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posted by Alifya
Spring is here, which means it’s time to bury the sequined tops, skirts and dresses, and update your closets with what’s in this season.

There's no easier way to get the wow factor than with a maxi dress. Wear at the beach, pwani au the park with and gladiator flats.

The Seventies are back: high-waisted denim and flouncy silk dresses and blouses are super!

Ankle boots! They're not easy to wear. The proportion of an ankle boot with a mid-calf, full skirt, upindo is all wrong: ankle boots look best as part of a leggy look, either with short skirt, skinny jeans au leggings. One of the easiest ways to wear...
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The winx and specialist had safely made it to Alfea. Flora was going to be in the infirmary over night. The specialist went back to RF, and the winx went back to their dorm.

~In the morning, 9:00~
The winx woke up and put on their outfits(At bottom) then headed down to the infirmary to pick up Flora then go out and talk about what happened over milkshakes.

The winx walked in and told the nurse they were there to pick up Flora. She pointed to the room and told them to go in. The winx thanked her then they went in the room. Flora was sitting on the kitanda and saw them come in.
"Hey Flora."...
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Hello! For this picture contest there will be lots of heshima to be aliyopewa away!

1st place will get 20 props
2nd place will get 15 props
3d place will get 10 props

Round 1: Harmonix OPEN
1st place: storyteller9
2nd place: summerthunder
3d place:

Round 2: Rockstar winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 3: Sirenix
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 4: Magic winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round five.... any pic of winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 6: Belevix
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

zaidi coming soon
Good luck everyone (^pointless video, cool winx song)
posted by XxLalasaysxX
zannie made one, and Sam made one. And finally I’ve came up with something. I hope wewe like it.

Someone’s POV
I woke up. In the middle of a forest. One high heel missing, and the other broken. Missing the button up poofy shati I wore yesterday, my shorts ripped up and a migraine. I yawned and tasted something weird in my mouth sat up and inayofuata to me was 2 empty bottles of Whiskey. I smack my lips. That’s the taste in my mouth? I look around and in a kichaka I see my phone and my purse.
“What?” I get up and try to walk over to get it but trip due to my broken heel. I take the shoe off and...
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So a week zamani I finally got around to seeing the cinema phenomenon known as "The Avengers". And...? It was awesome. I noticed how well these two fandoms could collide to write a story. Coincidentally, I noticed that the user link was in the thought process of uandishi something similar. I messaged her, asking if I could write a cross-over as well, and she alisema it was fine. (Which I very much appreciate ^_^) I helped her figure out the plot of her story, so expect her fanfiction soon, too! Btw, if wewe think wewe won't be able to follow this story since you've never seen the movie...don't worry....
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posted by florasedge31
The winx ran into the dorm and quickly lied Flora down on the bed.
The girl walked over and felt Flora's head. She quickly pulled her hand back and shook her hand fast.
"What's wrong?" Stella asked.
"She's burning up." The girl said. The girl started digging through her purse. She pulled out a syringe and injected it in Flora's arm.
"What are wewe doing?" Musa asked.
"Curing her." She answered. She pulled the syringe out and put it back in her purse.
"It should kick in in a few minutes." The girl said.
"Can wewe please explain what's going on!" Stella yelled. The girl walked out of the room.
"Sit down."...
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Sad Beautiful Tragedy

It’s a shabiki fiction story of Flora and Helia. I don’t know why but whenever I get a romantic one shot, Helia and Flora stuck my head maybe because they got most strong bonding among all the couples. Plus they are my favourite couple from The Winx. And I got inspirations from real incidences

It is a little known upendo story of a poor village boy and a princess both of whom preferred death over separation. What is even zaidi haunting is the fact that unlike other zaidi maarufu legendary lovers, Flora and Helia continue to gain attention from all the people.
Legend has it...
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posted by yasmin124
 Floras fashion sense as wewe can see Flora loves flowers and butterflies and pink and green
Floras fashion sense as you can see Flora loves flowers and butterflies and pink and green
Flora is having a interview about her life
Flora . hujambo im Flora im in upendo with Helia and stuff i upendo all my Marafiki im the fairy of nature i also think plants desve upendo and respect i want everyone to respect the world and its people

