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posted by hita1234
Winx club,we all are familiar with this word very well.this is not only the name of a TV program for me but it is like a kiburudisho which makes me feel relaxed .Winx club has become a part of my daily routine since I was very young.In India,there are a no.of people who do not even know that what is.They do not know what is about.I hope that with the help of this shabiki club of winx club,we will be able to increase the membership of winx club shabiki club.We will try our best to make zaidi and zaidi people to know about the winx.

Chapter 7

Meeting The Stranger

New siku it is and unfortunately it’s my birthday. I alisema “unfortunately” because I haven’t celebrated kwa birthday since 9 years and that because of the incident happened with me. I remember when I was young I used to cut the cake with Mumma. And so I missed it a lot. I remember I had a best friend and at that time my Marafiki used to be mostly boys because I was tomboy and I used to hate girly and sassy thingies and probably because I always saw that and dangerous things attracted me always this was the reason that I never became good friend of girls when...
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 Layla (Aisha): In her normal outfit for season 2
Layla (Aisha): In her normal outfit for season 2
Hello again! ; ) Everyone of course, probobly loved my earliest work on Musa! Hoped wewe like that one and now- for the inayofuata one on, (Drumroll! :D) Layla (Aisha)! Princess of Andros! Hope wewe like this one! ; )



Layla (Aisha) is the most active and sport loving girl in the Winx group. She was born on the 15th of June, and is the princess of her nyumbani realm Andros. Her parents are one of the girls parents who we see pretty commonly in the seasons. (3rd season especially)

Layla is Marafiki with all the girls, but is quite close to Flora. Througout...
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sorry not posed in a while been busey with school and my brother ill in hospital so that dosent help but here it is chapter 15
in case wewe forgot

all of the sudden a hollogram of krystal pop up
"hahahah i guess u are all here and wondering what going on well u see we have captured helia and are going to kill him"
"nooooo!" alisema flora
"oh shut up maua, ua fairy anyway u have 4 days for flora to surrender au helia will die and your probly wondering who helped me well have u met my new friends"said krystal as her Marafiki appered
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 ^Icon kwa Princess-Flora^
^Icon by Princess-Flora^
Rated O for Opinion.

I called this Quick Take because it is super short as there isn’t too much I want to say about this topic. *Sigh* So Iginio had this little 3 siku airing marathon last week and aired the last few episodes of season 7. Yea it was in Italian but wewe don’t need words to see that Daphne and Thoren got married. I need to do a take on this like now. So here we go.

I honestly can’t believe that they did that. They met less then like two weeks ago. And even if it was like 2 au 3 months since that was how long we’ve been waiting for these episodes pretty much. That still would...
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 stella waking up
stella waking up
THE inayofuata DAY

bloom: stella wake up!
stella: *yawn* bloom? what's the matter?
bloom: let's go shopping!
stella: huh?
bloom: what do wewe mean kwa "huh"? wewe upendo shopping!
stella: yeah but it's morning
bloom: so? come on let's go!
stella: ....... ok


bloom: all right now wear your outfit and meet me at the frutti muziki bar
stella: ok


stella: huh? where's bloom? where's everyone?
everyone: surprise! happy birthday stella!
stella: huh?!
musa: it's your birthday! remember?
stella: what? oh yeah i remember now. wow thank wewe guys!
flora: actually, it's not us that planned the party...
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posted by iwatchthestars
 My upendo for wewe will never be BROKEN !
My Love for you will never be BROKEN !
Bloom: Lets go to the maktaba quickly !
Musa: Lets take our time Bloom,
Tecna: Yeah, why do we need to hurry?
Bloom: we have to hurry because im getting really sleepy
Layla: Yeah, lets hurry
Karel: ....
Flora: *Sleeping*...
Piff: pattota? PATOOT !
Karel: queit... little one. go back to sleep
*Piff flies away*
Karel: Good.
*Piff goes back with the other pixies and sees Karel holding Flora in his arms about to leave the window*
Tune: what do wewe think wewe are doing with Flora, mister Karel !
Karel: thats not gonna happen
Amore: he's doing it for upendo <3
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hujambo everyone! So a user on here ilitumwa a foramu that supposedly contained information on season six and future episodes (You can check it out link). No one seemed to have ametoa maoni on it, and I can't blame them; the entire thing was in Italian! But, I decided to check it out, and translate it for wewe all so we can enjoy the latest news on season six (Let's hope my Spanish can help me out here).

First I'll start off kwa introducing two new characters: Eldora and Acheron. Here's what they wrote;


"Although she presents herself as a woman who is odd and a big clumsy, in reality, Eldora, the...
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 Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hi everyone! : ) I was bored and decided that I was going to write a small series of information on all of the Winx girls! wewe may think this may be boring but it actually isn't! (The girls surprisingly have very interesting backgrounds.) Today, I will start with information on Tecna and then Flora and so on and so forth. This was my little introduction on I hope wewe like it! ; )



Tecna was born on the 16th of December and is the princess of the planet Zenith (Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy in RAI English) Her parents are the king and queen...
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posted by Mariolka


They stepped out into the dim sunshine. Bloom smiled confidently, and then turned to her friends.

"All right, let's go." She said, and they all started left. Except for Artemis, and Derek. Artemis looked at them like they were children that couldn't catch onto something simple.

"Guys, the gate is that way." Artemis said, and pointed to the right where the brilliant golden, jewel encrusted gate shined.

"Oh, right." Bloom said, clearly embarrassed.

"Not the brightest bunch, are they?" Artemis asked Derek.

