The Winx and Specialists were getting ready to go to Lynphea to find Autumn and Ike.

"Julien, wewe can't come. wewe Lost a lot of blood, and it could be dangerous." Helia said.

"I dont care. Im going."

"No, you're not. But we will come back here when we find Autumn."

Julien sighed. "Fine."

"Great. Saladin, could wewe do us a favor and watch Flora while we're gone?" Helia asked.

"Of course. Good luck everyone."


Autumn and Ike were still chained to the wall. Dean had left a while ago, and he still hadn't returned.

"Do wewe think he'll come back?" Autumn asked, worried.

"I sure hope not." As if on cue, the doors swung open.

"Miss me?" Dean smirked.

"Yeah, okay."

He walked over and touched Autumn's face.

"How about we play a game?"

"How about we dont?" Autumn said.

"Or we can just fight."

"Fine kwa me"

"Alright then." Dean smirked. He unchained Autumn and backed away a few feet.



Autumn was getting a blast ready, but she noticed something. Her powers were weaker.

"Surprise. Those chains drain magic."

"Oh wow, that's pathetic that the only way wewe can beat me is when i have no magic."

Dean growled and blasted Autumn across the room.


The Winx and Specialists walked through the largest forest in Lynphea until they came to an abandoned house. It was big. They walked inside and walked through about ten different doors and hallways until they heard a crash in a nearby room. Helia held his hand to the knob, about to open it, when there was a loud crash and Autumn flew through the door.

"Wha..??" Stella shrieked.

"Autumn??" Helia asked. He whirled around to see Ike chained to a far ukuta looking furious, and Dean wearing his usual smirk.

"Oh, okay, you've pushed it too far." Stella growled. Musa nodded.

"Let's end this guy. Sirenix!!" Musa said

They transformed

"Sirenix convergence!!"

They blasted Dean through the wall, and saw blood running from his head. They needed to get out of there, now.

"Wait!!" Musa called. "He's not dead!!"

"We need to go! We will finish him later!" Ike said. Stella melted his chains and Ike grabbed Autumn, all of them teleporting away...