Ella. the person whos interviewing Flora well done Flora awseome inteview

Flora . thank wewe Ella but it needs zaidi details like what kind of clothes i like about my Marafiki family Limfia Helia my boyfriend

Ella. ok

Flora. wait let me ask the winx if they like to be in my interview

winx . hujambo Flora

Flora .hey i would like wewe guys to be in my interview Stella you...
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I’ve made a kura ya maoni asking of people would read it if I made this; but fanpop had a glitch which make the kura ya maoni didn't existed even if I’ve tried for 5 times already. I’ve recently read “The Hunger Games” and it is amazing, very well-written that I’ve gotten an idea to make Winx Club in an AU of The Hunger Games (none of the Winx will have POWERS and are all at the age of 14, and this will mainly focus on Daphne) the characters will also be effected kwa the following:

Katniss Everdeen: Daphne (story will be in her P.O.V)
Primrose Everdeen: Bloom
Mrs. Everdeen: Queen Marion
Mr. Everdeen:...
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posted by tecna535
 What's wrong Roxy?
What's wrong Roxy?
On part 1 Roxy goes into a class, and now she has to write a 500 paged essay on the history of selkies.

Roxy lies on her kitanda still crying from before
How am I ever going to write an essay about something I have never seen before! alisema Roxy
Hey, What's wrong Roxy? alisema Aisha
Roxy turns her head and wipes her tears
I couldn't shapeshift so now I have to write a 500 paged essay in one hour, it's impossible! alisema Roxy
What do wewe have to write the essay about? Asked Aisha
Selkies! What on earth is a selkie! alisema Roxy
Aisha explains what a pixie is! Aisha didn't listen and now Roxy is going to get punished...
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posted by Ember89
Ok before i start this is the title of my fic sorry i didn't have one for part one! Enjoy!

"Wow this place is incredible" I say as i walk up to a long line of students. Time passed as i looked at Alfea and thought i'd make tons of great friends. "So what is your name girl" snapped a woman who needed a serious attitude adjustment.
"I'm Ember of Eraklyon" I say. This must be Grizelda. "Ah, here we are, Ember of Eraklyon...carry on then" she snapped again. So i take my heavy bag to a dorm. "Oh hello wewe must be Ember!I'm Chloe i'm from Kelp island! The...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
 Meeka's Take #5: Enchantix
Meeka's Take #5: Enchantix
hujambo Winxies! Meeka here with Take #5 on Enchantix as suggested kwa Mel (WinxClub_Stella) Finally!
Sorry it's been forever again But this time it was Google Chrome's fault and now that it is finally working I'm back.
The way I write this take is going to be fairly similar I did my take on Bloomix. Where I mgawanyiko, baidisha it in half; How it was earned and how it looks. Alright that’s about it let’s get this party started.


I think Flora’s Enchantix is very pretty. I mean there’s nothing about it that I don’t like, but in 2D when wewe look straight at...
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Fair warning to all, this one has a very strong adult theme to it. I don't get into graphic detail, but you'll understand when wewe start reading. And kwa all means, if you're uncomfortable with the topic, please just stop kusoma lol.

"Stoplight, lock the door. Don't look back. Undress in the dark, and hide from you, all of you."

