For those Tecna mashabiki out there, enjoy this chapter because it's her point of view! Well blah blah scroll down!

A New Friend/Tecna's POV~

Silver ring? Disappeared for centuries and then suddenly it appeared at Flora? That's illogical! This must have viungo to someone else. This mission is for Flora and Bloom; but that doesn't mean I can't help them. I can help them, and I will. But if revenge is at the latest generation, one of them must be alive. Flora's great great great great great great great great great great grandfather au maybe Bloom's might be alive for the revenge, au maybe someone connected to their great great great great great great great great great great grandfather is doing so. I have to tell them.

"Girls, listen here." I snapped my fingers and looked at the Winx and Faragonda is a serious tone. "Me and the other Winx aren't involved in this situation about Flora and Bloom, but we can help. Helping is possible." I said. "Thank you, Tecna!" Flora said.

"If they're seeking revenge for the latest generation, it means Flora au Bloom's great great great great great great great great great great grandfather must be alive, au someone related." I explained firmly. "That's so true!" Stella said. Roxy nodded. "So basically we have to do something to help, right headmistress?" Layla suggested. " Winx are powerful enough to stop this. Combine yourselves with a new friend." Faragonda advised us. I looked at her. "A new friend?" Flora asked. "Daphne?" Bloom asked. "She may not be as powerful as wewe Winx girls, but she is willing enough to help you. wewe will find her during your quest," Faragonda explained. "Who is she?" I asked. "You will meet her—later."

We all are at Bloom and Stella's room; discussing about the mission.

I looked at Flora as she worriedly cries. "What's wrong?" Musa asked. "What if we fail?" Flora said. "Don't say that, Flora." I said. "Say it all wewe want," Stella said. I looked at Stella, giving her a warning. "Never gonna give up. Never-ever-ever!" Bloom said. "How are wewe all sure we're gonna meet this lady?" Stella asked. "Because Faragonda is reliable enough to be trusted." Layla answered. I nodded. I switched on my phone. "Girls, the location of where we meet her is at Ember Island!" I shouted. "Oh!" Flora said. I accidentally startled "Then let's go! Winx, Sirenix!" Bloom shouted as we all transform in Sirenix mode, except for Roxy.

"Good luck, Winx!" Roxy alisema as Stella opens a portal. "Roxy, can wewe do us a favor?" I questioned. "Sure." She answered. I took out a mobile phone. "Catch!" I alisema as I throw Roxy the phone. She caught it. "What?" She asked. "While we're at Ember Island, do wewe mind doing researches about the island? If wewe found some cheesy results phone me!" I said. "Alright." Roxy smiled. "Portal's ready!" Stella said. We all entered the portal; as wewe would expect.


"Whoah, these clothes again? Who picked 'em?" Stella asked. "Sorry Stella, we're a stranded island right now—no time for fashion!" Bloom said. "K, now where is this girl we're supposed to meet?" Stella asked. "Um.." I took out my phone. On the screen it had the locations of Ember Island. "Great, we're supposed to find her?!" Stella shouted. "It's okay, Stella." Layla said. "Grr!" "So what now?" Musa asked. "We find her!" Bloom said. "Split up into three groups! Me and Stella, Flora with Layla, Tecna with Musa!" "Let's go!" I said. The following groups ran in different directions.


"Where is she?" Musa asked. "Faragonda didn't say that it would be easy; au that she will appear infront of us." I said. "Well, she has to be here!" Musa said. "Patience, Musa." I said. "Maybe she wants music." Musa said. She created a serenade; and started to play it. Somehow I find serenades to be annoying. Krr. "What was that?" I asked. Musa stopped playing the serenade and it disappeared. "I think it's her!" She said. We both walked to a bush. It was shaking. "You can run but wewe can't hide!" Musa said. The bushes swept away, and a 19-year old lady with brunette hair, blue eyes and pink lips walked out of it. "Who are you? Don't harm me, please." She said. "The swali is who are you." Musa said.

"I'm Tecna and this is my friend Musa. We here are in a quest with four other girls, separated." I explained. "Excuse me, this is my land. And wewe can do nothing to takeover this place!" The lady sounded. "Wait! We are actually vichimbakazi from Alfea. Our headmistress alisema that you're powerful enough to stop a curse from our friend's great great great great great great grandfather," Musa told her. "Whatever your nonsense is! I have powers, but there is no curse!" She shouted at us. "Their names are Flora and Bloom," I said. She winked. "I'm pretty sure I heard those names," The lady told. "But all these you're saying are lies! Now get off my island!" She shouted. "Girl, is anyone else even live here?" I asked. Musa nodded. "Of course not! Anyone who enters this realm will suffer great pain!" She shouted. "So you're powerful enough to do pain," Musa said.

"She is," Bloom alisema as she, Stella, Flora and Layla arrive. "Who are wewe six fairies? And how rude of wewe to enter this island without my permission!" She said. "My name's Flora. That's Stella, she's Layla and that girl is Bloom." Flora greeted. I looked at the girl. The lady made a furious face. "Me and Flora's great great great great great great great great great grandfather didn't fulfill their promises. And the revenge will happen to us, latest generation." Bloom explained.

"I know that." She said. "How?" Bloom asked. "Because my great great great great great great great great grandfather is the person for revenge!" She shouted at us. What the..? "My name's Lucy." She said. "You have an unhappy life, right?" Stella asked. "Why are wewe questioning me? Get off of my nyumbani au I'll kill all of you!" Lucy said. "Patience, Lucy," Layla said. "You just made a friend," Flora said. Lucy startled. "I.." Lucy paused. "We are the Winx Club, Lucy. We all are friends, including you." Bloom said. Lucy finally made a smile.

"A centuries zamani my great know, he used to control both Domino and Linphea; and whoever didn't keep promises, the latest generation will seek revenge.

So it means, I'm not supposed to help you. I'm suppose to seek the revenge against wewe two. But I don't want to. As much as mean I can be to banish people off this island, I'm not willing enough to make revenge. I'm the fairy of hearts. I control the darkness and goodness inside someone's heart—but I couldn't control my own. I make easy picks, but in the end I would like to undo but I couldn't. Which is why—if I help wewe I will no longer have my powers, and if I seek my revenge on wewe two I will get greater power." Lucy explained.

"Lucy, decisions is what makes a person strong. It isn't about power. It's about your heart. I see goodness in you, if wewe don't see it." Bloom said. "Have wewe ever experienced love?" Flora asked. "No. What's that?" Lucy replied. "Love is amazing. Fall in upendo with someone, because upendo reveals kindness inside you." Flora told. I smiled. "Lucy, if wewe ever need someone to talk to—you have us." I said. "I'm gonna help you!" Lucy said.