"Not when it comes to this." Derek answered. Then they followed...
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posted by florasedge31
The guards mgawanyiko, baidisha them in half. 5 in one cell and 5 in the other. One of the other guards took the mallet that Riven used to smash the cell and threw it in a room and locked it. The guards tied up the winx and specialist. The guards then took Flora to a room and locked the door. About 5 seonds later they heard a scream. They had heard a total of 20 screams. The guards were whipping Flora again. They came out and they were holding her arms behind her, she had tears streaming down her face, and bata tape over her mouth. They tied her wrists behind her back and locked her in a cell. Flora quickly...
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 The note from inside the locket
The note from inside the locket
------Everyone woke up really early; but it was because they heard a pair of footsteps on the broken glass in the streets of Zenith. The four were scared; but Musa and Flora combined their powers to make a shield to protect all four of them. The person walked in and everyone was shocked. The girls let down their shield and the four went over to hug the person that found them in a destroyed warehouse. They asked how she found them. She laughed and alisema I can easily track down my twin because we are twins and Musa has her locket so that also led her to them. They all laugh and start to head out...
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 Bloom's Butterflix vs. Fake Butterflix
Bloom's Butterflix vs. Fake Butterflix
When I take a look back to the past (Before Season 7 was released), I had thought of Bloom's Butterflix and her other arts that were either fanmade au hoaxes. Suddenly, I had stumbled onto one of them when I did a Google Search. Do wewe remember the image? The one image that had Bloom and Flora's 'Butterflix'.

Well, I did a comparison and a contrasting between the two. As wewe can see the two images, wewe can observe similarities of the two with the Official Butterflix and the Hoax Butterflix.

 Look at Bloom's "Butterflix".
Look at Bloom's "Butterflix".

1) Wings: The wings are alike in their shape...
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 Flora and Helia
Flora and Helia
Again, thank you to FanNoOne111 for inspiring the poll of Winx Next Generation Naming. Credits to his Winx Transformation Countdowns and his articles for the conclusions. I also want to thank the fanpoppers who expressed their opinions and help make a choice to conclude for the results of Winx Next Generation Naming.

Welcome to the fourth conclusion of Winx inayofuata Generation Naming. Thanks to the 30 fans who had participated in the poll! I have concluded the results of Flora and Helia's name for a baby girl. Let's start chilling on our kusoma and smelling the daises!

According to the poll, the...
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 Roxy flying to Tir Nan Og.
Roxy flying to Tir Nan Og.
It was a bright, good-weathered siku in Gardenia. Roxy was going to make her daily wish at the wishing well right kwa her house. When she arrived, she took out a penny and wished that she could have a break from her Believix powers-she wanted a transformation that had easier spells and was a tiny bit weaker. Roxy threw her penny down the well.

Little did she know that she had threw a magic penny down the well, the penny granted any wish that had been washed upon it.

When Roxy took a nap in the afternoon, she had a dream- it was about a beautiful Enchantix fairy telling Roxy that there was...
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posted by Princess-Flora
With my junior year, I have had less time to write so I thought I would publish my outtakes from all the shabiki fictions I ever wrote so far.

Alternate choice but not getting used currently for chapter four
Flora: Phew, I made to downtown Magix alive. (Runs inside the mall and spots her Marafiki and they see her)
Bloom: Flora, what’s wrong?
Flora: wewe know, almost getting my butt killed. (Panting hard)
Layla: He was behind you?
Flora: Yes but I Lost him when I ran in front of the oncoming traffic.
Musa: wewe could have been hit kwa a car!!!
Flora: I would have stood a chance of living if I got hit by...
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Hey guys. So, here are the results for the mythix transformation countdown. The elimination for this countdown was based on maoni because it would be easier for me to write the makala since I'm going to use maoni from other people. Anyways, here are the results.

6. Bloom
I kind of had a feeling she would get out first. I always thought her transformation was a bit too much. But the thing that I hate the most about it is that they seem to put so much effort in Bloom's mythix, but not the others.

zanhar1: I don't care for hers. It's too over the top. And as wewe alisema the fact that it seems...
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The scene
The king and Queen made all of the guests leave. Then they called an ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa to come take Flora and MIele to the hospital. Helia stayed kwa Flora's side in the ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa while the rest took the ship. While Miele and Flora got a binch of tests the winx, specialists, and Flora and Miele's parents waited in the waiting room. After about an saa the doctor came out.

"Your majesties, and winx and specialists. We've figured out what happened." The doctor said.
"Out with it." The king alisema impatiently.
"Apparently they breathed in Tirigeomus."
"What's that?" Brandon asked.
"It's a very, very,...
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posted by winxoxoclub
(part 1:) If wewe were gone, then nothin would be the...Same. Nothin would be exactly how it used to be! cus nothin would be the same, whithout wewe im like nothin. The winx is all my life......
(before chous:) Nothin will be the same, without ya here! so come back now, and we will forget this my dearrrr.......
(chorus:) I am falling 100 miles per second. (Without wewe here kwa my side,) The winx club will end, as we falllll apart in pieces, nothin will change.....Because youll still be gone, Youll still be gone.
(Part 2:) If i didnt know better i would forget, then nothin would happen. But thank...
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posted by 101musastella
Surprised kwa the title? Well recently I've watched this movie where a character alisema "Déja Vu" so I've decided to make this the title—I mean, anything can go on with the title, right? I mean, isn't déja..well I don't want to give rants of spoilers, just continue on scrolling down..and down...and down...and down...and down...and down...and down...a little bit more...and down...and down...and a little more...

Oh, and thank wewe link for helping me find the suitable title :P

Déja Vu/Flora's POV~

I knew it. Lucy does have good in her heart. I looked at Stella as she smirks happily to know Lucy...
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