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The long debate of everybody wondering who is the strongest Winx club memember. Since the series has had multiple reboots, I want to focus solely on the seasons that were the most coherent and understandable. So I hope wewe guys are ok with my reasoning I like to say things to make them understandable and walk wewe through my thought process.

I remember once in season 3, they all fought Bloom to try and find weakness in the dragon fire. Stella's attack was easily beaten kwa Bloom, and then when Musa channeled all of her Winx into an attack, they thought it was going to work, but Bloom broke out...
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posted by Winxfairylove
Hi!This is a new fanfic of mine!With love!Enjoy it!

*A saturday at Alfea*
Stella:Oh My God,this is so boring.I have nothing to do.
Tecna:Why don't wewe study?
Stella:What?That's impossible!!!
Musa:I guess wewe know Stella's type,Tecna.
Stella:I want to go shopping,but I don't have any money left.I spent them all this week.
Bloom:Hi girls,what's up?
Stella:Oh,hi Bloom.
Bloom:So,any plan for this weekend?
Flora:Well,not really.We were thinking.
Bloom:Oh,then I about spending it with the boys?Sky promised me that will take me to a special place.
Musa:Ohh,that's so romantic.
Bloom:Ehm,it's our anniversary......
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posted by Shayaan
Hi, I'm a guy who watches/used to watch Winx. I first watched it when I was six to eight years old, back in 2005-ish. I had three sisters so after school, they'd take command of the televisheni remote to watch their shows. That's how I got introduced to Winx. I was a kid, so I didn't understand most of what was going on, but I loved the action and the magic.
We only saw the first three seasons - Rai English - before we moved elsewhere (pretty fortuitous as it turns out). Now, over a decade later, I have just marathoned through the first three seasons in two weeks, for childhood nostalgia more...
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We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way
Let's sing it loud we are the Winx
Turn on your smile, get up and play
We're sparkling, we're wonderful
We're magic all the way

We'll light the sky
Flying together
Shimmering bright
Rising forever
Let's sing together

We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way
Never give up
It's time to get up
It's always better when we are together
Your hand in mine
It's gonna be fine
Stronger, faster we will do it right

Magic and spells
Laughters as well
Life is beautiful when you're around
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posted by naturefairy777
The inayofuata day......
(with winx)
Helia: come on. ..... why is averybody so slow ???
Bloom : we all was ready.....well except.......
winx except stella : Stella.......
Stella : what are wewe talking about.... i was just finished....
Riven : okay, so now the cupcãkes is ready.....
Brandon : LETS GO!!!(avery body run to the red fountian ship
except Riven)
Riven : Hey!!! thats my line!!! (follow Brandon)
(with Flora)
Flora : (thinking about her past with helia)oh helia,i miss you...
Dilan : good morning beautiful (tracing her cheek with his
fingers and then forcing her to face him)
Flora : go away...... (spat...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Previously in Flora’s secrets:
Flora: (counts on her hand before answering) 3 au 5 more, I think?
Layla: Then what are they?
Flora: Umm, My name isn’t technically Flora.
Musa: (concerned) Then what is it?
Flora: My real name is…….
Chapter 3
Layla: Flora could wewe just tell us what your name really is please?
Stella: She alisema her name isn’t Flora though?
Savannah: She alisema technically no but it’s actually part of her middle name. (Smiles confidently)
Flora: Thanks sis (said sarcastically) my first name is charlotte and my middle name is Flora Ann.
Bloom: So wewe just used the first part of your...
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One siku in alfea...
Flora:what happen?
Bloom:Sky haven't called me!
Flora:Be Patient bloom...
Bloom:I can't! remember when i want to pee i can't find a bathroom and i pee in my underwear!
Flora:Well now u need to be zaidi patient then that
Bloom: NO! i will call him right now!
on the phone
Bloom:SKY! Why haven't u call me?
Sky:ummmm... Bloom i have to......
practice yes....practice so i cannot call u very often
Bloom:WHAT?! u didin't call me for 5 months is that enough?
Sky: plzz bloom forgive me ok?
Bloom:alright but u act kinda strange. ..
Sky: what is the diffrence?iam my old self!...
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Winx Club begins their third mwaka in Alfea and the girls learn about their unique Enchantix transformations, acquired kwa sacrifing themselves for someone from their own world. Meanwhile, Trix, previously banished to the Omega Dimension, escape with Valtor, a sorcerer partially responsible for the destruction of Bloom's nyumbani realm, Domino. They chose to cooperate and plan to invade several areas in the realm of Magix and seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them kwa stealing the magic treasures and power sources of each realm. It is up to the Winx Club to stop their evil plans!
The Scene
All stumped and unable to think of a plan, the winx and specialists go to the winx's dorm to continue thinking. It's been almost an hour, and nothing has changed. Aisha had went to go get Calypso from the infirmary and brought her back to the dorm.

"This is hopeless I can't think of anything!" Stella shouted while throwing her arms in the air and walking into her room. A sekunde later they heard a thud and things clattering on the floor.
"Shoot!" Stella yells.
The winx walk over and see that she has tripped over a loose chain hanging out of her jewelry box. And all of her jewelry...
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"You can't really do it can you." The woman standing before her asked. "You couldn't take care of us...take care of me. How are wewe going to take care of that baby?"

Icy stood motionlessly beneath the flickering streetlight, lips pressed tightly together.

"You couldn't save me.You didn't even look back." The woman remarked.

"I did. I went back the inayofuata siku to find you. But wewe were gone. wewe abandoned me." Icy yelled.

"And you're going to do the same thing with...what's her name? Linda...Lucy? Right, Lucille." The woman stated very flatly.

"No." Icy replied simply.

