So first off it's been a while since the first episode of season 6 and today's was a one saa episode to fit it all. I am excited it's a new season filled with new episodes I haven't seen before so that makes me happy no matter how the season turns out.
I do like the theme song, but it doesn't compare to seasons 1 through 3 au 4 but it does juu season 5's theme song in my opinion.
In the first few dakika we find out that Daphne will be a new teacher at Alfea, yay! The Winx get new outfits and I really like them even though the colors don't really onyesha each girl's unique personality, but rather variations of the same outfit. It's the start of the new mwaka so Alfea throws a party like they do every year, but the pixies are back some have new looks in appearance minus the outfits because of what Pop Pixie did to them. I am excited to see the pixies again, but with new vichimbakazi it means new witches and that means Selina. In my opinion Selina just looks like what Stella would look like if she was a witch and her hair looks like it is damaged kwa chlorine but that is just what I think. Selina uses The Lengendarium to onyesha her powers and when Griffin asks for a demonstration she uses one to wreck havoc on Pixie village, really I thought we were done with copying season 2 guess not. The pixies leave with the Winx closely behind and we see some trolls that have been locked away so at least the Lengendarium isn't purely spin offs of fairy tales. However Griffin has to tell her to stop and it brings back some pixies into the book leaving the six bonded pixies with the Winx this really seems like a rip off of season 2 again really!? Then the Trix come in and takeover Cloudtower well at least we are now ripping off season 1 too what's inayofuata season 3.
The Trix take over and Griffin is turned into a jogoo and the Trix get new outfits really they look terrible and what is up with all the pig tails this season for everyone. Pigtails can be cute if all the hair is put into just TWO if wewe know what I mean not like 50. The Trix make Cloudtower fly, recruit Selina and says they are going to conquer all the schools in the Magic Dimension at least it's the schools and not the Magic Dimension, and now they are ripping off season 3 in a way.
We then see the Winx in their room with new pajamas, the new ones are cute but my inayopendelewa ones have to be season 3 followed kwa 1/2, 4 and 5 is decent but I do admit these ones are cute but I miss the old outfits so much. So they throw a party until the Tecna gets an invite from Timmy to watch them at Linphea collage.
Stella create new outfits for the girls after they look like bushes, but these patch work outfits are beautiful and look amazing. The Winx fly on Ladybugs they truly have ripped off seasons 1 through 3 now. Once on the ground the Winx take a leaf to the arena while Flora goes to find Miele. I am just really curious why Mielle goes to Linphea college and not Alfea like Flora did and Krystal does. The guys in the red uniforms some of thought to be villains turn out to be Linphea's version of specialists led kwa Sky's cousin Thoriuan (not sure how to spell). Helia asks where Flora is the Winx say she went to see someone she hasn't seen in a while, he asks shocked Winx wewe could have alisema her sister it wasn't like Miele was around. The guys from Linphea collage seem to take interest in some of the girls, but my inayopendelewa part was when the teacher was where did that roar come from and Brandon was like that would be my girlfriend.
Flora finds Miele who has really grown up, but the sweet moment was ruined kwa a floating Cloudtower and the Treeiads (not sure how to spell it either) come alive and attack. The two who really now look like zaidi of sisters than before go to warn the rest. Everyone fights together and we get to see Miele transform for the first time and Flora acts like a proud older sister but too oblivious to what is going on. Flora joins the rest of the group and they head to cloudtower.
Inside we see the Trix in their costume change according to Stella and Selina hides behind them before creating a bubble to protect the Lengendarium. The Winx attack, but are sent backwards and are falling outside. Everyone except Bloom is in their outfits Stella designed, I am scared but wondering why does Bloom still have her sirenix and partly mad at this. The specialists each catch their own girlfriends like that wasn't predictable mentioning the thousand times they have done it before. The Winx head nyumbani after Flora asks her sister if she would come with them, but Miele says no but I honestly think this will only cause zaidi trouble in later episodes because the Trix know Flora will do anything to protect her little sister no matter what the cost. So they all head back to Alfea where thanks to Roxy we found out the jogoo is Griffin and the Trix have conquered Linphea collage. Also thanks to Bloom the girls have some strength due to some power she shared and now it makes sense for the rumored transformation Bloomix.
I am excited about inayofuata week's episode, but they could have come up with a better name for the transformation. Also stop ripping off seasons 1 through 3 the only ones they haven't ripped off yet are season 4 and 5. I did upendo this episode but a review cannot just be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.