Cold welcomed itself into the dark forest. She sat in the just outside the foreign cave, legs drawn closely to her body--quivering just short of violently. A horrid and unwanted lack of clothing did no good in sheltering her pale body from the chill creeping its way up...
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posted by florasedge31
Aisha ran in and looked for the specialist. She saw them all in a corner waiting for the girls. She ran over to them.
"Guys." She started to say.
"Aisha. Where are the rest of the girls?" Sky asked.
"The trix got 'em." Aisha said.
"Oh great." Riven said.
"What should we do? It's...9:50, It's pitch black outside and we need a strategy." Timmy said.
"Wait a sec." Aisha alisema while running around looking for MF. She saw her kwa the refreshments.
"Ms. Faragonda!" She yelled while running to her.
MF turned and saw Aisha running toward her through the crowd.
"Yes Aisha?" MF said.
"The trix, they got the winx."...
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posted by limited9906
At home.......
Brandon:im nyumbani sorry if i was too long
Kaitlyn:what the...!? Ur nyumbani already i thought stellas ngome was far away sooooooo far away from here
Brandon:yeah but i used a ship to get there sweety
Kaitlyn:well wewe can go back there now....
Brandon: well ok if wewe suggest ill go back(leaves)
Kaitlyn:whew....!good thing hes gone hujambo zayn go home
We will have sex again maybe tommorrow au inayofuata week....
Zayn:ok honey ill go.ill be bk! Tommorrow
Ok ppl who are kusoma this let me explain why this boy zayn is here kaitlyn is cheating on brandon but brandon doesnt know....
In part 4 wich is the...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"All of wewe against me isn't fair, now is it?" Dean asked.

"Since when do wewe care?" Ike growled. He was focused on one thing, and that was killing Dean.

Deans hands began to glow and he summoned two huge beasts.

"There we go." He said. Everyone began to fight, but Dean was left for Helia,Ike, and Flora.

Autumn POV

I opened my eyes to see everyone fighting in front of me. I wanted to get up and help, but for some reason I couldn't move. I tried to push myself up, only to send a searing pain through my whole body. I put my hand to my head, and felt something. I brought it back down to find it covered...
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 The Trix
The Trix
It’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Meeka’s Take SUNDAY winxies! Wait it’s Tuesday… FUUUU- Are wewe ready? Because I am. Who will wewe be rambling about today Meeka? Today we will be discussing the Trix suggested kwa MissAngelPaws.

How I’ll be reviewing these lovelies.

Just simple my thoughts on each individual trix.
And at the end there will be the winning ikoni and Meeka’s Secret.
So let’s get started!

Icy the Ice Queen

Icy is quite a character. She in an ujumla, jumla thought is a fine character. It’s just the way Iginio made her be in season 5 that just annoys me down to the very...
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The Scene

The winx had transformed into their Sirenix while Brandon and Sky took Calypso to the Alfea infirmary since she had passed out. They were staring each other down, waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to make first move, waiting. Bloom couldn't stand the silence anymore and finally broke it.

"Who are you?!" Bloom asked.
Lydia did nothing but put a mere smile on her face and turned.
"Someone wewe don't wanna shit around with." The woman alisema while she turned her head so Bloom could see half of her face that was smirking.
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posted by Princess-Flora
---------Krystal’s p.o.v
Everything was dusty, bricks and parts of the ceiling were now on the floor and there was a gargantuan whole in the ukuta of the kiti cha enzi room. Panic filled the air, yet everything was quiet because of the scare we all just received. Then all of a sudden a voice spoke, but it wasn’t anyone’s I knew so I listen. The voice alisema the realms may be together again, but I’m a new threat and my goal is to get rid of all guardian fairies. I was planning on eliminating them one kwa one, but it turns out if wewe only kill one at a time that guardian will come back to life in...
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posted by florasedge31
Musa, Flora and Lily walked outside to the kisima, chemchemi and sat down. Musa pulled out her phone and started dialing Timmy.

~" Timmy this is Musa"
-"Oh hi Musa how are you?"
~"Good. I'm afraid I have some bad news, about Tecna."
-"What's wrong with her?"
~"Well to make the story short she got pushed kwa a witch, hit her head and got amnesia."
-"Oh no, Is she okay? Is she up?"
~"Yea she's up and well She's okay but she's on edge. Flora tried to calm her down but it didn't go so well."
-"Oh boy. Is it okay to visit her?"
~" The nurse alisema no zaidi visits for today. But wewe can come see...
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