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posted by zanhar1
It's not really as scary as they make it out ta be. The sensation a flyin' is quite wonderful really. I mean, aside from the ear splittin' roar it's actually quite nice up here. I cen see the most brilliantly blue sky o'er-head.
I've always wanted ta touch the clouds...
What a dram come true...

The weather man had called fer a twister but I let my lil' sister, Shiloh talked me inta drivin' her o'er to Mercade's house anyways. I mean really, when were the last time that guy were actually right 'bout some'in? I'll give 'im props, the sky were pretty dark, but nothin' I ain't seen before.

A jagged bolt of lightnin' followed kwa an earth rumblin' roar had my sister squirmin' in the car seat. "Maybe we should pull over." She whimpered.
I shurgged "Ain't no thunder gonna hurt nobody."
"I don't it looks pretty dark out there." she replied.
"It'll be fine. Always is." I answered.
We was halfway there when the sound a sirens echoed 'cross the mahindi, nafaka fields.
"Should we pull over now?" Shiloh asked.
"'Sokay, they go off all the time 'n I ain't never even seen no ternado yet." I answered. "Yer friend's gonna be happy that ya didn't let no storm stop ya from seein' her."

Only moments later did I see jus' how wrong I were 'bout that. Lil' ways down the road the dark swirlin' wingu could be seen comin' directly toward us--suckin' all the energy out the air, throwin' trees 'n rock 'n whatever else it could find 'n pick up. Shiloh were shriekin' loudly at that point almost louder then the cyclone. I did my best ta turn the car 'round 'n drive back the way we come from.

Didn't do much good.

The wind were pullin' us back purtty good.

Guess that's why pa tol' us ta never try 'n out run a twister.

Pa, I shoulda listened.

Shiloh, I shoulda listened.

'N jus' like that my sister were ripped from the car, leavin' me all alone. I floored the car, didn't songesha nowhere. And soon here I were, up in the sky.

Saw it comin' toward me.
Couldn't move.
No time.
No strength.
It only hurt fer a lil' bit--gettin' impaled kwa a pitch fork I mean. Thought it would hurt more. 'N like that it were over. Got my las' view a the world; Shiloh lyin' on what were left a the gravel road. She were bleedin' a fair amount, but somehow I knew she were gonna be okay. Glad my sister weren't killed kwa my stupidness.

"Stormy are wewe listening to me?" Icy waved a hand in front of Stormy's face.
"Yeah, totally." Stormy muttered. Frankly daydreaming about tornado's was zaidi exciting than Icy's nagging. She didn't know where this daydream came from--she could swear it wasn't over her own making. But oh well, watching people suffer was fun enough.

Yup, Stormy was a redneck . Any questions?
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