Alfea holidays were going, sky qnd bloom decided to go to lephea but flora is on earth with her best frind aisha there was princess lorida of maua, ua kingdom also there in lephea .Bloom and sky went to lephea bloom is thirsty so sky went to juisi duka and sky meet with lorida they begin to upendo each other.they begin talking but wky didnt told bloom about lorida.there was a party in Eracklion bloom tought sky is announcving their she dressed in red fishcut which is amazing .she arrived at party she say hi to sky but sky ignored her she tought sky is busy in his party but at the stage he announce his and lorida marraige.bloom was just ...... She begin to cry and ran to the car on the way of domino she was thinking that ....."if sky want to announce his marraige with lorida why he invited me"?? She was crying a lot....
After 2 years

Sky arrived at domino and asked bloom mother that were is bloom??! bloom mother was angry and alisema she didnt live here now she lived inthe palace of went to the palace he saw there was no guards in palace he enterd the palace,bloom alisema sky wh.what r u doing here??! Sky asked first tell me what r u doing here.suddenly a man came from inside a room and alisema blom who is this??bloom said....jack meet my old friend sky, and sky meet my husband jack just shoked...jack alisema nice to meet u sky i wish i could tqlk with u but i have to attend a party...Bloom asked to sky what r u doing here??
Before somedays lorida fight with me and took some property of mine and gave me a divorsed so i came to u say sorry to domino but ur mother told that u r not living in domino u r living in purpleland....but when u got married ???

After the party in eracklion i arrived at domino i was crying but from the gate of palace i saw jack so i wiped away my tears and enterd to the palace.jqck saw me and told hey, who r u ?? First tell me who r u?i alisema suddenly mom came and alisema oh bloom meet my friend's Queen emily son jack and jack meet my daughter bloom jack alisema nive to meet u.take this papers ur mother forgot this here only alisema my mom.i will drop him to the gate then i and jack begin to walk suddenly jack asked me why were u crying??i just cant controll my tears so jack told me it ok lets be friends.i drop him to the gate and entered my room were mom is sitting mom asked me why were i crying so i told her what happened in party so,my mom told i think he hates u thatswhy he hurt u .but after somedays jack asked me to marry him i alisema yes after going nyumbani i alisema tyo my mom and mom and dad alisema they will talk to jack mother and dad and they also agree we got married and thats all.

Sky asked to bloom that why u haven't told me that u r marrying with jack? Bloom alisema have u told me that u upendo lorida? Sky alisema i think i would go.he went to red kisima, chemchemi and locked himself in his room and cry a lot because he Lost a friend a bloom who loved him with true moyo his moyo were brtoken