So as we all know, Diaspro is described as this evil, spoiled girl who tries to ruin Bloom's and Sky's so oh perfect relationship.Your classic, romance Shojou villain.

But if I was betrothed to a guy and them this bila mpangilio girl pops up, I'd be pretty mad too.I (painfully) rewatched the episodes where Diaspro was mentioned and came to a satisfying conclusion.

Let's began with her origins

Not much is known about Diaspro except the fact that she is Sky's ex fiancee and she had been trained and taught for many years to become Sky's wife

(Direct quote from wikia: link)

kwa many years, I assume it was her whole life. And Sky, being a heartless jerk, dare ask Bloom to be his girlfriend despite knowing that he has a fiancee.

Her first appearance was when she was invited to the Red Fountain's Exhibition siku where she met Bloom for the first time. Bloom then accuses her of being one of the Trix without any reasoning whatsoever.

Her inayofuata appearance is in "The Fall of Magix".She tries to convince Sky to return to Eraklyon and let the other specialists fight kwa themselves because wewe know, he's the heir to the throne.But Sky being a heartless jerk, cuts the leader leading to her ship.

In Season 3, she works with Valtor and gives Sky a upendo potion so that she can return to being in her rightful place as his wife(Which I remind you, was taught to do for many years).

When she saw Sky, she expressed happiness(As shown kwa the image below).But then, Sky being the heartless jerk he is, ordered his guards to capture her and banish her from Earklyon.

And this inayofuata part really pisses me off.In Season 5, Sky loses his memories. Diaspro came all the way from Earklyon just to help him recover his memories.

(Also Kystal addressed her as Princess Diaspro so I'm guessing she still holds some kind of authority)

So when Bloom sees Diaspro, her first reaction was to angrily walk away, and then she cries. Doesn't she want Sky to regain his memories?Diaspro might be even better at helping him since their childhood friends.Sky asked her if she could tell him about Earkylon and Diaspro, growing up there, probably knows about the traditions and cultures which serves way zaidi purpose than Bloom shoving pictures of them in his face.

Even Krtstal states that Diaspro is sure to help him regain his memories.

Then the inayofuata day, Sky tells Bloom that after talking to Diaspro, he found out that she was really boring and talked only about herself.Boom laughs and says, "I know"

But the thing is, she doesn't.From what I recall, Bloom never had an actual conversation with her.Also this came from a person who did nothing but (Might I remind you) shove pictures of them together in Sky's face.Not to mention how she showed him a rose that he gave her and alisema that he told her it smells like her(???)

It would be fine if Sky has his memories and was close to her, but since he doesn't, that's outright creepy.

In an episode called "The Devourer", the kingdoms have a royal meeting about a very serious topic on dealing with Tritannus.That, is not the time to be cuddling with your boyfriend every chance wewe get.She was only trying to do her job as the King's Liaison and get Sky to focus which is exactly what he should be
doing in a crisis.

Basically, Sky was the one who started all the drama. wewe do not ask a girl to be your girlfriend if wewe have a fiancee!Poor girl's got to have some identity problems after that.

I applaud the onyesha for making Diaspro seem like a typical romance rival when she's one of the most complex characters unlike someone else


Please tell me if I have changed your opinions au if not, why wewe still think Diaspro deserves all the hate she gets