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If the Winx will die Corpse party style it will be like this

Bloom will be burned alive tied to a pole due to malevolent spirits.....
Half of Stella's face will be skinned and with a mirror shard stuck in her neck ...
Flora will be trapped inside a kichaka squishing her but she got out ..
But as she was going to run away she gets disemboweled kwa a falling branch ...
Aisha will drown in a pool, but when the Winx drained the pool before she could drown...
Instead she gets stuck in a drainage splitting her body apart....
Musa's body will be shredded into pieces kwa kinanda wire kwa Tecna when she pulled a lever thinking it would cause the light to go on......
Tecna devastated kwa Musa's death....accidentally electrocutes herself...
Making her conscious but can't move...
A half-dead person comes along sees Tecna thinking she's dead...cannibalizes on here...
While Tecna feeling all pain as the almost zombie-like fairy eats her alive..

I have come last nine days. So to make up for it, in one makala I will post three chapters and do three of them.sorry for the long wait

Chapter Nine

I woke up to the feeling of the sun shining on my face. I looked around and remembered I was back at the palace, so I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to the dining room. Once I arrived there, I saw my family already sitting there with Ms. Faragonda and Helia explaining the letters to them. I saw my mother crying, my father trying to comfort her while Miele just looked confused. I walked over to my mom...
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After mrs.F teaches us, my head starts spinning. And my head only spins when somthing bad is going to happen. But i dare tell a soul. If i do, they will all run away like the last time we went out. I hit myself, but that only helps a little bit.
Alice: Hey, Anne are wewe okay there?
me:yah,of corse......
toatally telling a lie, of corse. Clairece just glances and i pull away my hai like nothing even happened. Somtimes they annoy me like that. They know that too. Anyways, we walked down the mitaani, mtaa of magix city when i collapse. All i hear is:
Alice:Oh no! Are wewe okay Anne?
Clairece:Call a docter,now!...
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posted by Alifya
Hi Girls!

1. If your morning rush leaves wewe absolutely no time to mess with foundation, don't freak out. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer. Go for one that contains SPF, so wewe can moisturize, shield your skin from sun damage and even out your complexion all in one fell swoop. And, tinted moisturizers go on sheer, so wewe don't have to stress about blending--especially if wewe are still half asleep.

2. When you're running crazy late, headbands can give wewe a new look in no time at all--choose the stretchy ballerina type. A headband is a great hassle-free way to wear your hair back, it's quick,...
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This is probably not really what the seventh will be about but just an idea I came up with there's zaidi to it but this is really just a summary. seventh season should be about the wizards of the black circle'srevenge because after they fall your really don't know what happened the ice could of broke when they landed regained there power kwa finding a magical object recreating the black mduara, duara and convinced the tricks to jiunge them. Oh and I have another idea when the winx wanted to use the gift of life on Nabu and Orgon took it they thought he used it on a maua, ua but instead he hid it and used what was left of healing powers and kept the gift of life to later be used on duman. It's just an idea I came up with tell me what wewe think I would upendo to hear your comments
posted by florajames
Hi guys flora James here I've been getting lose of messages about how old i am i am in fact 14 and that is real i have a desese called ADHD and it makes me look and act younger then what i am . So now u know
i am also asking u if u would like to ask me maswali for my YouTube account and if u do post a maswali for me put if u want urn account to be shown important making video inayofuata Saturday so plz ask away
i upendo u guys don't change
hugs and kiss flora James
ps nothing rude because i don't want to be ask anything like that i will tell u some swali i don't want to
be give

maswali i don't want
were do u live
Why do u have ADHD
are u ok about u family
plz none of that any other like that i will not awnsa
if it dosent have that then i will awnsa enjoy
and ask away
Flora’s POV

“Stella what are wewe doing?”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about, imposter
That when I see the imitation of me walk out.
“No no no, You’ve got it all wrong. That’s the imitation.” I quickly say.
“That’s exactly what an imposter would say.” Musa said.
I roll my eyes realizing this argument is pointless and use my magic to make vines come out of the floor and absorb the goo then go back down into the floor.
“Get it!” Bloom yelled and then they all started to chase me. I slide down the stair rail, run out the back door, get on Maya and start to ride off...
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posted by crystal_winx
So if you're wondering why the sailors and the Winx started fighting it's because of their enemies to lazy to get rid of them thought that the best way to get rid of them was to spell them into thinking they were enemies.

The Trix and some other bad guys put a spell on then and then when they saw each other they started fighting. they thought it would be entertaining to see vichimbakazi destroying sailors.

When the enemies realized it didnt work they started fighting and arguing with each other and ended up destroying themselves and each other

The Winx found out about the ticks their enemies pulled and told the sailors. In the end they ended up becoming friends.
posted by Alifya
Here it is a little chemsha bongo to know yourself better! Answer 'Yes' au 'No' for each question! Concentrate…

Do wewe often feel the pain of others?
Is your mood highly dependent on the moods of people around you?
Does 'reading-between-the-lines' come easily to you?
Are wewe very sensitive to noises around you?
Are wewe easily scared au startled?
Are wewe an animal lover?
Do wewe have hermit qualities, preferring solitude over parties?
Is care giving a natural response wewe give to anyone hurting?
Are wewe easily moved kwa an amazing song, film, au piece of art?
Do wewe consider yourself to be in harmony with...
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posted by musa123s
this is based on season 4 when nabu died and what Layla is doing. its is a song and a story.

Its been 4 weeks since nabu died. Everyone is trying to songesha even though it's hard even on Layla. one siku she starts going threw some old picha of both of them.

