Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, I remember it so wewe don't have to! So here's the inayofuata episode which was aired the same day. I've heard some people say it was decent, so, I'll just have to see myself.

The episode starts off in Faragonda's office, where she has called Roxy down to see if she can help the crow. (It looks so sad ;w; don't worry little birdie, Roxy will take care of you)

We're then taken to...uh...I don't really know. Rainbow-boy-land. Yeah. That. Where we see the Specialists in their weird uniforms. This old dude (Idk if it's Saladin au not) says that they will have to perform combat against each other, Sky stepping up to be the first to go--this one, nasally brown-haired guy agreeing to be his opponent. Brandon asks Sky who it is, and Sky says that's is his cousin--wait. wewe did not just--his name is not--Thorin? Ohlawd. I-I can't...I need a minute...sweet baby Jesus...this is freaking hilarious...oh my god...mY SIDES.

Hm...which Thorin do I like better? Why, Thorin Oakenshield, of course!

So, Thorin *gigglesnort* chooses his weapon and it's a--hammer? Really guys? You're not making this any easier on yourselves! Sky then steps up, choosing a sword, the old dude saying that these weapons have something to do with nature so...I'm guessing they're on Limphea? (Add to that I've seen that they go there to see Miele so...)

The inayofuata scene we're at Alfea, where Bloom and the girls try and make the pixies feel better. Musa blasts some music, and Layla creates little trampolines for them to bounce on. This is shoved off as the plot bursts in, Tecna getting a call from Timmy. He explains that he and the others have been at a training school on Linphea (Bam. Knew it) and that they should come visit. They all agree, and Flora explains that her sister is studying at a school there, and it would be great to visit her. (Why would she not study at Alfea? You're from Linphea too so...why didn't wewe just study there? Eugh, plot-holes) Stella says that before they leave they, of course, have to change. After some nonsense with Grizelda ("Get back to your studies"? What else does Stella need to learn?) we finally see them arrive at Linphea via giant lady-bugs.

When they land, Flora says that she is going to try and find her sister while the Winx catch up with the Specialists and heads out to find her. The Winx on the other hand, decide to ride on a huge leaf to the arena to watch the Specialists. When they land, Bloom sees Sky kick the crap out of Thorin, some bila mpangilio dude walking over and trying to "get some" in the process. This makes Roy jealous, and he challenges the guy to a duel. (ew beat it. no one likes you)

Back with Flora, we see that she has found her sister--who has mysteriously grown from a seemingly seven mwaka old, to...a girl maybe in her early teens. (And it's been less than three years. Smooth moves, guys) We suddenly are brought back to Roy fighting that guy, where he looses, Layla saving him from falling off the court. (lol loser) With Flora, we see her and her sister ogle about nature and how amazing it is and blah-di-blah-di-blah.

We're taken back to Alfea where Roxy enters Faragonda's office, telling her that she was able to get it to speak. The jogoo squawks out a few words, Faragonda piecing together that the jogoo is Griffin and that the Trix have taken over Cloudtower.

Back on Linphea, Miele and Flora suddenly spot Cloudtower hanging in the sky, ("and it's floating? something's not right." GEE YA THINK SO, FLORA) the two heading off to find the others.

In Cloudtower, the Trix ask Selina to read a story and she does, picking one about the Dryads--excuse me, I mean Treeads, that live on Linphea. So, cue Lord of the Rings rip-off in three, two, one...!

Oh yeah, I totally don't see the similarities with the Ents and Treeads. Nope. Totally original, guys.

After the Winx see what's happening, they transform. Flora tells Miele that she should take cover, but her sister insists, then transforming into her overly complicated Winx outfit. Bloom explains to Sky that she and the Winx will fly up to Cloudtower to see if they can stop the Trix, while they [the Specialists] should try and stop the Treeads.

The Winx fly into Cloudtower, eventually meeting up with the Trix. (Selina hides behind them like a big baby. Not surprising) Icy first sends a horde of freshman after the girls, but this obviously fails, Bloom starting the attack against the Trix. During their battle, Selina manages to sneak away, and creates a forcefield around her and the Legendarium.

Back on Linphea, we see Miele and other students from her school trying to block the Treeads--their weak magic not doing much, really--the Specialists stepping in to try and contain the monsters.

At Cloudtower, Bloom realizes that all this negative energy is coming from Selina, and they try destroying her bubble with a Sirenix convergence. This does nothing but rebound, teleporting them out of the school and into the sky untransformed. (All except Bloom, of course) The Specialists notice their girlfriends falling, and fly up to save them. (oh how romantic) Sky tells Thorin and the others to retreat, while Flora tries to convince Miele to come with her. Her sister explains she must stay to protect her friends, and doesn't leave. Yes, stay at your precious school, where wewe are only in Winx, and expect yourself to defend it long enough to keep those Treeads at bay. That's logical. Idiot.

The group heads back to Alfea, where Faragonda and Daphne are seen waiting for them. Faragonda asks Layla what happened to their abilities, and she says she doesn't know, explaining that they all seem to have Lost their magic. All except Bloom. Some Faragonda goes on this explanation about how Bloom has the "inextinguishable" dragon flame and she's basically the fucking strongest fairy in the whole damn universe. Like really. If wewe didn't think she was a Mary-Sue before, then you're in for a shock. Since none of the girls have their powers, Bloom splits her flame and gives a piece to each of the Winx, Faragonda saying they'll eventually earn a new transformation due to this. (Oh fuck it really is going to be called "Bloomix", isn't it?)

ujumla, jumla this episode was okay. The Trix didn't have that much screen-time which kind of pissed me off, but Roxy being there helped. And so did Sky's cousin being named Thorin omg I don't think I'll ever be over that. The upcoming episode looks kind of stupid, so I hope they don't make us wait a whole mwezi again just to see them defeat some damn trees.