Don't know when it happened but guess what got deleted again!?

So people constantly ask me and other Bloom haters 'why do wewe hate Bloom so much?' au 'why is Bloom your least inayopendelewa character?' So I am typing this article... answer that swali and hopefully clarify and help others understand why I and many other Bloom haters don't like Bloom. If wewe Bloom mashabiki read this and get offended that's not my fault as I've warned you.

First off I'll start with the obvious one; She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls at her feet and worships her, be it het friends, other students attending Alfea, au her real life fans. To add to that the mwandishi gave her a perfect prince charming type boyfriend who does everything for her. He's the perfect man and it's very irritating to see, because no one's boyfriend is that perfect. The mwandishi also made her nearly flawless, it's painful to see! She's 'nice', 'brave', 'strong', and 'has the strongest power'. All are elements of the dictionary definition of the term Mary-Sue, therefor making her the epitome of the word boring. Bloom is just your typical main character. Alwas saving the world never doing wrong. She's got a typical main character back story; girl descoviers she has powers, girl finds out she's from another planet (and a princess at that), girl becomes confused, girl seeks out majibu (which she did poorly kwa the way), girl ends up saving the world. And ya know what, that'd be just fine if she was'nt so boring and weak.

Which leads me to my inayofuata reason; without her Marafiki Bloom is noting. She's helpless and can't do a darn thing. No joke, Icy would've killed her in episode two (ya know when she froze her in a block of ice after getting caught spying). Not to mention she was totally helpless without her silly dragon fire, all she did was cry and sulk. "Omg I Lost my magic what am I gonna do?" Seriously what kind of leader just gives up like that? Hearing her mope was infuriating. It's like, hello, quite moping and do something about it! She's the same way with her not knowing her true background. Instead of moping about how she doesn't know who she is she should've actually done something about it! I know for a fact that if Icy didn't know her history she would actually try to uncover it insread of crying. But no, all throughout season one it was 'but I don't know who I really am' 'who am I where do I come from' 'am I even a fairy'. To make things worse her confusion made her pathetically easy to manipulate; the trix and Mrs. Griffen successfully got her to think she was a witch, and that her parents were the ancestral witches. Talk about gullible.

And even worse, she's the only one to ever get support au comfort. Musa Lost her mom and it was hardly spoken of, Stella turns into a monster she's comforted a little and no zaidi after. Where as Bloom was supported and comforted kwa everyone, including strangers! Makes me wonder if Mitzi only hates Bloom because she gets all the adoration. Maybe Mitzi isn't as bad as she seems; maybe she just seems 'evil' because she isn't falling at Bloom' feet. Everyone gets bullied Mitzi isn't as evil as Bloom says she is. Same goes for Deiaspro (sp?). She has a legitament reason to hate Bloom; Bloom aliiba her feince! They were supposed to be wed. Bloom didn't just steal someone's boyfriend, she aliiba their husband, and she's the bad guy!? Deaspro has every right to be so mad. I would be if some beeotch came in and aliiba my husband! Not to mention she accused her of being Icy.

Which leads to the inayofuata point; why is everything the trix's fault? She'd blame Icy if she stubbed her toe. On to the inayofuata point; The creator makes it painfully obvious that he favors her; she gets the most artwork, concept art, attention and the most explained background. As someone who aspires to be an mwandishi myself this is particularly irritating. I and many other good authors attempt to make the main characters equally importenant and well developed. As a lot of wewe may notice I upendo picking favorites, but when uandishi I try to hide this, even though it usually means causing my inayopendelewa pain. Where as the creator of Winx, well it seems as if he hates causing Bloom any type of distress, as he resolves her probls quickly. Don't get me wrong he's a good mwandishi I mean look at the trix and Tecna. He also shows his extreme favoritism towards Bloom kwa giving her 'unbeatable' power. This (by my standards) would be fine if Bloom knew how to marshall the power and wasn't completely Lost upon losing her silly dragon fire. It also gets to me how overrated the power is. For exsamle any pick on who's the most powerful, whose power is strongest, well Bloom always wins. In my opinion it's not the power itself that makes a strong character, it's the person in control. And honestly I don't think Bloom uses the dragon moto that well, she depended on it too much. Unlike the trix, when they had the dragon moto they still seemed to use their own powers as well and weren't completely Lost when they Lost the dragon moto in season two.

