Stella squealed, splashing her toe around in the enormous puddle zaidi commonly known as the ocean. (Gardinia's section of the ocean, that is!)
"Its freezing! Guys, Why did Faragonda assign us to this? They're are teachers not our swimming instructers!!!!" She wailed, shivering like a pixie in the omega dimension!
"Stella, we're here to train for underwater adventures, so we're going to have practising swimming!" Explained Bloom. "Just put it this way, all seven of us are on the beach, taking time off Alfea and upendo 'n' pet, enjoying the sun..."
"And with your boyfriends!" Continued a familiar voice. It was the king of eraklion, the lord high majesty: AKA Sky.
the vichimbakazi spun around in the oppisite direction to see 5 specialists in full uniform, ready to help, and with water proof hovverboards to proof it! "Sky, your here how wonderful!" Gasped Bloom, running into skys arms for a kiss. Whilst that was happening, Flora gazed into Helia's eyes and blushed as red and her beautiful strawberry bikini! "Hello Flora!" alisema the handsome Helia, as the two pair held hands, seeming to be Lost in each others deep eyes.
"Brandon!" Called Stella, waving her hands both cheerfully and frantically. "Over here!" Her boyfriend sped over, and gave a little wink.
"Musa...I, I think it nice to see you!" Smiled Riven sheepishly, everyone laughed, Riven wasn't one when it came to romance, buthow much he cared for Musa deep down can really show!
Layla and Roxy exchanged a glanced, it embellished Layla with moyo ache to see happy couples ever since Nabu passed away and Envied Roxy to think that she was the only winx who hadn't even had a crush!

"Hey Tec!" alisema Timmy. "Hi Timmy, great to see you, but......why are wewe here??" Replied Tecna confused. "I'll be the one to answer that question!" Interrupted Sky, still seeming to be super glued to Bloom's gaze. "Saladin recruited us to help wewe on this...practise quest. Timmy, please may wewe onyesha Bloom and her friends!" Requested Sky. Timmy, following his orders showed a little gray cube on the palm of his hand with a switch, everyone stayed silent (Knowing Timmy, this would be much zaidi than a bila mpangilio object!).
He threw it into the sea, and then the water expanded it! it grew bigger kwa the second, turning into some sort of tecno-submarine! "Wow!"
Gaped Tecna, not sure what made the submarine so brilliant in her eyes: The modernifications, au the fact that Timmy made it!
"I know!" Agreed Stella, claping her hands and grinning. "Stella, wewe can't even change a plug!" Retorted Roxy, shocked at how she could be interested in something like that!
"I know, but wewe know what this means: WE DONT HAVE TO SWIM!" She cheered in delight. "Oh Stella!" Chuckled Musa. They climbed inside, it was dark and the only light was from the panal screens. "It sure is gloomy in here, I'd much rather swim!" Scorned Layla, of course, she perfere swimming to most things! There was a tiny window at the back of the underwater ship, blurred with ice, but Stella was just about able to see through it....they were going down undeer water! A tear prickled her eye, she felt like she was drowning! "Urr...can we get off now Brandon??" She asked, walking over to him. "Sorry sunshine, not until each of wewe winxes learn the controls!" Apoligised Brandon. "I am not a specialist, i am a princess, abnd i want to get off!" She begged, tears flwoing from her eyes like raindrops. "Stella, we've faced much bigger dangers than this, apart from wewe running out of hair spray!" Reminded Roxy, signaling everyone to fall into hysterics. "Shut up Roxy, your not even a winx, just a groupie/wannabe, and wewe earths kgirls will NEVER be like us!" Screamed Stella, trembling with fear and only half sure of what she was doing....There was a silence.....Roxy alisema nothing, but looked hurt, ironically though, not half as upset as bloom, who, growing up on earth, found it agonisigly upseting! Stella alisema no apology. "I wanna get off NOW!" She shrieked. "Let me off au i'll transform! And Roxy your not half as powerful as the rest off us, so dont try and play 'i'm such a wonderful, powerful leader' on us!" She cried, going so pale every time they went down a foot......."Stella, i may not be a proper fairy, but everyone on board perferes me to you, so i think i should be the leader anyway!" Remarked Roxy. everyone gasped, this was going mad! "And now i declare wewe a fired
member of the winx!" She shouted!

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