Hello there, I'm BlueColor! This is my first opinion makala and ordinary makala on Fanpop, sorry if my bolding(s) get out of control because I just learned how to do it today. If wewe don't like Tecna, it's okay. I respect your opinion—just no rude comments, please. All rude maoni will be reported to the staff.

Ah, was it a long speech? I think not. Now let's just scroll down and read!

For me, Tecna has always been my inayopendelewa character. When she first appeared in season 1's Welcome to Magix! I have already fell in upendo with her. She was always the smart one of the Winx Club, and she has high knowledge and IQ. She always does the plans and reports information to her friends, and if she didn't exist I bet it would be hard for the Winx to collect info for their mission.

She also would be the sekunde bravest among the Winx. She sacrificed herself in the third season, and she barely died. Tecna didn't care about herself, she cared about Andros at that time. Until she didn't realize she was sucked into a portal and earned Enchantix. wewe couldn't blame her, she was a doing a good thing. That also shows she's not selfish and arrogant.

Tecna is also very rational. If wewe don't know what rational means, well it means think clearly, sensibly and logically. I disagree with how many people say Tecna is lack of emotions. Because that is not true. In season 2, she admitted to Timmy she likes him. In season 5, Tecna and Timmy went on their first date—and Tecna felt really happy. Happy is an emotion, isn't it?

Sorry if this makala was too short. I'm not that good at uandishi long opinion articles—but thank wewe for kusoma ^^!