Even worse is the fact that the creator isn't the only inayopendelewa picker she gets way too much attention kwa the fandom and in the show. Bloom wasn't the only one to defeat the trix in season one but she got all the claps and praise from the characters. She barely did anything in season 2 to beat Darker (in fact she was actually helping him and the others had to break her from that trance) yet the boys and other winx get no credit, even though they did most of the work. Same goes for season 3, Musa Stella and Tecna were the ones to get the water stars but Bloom got all the credit for using them. I didn't watch much of season 4 but I could imagine it was the same. Speaking of getting the water stars, Bloom seems to have it too easy. For example she pulled a train who could instead of actually sacrificing something like everyone else to get her enchantix. Flora, Musa, and Tecna almost died. Stella was turned into a monster. Layla Lost her sight. And Bloom yells 'I think I can I think I can!' and she gets her enchantix. She could've sacrificed herself for Alfea, Magix, her adoptive parents, au her Marafiki and got her enchantix. But nope, she gets kwa without even something remotely close to a sacrifice. mashabiki of Bloom are always justifying this kwa saying 'but she didn't have any family left to sacrifice for'. Well neither did Musa, she saved a bila mpangilio fairy. Neither did Tecna, she jumped into the Omega demnsion for all of Magix, Bloom had no excuse! While getting the water stars Bloom didn't have to do anything at all. With that being said; when Bloom does do something she usually only becomes Victorious out of luck. She totally cheats; Icy aliiba the dragon moto she got it back way too easily. I think it was a bit unfair for her to get it back at all without actually defeating the trix. I mean come on, there can't be two dragon fires! The water stars were the only reason she defeated Valtor, without them she was losing pretty badly. Her final battles weren't won kwa skill, they were (referring to earlier parts of this article) won kwa the creator selecting favorites.

While I'm back on the topic of picking favorites; leniency is another big one; the trix get banned from wingu Tower for crashing Alfea, Bloom destroys siku of royals and loses some power, and her magic's not even all the way gone. Stella gets in trouble for not studying for her tests (even though she had to save the world) Bloom gets off the hook for not studying. It's a bit ridiculous. To be honest I don't have an effective transition sentence for this one so; my inayofuata reason for hating her is the fact that she's always in Icy's way! This is probably the most biased reason in this article, but seeing as Icy is my inayopendelewa character it annoys me that Bloom always stops Icy's plans. I know that's only normal that good will win in the end but it is super unresisting and quite irksome that Bloom wins practically every single time. >.> Once again I do upendo this show, but in a well written story I believe that the good guys should lose in the beginning and pull through in the end to make it interesting. That's why I liked that aspect of seasons 2 and 3 better; the bad guys actually won zaidi often than not.

While I'm speaking of the biased reason I'll bring up my shallow reason for hating Bloom. This is probably the least important reason; I don't like how Bloom looks. I'm cool with red hair but Bloom just doesn't work it, her aqua eyes are just too contrasting. Another thing about her appearance that gets to me is how she always wears blue. Please leave wearing blue to Icy, the blue outfits terribly clash with her hair color. Red machungwa, chungwa au yellow would suit her much better, but for whatever reason she dresses in cool colors. I also dislike how her outfits are 'fancier' and zaidi complexly designed than that of the other characters. Stella is a princess but she doesn't wear a crown in her transformation. In Bloom's magic winx transformation Bloom is the only one with a crown and she didn't even know she was royalty.

As promised, every time this get removed I'll add new content, so here's the new stuff; I think Bloom is sassy and snobby. Particularly in season 5 when she goes around inaonyesha off her dragon moto to all of Gardinia.

And why is she the lead singer in the Winx's band? She's not even a good singer. Musa is the fairy of music, why isn't she the lead singer in the band. Leave it to her to hog all of the attention, again.

And lastly, for now, Bloom's mashabiki are rabid (some of them anyways. I know a few nice ones) I type an opinion makala (remotely like the why I hate the trix makala Bloom mashabiki type) on why I hate Bloom and they ripoti it. Like mrs. Ilovesparx who has reported this thrice now. The same one who made an account to call Bloom antis ride names and troll people. If wewe say anything bad about their precious Bloom they claw at your throat, insult you, and go as far as reporting you. Geeze that's a whole other story one in which I was called a b***, I say something back but my insult was directed at Bloom rather than the one who personally insulted me, and get reported (something that happened a mwaka prior to me getting reported for it. It was over and done with). As far as the insults go I've had a Bloom shabiki say the following (word for word) 'zanhar is there some mental issue with you' this for saying ''. I was also told that I should 'take your medication for that brain tumor wewe have' for saying ''. For typing my last makala like this I was told to quite crying like a 5 mwaka old girl because I'm jealous of Bloom. And those are only a few examples. But dear lord if they insult Icy everything is A ok. If wewe try to defend her they start the silly insults again. -_-' And once again these are only some Bloom fans, I know a number of nice ones who do voice their opinions respectfully. :)