it's fine the way it is. :)

From the fans
Princess-Flora: I choose SummerThunder because she is on the first page of juu contributors, is running a contests, has seasonal tournaments and is quite active on the spot.
LoveBaltor: I don't really like repeating myself, but she really needs to win something kwa now! XD She's contributed so many polls, created an awesome ikoni contest and maoni a lot too! Plus I admire how she's open to being a Bloom fan, considering that there are a fair amount of "haters" on this site. So, SummerThunder deserves to win ^_^
XxLalasaysxX: ^ exactly, like she does so much she Deserves something!!!!
Nmdis: For her awesome kura za maoni I am voting for her. @WinxClub_Stella : She and zannie are not nominated for this mwezi as they are last months FOTM.
101musastella: She has done a lot to this spot!
FloraorStella: Victoria really deserves it. I upendo how many polls, articles, and foramu she created. Is a strong Bloomer no matter the amount of haters. And a lot more!

Upcoming FOTM Schedule
Nominations start: Saturday the 16th
kura ya maoni goes up: Saturday the 23rd
Winner announced: Saturday the 30th
Nominations start on my birthday: 19th
kura ya maoni goes up the: 26th
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