-Sha la la ... sha la la
the first pic that she see is when nabu and her went on an actually first date.
-you used to call me your angle
the sekunde is when they went to a party with all their friends
-said i was send straight down from heaven.
later she saw a pic of all of them at prom.
-you hold me close in your arms, i upendo the way wewe felt...
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Chapter Twelve

Helia and I stayed still in the bushes not wanting to be caught. I watched my sister as she got up and headed our way. Once she was close enough, Helia grabbed her and we told her to be quiet. She smiled and gave me a hug before she kissed Helia. She asked what are wewe two doing here? I alisema We came to find wewe and bring wewe back home. She nodded and alisema then let’s go. We checked to make sure no one was following us before getting on our farasi and rushing out of the dark woods. Within twenty dakika we made it to the lake. We slowed down while crossing the lake, but once...
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posted by Princess-Flora

Flora’s p.o.v
Diaspro, Krystal, Nova and Amaryl stopped bugging me after I stood up to them. Stella won winter formal queen. Musa was offered a record deal. Tecna gained back her slot as number one in our class. Bloom and Sky got back together. Layla became captain of the dance team and learned to trust me again. As for me, I got back with Helia, I remained cheer captain and I learned who my real Marafiki were. I was foolish for betraying them and becoming Marafiki with people who only liked me for my popularity. Image and friendship is a major part of high school; however, I learned that...
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posted by Princess-Flora

Diaspro’s p.o.v
Flora left once we finished deciding our inayofuata step of the plan; however, I had one of my own. When I knew she was gone, I talked to my roommates. I alisema girls how about instead of fake ruining her we actually ruin her? Krystal looked up and alisema fine kwa me after all she isn’t cold hearted enough anymore to be a Queen bee, wewe defiantly deserve it Diaspro. I smirked and replied thanks Krystal, so what should we do to send her to the bottom? Amaryl spoke up and alisema just do it the classic way kwa posting maoni on her Flutter account that aren’t true. Or wewe can go through...
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posted by RidingSolo245
Lily took her staff and stabbed it into the ground. She put her hands on the jewel on the juu end of it and started thinking. All of the other Red kisima, chemchemi students watched in confusion at what Lily was doing. The jewel started to glow. All of the ground glowed green and then went away. She looked around and in one area there was a big green rectangle on the ground.
“She’s over there!” she yelled while grabbing a shovel from off the levabike. And running to the rectangle. The rest of the group ran over with her. She was about to start digging when something hit the handle knocking it out...
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Anonymous tumblr prompt; Bloom wears a tux to her wedding and her best man (Brandon) pokes light fun at it.

Her wedding would be different than the other weddings she attended. Stella's was your stereotypical, T.V perfect wedding; long beautiful flowing white dress, done up hair, pastel colors, loads of flowers. It was classy and cute and very Stella.

Flora's wedding was much the same only her colors were restricted to purples pinks and whites--neglecting the machungwa, chungwa touches Stella's had. Naturally hers was overloaded with flowers; the floor was practically just a pile of rose petals.

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Several years zamani a family with three children, and a maid lived in a large house that formerly belonged to a plantation owner in the 1800s, but it was now the 21st century. The family had three daughters named Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. One siku while the parents were still asleep, and the maid was running errands in town a good ten miles down the barren road, the three daughters played in their room with the candles lit since it was their form of nightlights. As the trio played and ran around, none noticed a curtain had caught moto from the candles. The smoke filled the room, but when the children...
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Author's Note: I used Isis as Helia's realm because it was the only one I could think of.

Chapter Eighteen

Two days zamani we started planning my sister’s engagement ball and now it was Friday the night of the ball. I got up and headed down to my sister’s room since all three of us would be getting ready there. When I walked in, I saw our dresses on three dress forms with jewelry and shoe options inayofuata to them. My sister was sitting in one of the three chairs with a foot bath for pedicures and Miele was on her right so I took the chair on the left. From 11 am to 1 pm we got our French manicures,...
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posted by RidingSolo245
The winx start to storm down to the nurse office with their evidence. They burst in and walk straight up to her.
"Nurse Ophelia, wewe have got some explaining to do!" Stella yelled."I'm sorry I didn't want to do it please let me explain!" The nurse quickly yelled while putting her arms up.
The winx looked at each other.
"Well that was easy." Stella said.
"Let's go outside and talk about this." Musa suggested.


"So, spill the worms nurse Ophelia. What went down two nights ago?" Lily asked.
"One of the witches jumped me earlier while I
was coming in that siku and demanded that I give her Tecna...
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 "The name's Edward Elric,and this my brother Alphonse"
"The name's Edward Elric,and this my brother Alphonse"
(Finally, chapter one is here!)

Bloom led the girls, she was excited today was her and the Winx first siku in East City. Stella asked "how much longer?" Musa replied "not much further, right Bloom?" She nodded, East City was so much different than Magix. It's going to take awhile to getting used to a place like this but it reminded her like back nyumbani on Earth. Nearby in a alley, a teenaged boy muttered "damn it" this boy was Edward Elric behind him was his younger brother Alphonse (who happend to be a 7 foot tall suit of living armour) cornering them was the Trix. Icy smirked "given up yet?"...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So Stella, Timmy, Layla, Sky, Musa, Riven and Brandon all have clean slates. I wonder who will be next.

She sat in the corner of the room listening to Chandelier kwa Sia. It was the redhead’s inayopendelewa song. It helped her get though the tough times she’s experienced that started last summer. She was alone until her phone lit revealing she had a text message. She opened it and it read drip drip. The blood splattered on the snow like yours did on to the bathroom floor. Tell them you’re not as stable as they think au wewe can count on a one way ticket to a white padded room. Bloom froze as...
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