"Yes. wewe will. I abandoned you,...
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Q1: Whats your fave subject at school?:
A. Art is totally better than the other subjects!
B. I think that the no.1 lesson is chemistry, i upendo carrying out science expirements, especially when the whole thing goes POOF!
C. Sports and P.E, it keeps wewe healthy and wewe can chat with your Marafiki while doing so!

Q2. wewe really like?:
A. being praised and compilmented.
B. Learning new skills and talents.
C. having dreams where your flying.

Q3. Your walking into school one rainy monday morning feeling a bit glum, and when wewe get in a grumpy teacher shouts at wewe saying your late, what do wewe do?:
A. Explain...
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posted by nmdis
Characters in form of appearance:-
1)    Flora
2)    Stella
3)    Helia
4)    Bloom
5)    Layla
6)    Tecna
7)    Musa
8)    Roxy
9)    Sky

Plot Summary
•    One siku Flora and Stella were talking after the launch. Helia came there and made excuse why he came late to Flora and went away from there telling Flora that he has some work to do. Helia met Bloom and start talking to her in so friendly behaviour....
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1. Tecna

My reasons for loving Tecna? I'm really not in the mood to type this, so link =]]! Well it wouldn't be a problem to orodha some here. Tecna's smart and logic, wise and always help the Winx Club vichimbakazi using her technology. People say technology is annoying for a fairy, especially Stella—but technology is actually one of the most needed things in a situation. Tecna has technology enough to browse the Internet to do re-searches, and results appear in 3 seconds. Tecna has emotions as well, she's not lack of it as some of wewe may say. If she doesn't have emotion she wouldn't smile and...
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hi guyes since I upendo sonic and I adore winx im doing a crossover with it I hope wewe like it and plz maoni if I should continue
------------------------------------------------------------------it was 16:00 and the winx were getting ready for there dates with the spcialist but what they didn't know that this tarehe would change the rest of there lives
"FLORA!!" stella screamed at the juu of there voice she was getting ready were she found one of flora plants using her lipstick
"stella what wrong" flora swali
" flora your nature plants have got to stop destroying my life" she blew up anger
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posted by Ilovetheway
Please read... It's my first fanfiction and article. Please read...


Bloom and Stella were best friends.

It seemed like no one could break their friendship... au could they?? Icy, the leader of the Trix, thinks she can. She went to her sisters, Darcy and Stormy, and told them they need to listen carefully. An evil plan was about to take place....

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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Shayne and Julio grabbed Autumn kwa her wrists and shoved her toward the ship while the other got Julien and Helia. They chained them to a ukuta of the ship and took off.

"Where are we going?" Autumn growled, struggling against the chains. "And what are wewe doing with Flora and Ike?" Nobody answered. Eventually, Shayne motioned for the other guys to leave the room. Once they were gone, Autumn tapped the unconscious Helia with her foot.

"Helia, Helia wake up!" Autumn hissed. He wouldn't move. Autumn sighed before kicking him hard.

"Ow, what the...." Helia alisema but stopped once he saw that they were...
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 Twinx club logo!
Twinx club logo!
(Our vichimbakazi manage to get on much trouble challenging the trix,now it will get epic)

Icy:Since u r new fairies,we will take pity on u and let u fight in threes.
Lisa:We don't need ur......(Sunshime pokes her)Hey!
Sunshime:(whispers)Let em be cuz we r much weaker than trained witches like them,they r like 40 years zaidi trained than us!!!
Icy:Here is the thing,The black haired brat and marine headed princess fights Me.....
Lisa:I am not a brat!!!!
Darcy:Whatever!!!Since Icy is most powerful the blondy can fight along side u too.
Terra:I am not a blondy!
Darcy:Fine!And the brown haired little...
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 The winxes r back in gardenia!!!
The winxes r back in gardenia!!!
(The girls r now 23 and Stella and Flora are 24,they all r engaged and their wedding is gonna be!Together,and even Nabu has recovered kwa the Queen's 4 years non-stop healing,yay!!!)

Musa:My hair!Oh,i need to comb.
Flora:Where is my clip?
Bloom:My shoes!!!!
Tecna:Where is my wedding dress??
Roxy:(Moaning)Where is my wedding cape......
Layla:Ok,put the flowers there,no there!
(If all of them r like these u can understand Stella's situation,lets not tell and embaress her,hehe)

(The wedding is soon finished and they groom's were our red-fountain heroes,easy to guess)

------A mwaka passes-----...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(im sorry if i added characters, :) i know its mielle too :) people call her rose in the philippines thats why. and the brother was made up.. promise to make it better!)

*in the clinic...*
bloom: how is flora?
nurse:she'll be fine, just a faint
layla" *whispers to musa* thanks alot! thats great news, ms. smart nurse!
nurse:whats with the laughing!?!
layla:uhh nothing!
stella: umm,, anyways... umm miss nurse! just tell us that flora is alright? i need to comb my hair..
everyone: STELLA !! =)))
stella: uff... i was just kidding, geez girls! cant wewe take a joke?
*flora wakes up a bit*
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 Winx logo
Winx logo
Hey!And here are the lyrics of the season 4 opening english!

Winx! We’re back again!
Winx! Together friends!
Fighting side kwa side
That’s the way to gather magic
Winx! Forever with you
Dreams are coming true
It’s the power of Believix!

Ready to play
We’re living in a fairytale
You’ll be free
Just take my hand
And remember:
The zaidi wewe want,
The zaidi wewe can
It’s the power of Believix!

Winx! We’re back again!
Winx! Together friends!
Fighting side kwa side
That’s the way to gather magic
Winx! Forever with you
Dreams are coming true
It’s the power of Believix!

Winx! Raise...
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