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Sweet fragranced flowers looming over shiny balconies, the sun lighting up the landscape, momumental buildings, Gardinia sure is beautiful in the summer. Everybody loved it, including Roxy,
partly because her new Marafiki the winx lived in Roxy's humble town and see could visit them in their pet store almost every day. Riding along on her neon green bike, she reached the awesome duka marked as "Love and pet.", Roxy leaned her bike on the ukuta and paced into upendo and pet with her loyal dog, Artu. "Winx, it's me Roxy!" Called Roxy but there was no reply. She and her dog peered around trying to...
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 Fella and Lemmy
Fella and Lemmy
So for being late but i had many test and i ad many thigns to learn for this days

The rise of tritannus

In the first scene we can see the Winx performing the benefic tamasha . Bloom the singer. Flora ,Stella and Musa were playing the guitar, gitaa .Tecna the electric kinanda ( I don’t know who to call it ) and Layla the drums . They were wearing new outfits . I personally think the rock outfits from season 4 were better . Kiko was their too . After one song Bloom alisema something like : “Thanks for being here “ . Then Bloom sang a new song that I think it called ‘The Power to change the world...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, wewe don't touch my girlfriend ever again au I will..
Brad: What? What wewe gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of wewe Riven, I'm tired of wewe treating me like wewe want
-Musa alisema screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I upendo you
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's all
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 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
-----(Hope u enjoy------

(The girls r now quite shocked but not Lisa,she was yelling)

Lisa;No way!That's not possible.
Ms Faragonda;But it is!So u might as well expect it!
Ms Faragonda;I am sorry,nothing to do.

(Just then their moms appear)

Stella;Girls,what r u doing here?
Musa;Girls,tell me straight what happened.
Lisa;Wait,is it not u whu shud be talking?
Lisa;Enough,now talk!
Terra:About this whole magic dimension thingy!!!!
Faina:U thought u cud hide it from us........
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These are on Nick only, including season 5's!!

Winx Club

Seasons 1 (60 dakika specials)

101    Jun-27-2011    Winx Club
102    Aug-1-2011    Revenge of the Trix

Seasons 2 (60 dakika specials)

201    Sept-18-2011    The Battle for Magix
202    Oct-16-2011    The Shadow Phoenix

Season 3

301    Nov-14-2011    The Perfect Dress
302    Nov-15-2011    Valtor's Plan
303    Nov-16-2011    Monster's...
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posted by FloraBoricua
So lots of people are complaining about Bloom being always the main character, taking the spotlight always away, I was zaidi than happy to see that the season 4 wasn't all about her again.

But now, now that is coming season 5 this are my opinions that I would really like to see in this new season.

First of all, I hope Bloom isn't the main character again U_U Come on, it has being all about her, she found out that she was adopted, shes always in problems, every bad guy wants her powers, she found out she was a princess, she has a boyfriend who now is the King of Uraklion (Am I right?), her and...
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Hi guys! Yep, im still doing fanfictions, but today im doing a quiz, plase comment, rate and most importantly enjoy! :) -pandawinx. :D

Q1. Your best friend is being bullied, what do wewe do?
A. I tell the bully politely not to be cruel to my friend and if wewe act like a jerk one zaidi time you'll be in trouble!
B. Feel a sence of duty to tell someone like her mum au a teacher au something...As nerdy as it sounds wewe think that'll be best for your friend.
C. Tell your friend to ignore them and remind her that your much baridi than them!

Q2. Whats your dream tarehe like?
A. An romantic movie at the cinema,...
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Hello I'm the Winx Critic, I remember it so wewe don't have to! Well after our zaidi than a mwezi wait (What was the point of that Nick, really. Lemme tell wewe what happened while we waited: "The Desolation of Smaug" came out, Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special came out, Catching moto came out, Thor 2 came out, Lady GaGa released her newest album "Artpop" and I just--why) we finally get to see this new abomination known as Bloomix. Now, I have to admit, some of the transformations look semi-decent. But that name, and where it comes from...curse its origin to the fiery bowels of hell! *clears...
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posted by Flora_xx
[b]On the Computer[b]

Flora: Hello, Miss. Faragonda! What a nice suprise!

Leila: What news do wewe have for us?

Ms. F: I have a mission for you

Musa: What type of mission?

Stella: Who cares? Imagine the six of us kickin butt!

Ms. F: Three of you

Stella: Sorry did I say that wrong? The three of us- wait WHAT?!

Tecna: Miss Faragonda, we always do a mission together! The six of us!

Bloom: Are wewe going to mgawanyiko, baidisha us up like that?

Ms. F: Only for this mission Bloom, Lady Diana is requesting one of wewe and two other friends, She doesn't want anyone to know who the certain person is so I chose the other two.

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-Underwater Mission-

We are the magic Winx
And you're one of us
Let start together in the Infinite Ocean
We're gonna be as one
In this underwater mission

-Open up Your Heart-

You're magical
You're powerful
You're Winx

Close your eyes and spread your wings
Open up your heart
And we can fly forever
All around the world
Keep your dreams alive with you
Wanna be a star
Just believe in what wewe are

Ad dada
Da da da
Da da

Standing in the night I need to feel wewe closer
Cause I'm shining like a nyota when I'm with you
You're Winx
Take my hand and hold me we can fight the darkness
Side kwa side together never ever let...
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posted by winx_bloomtecna
Episode 6x06

Preparations are made for the celebration of Daphne, who will officialy become Crown Princess of Domino. Bloom is happy for her sister and the upendo story that is emerging
between and the paladin, Thoren. Diaspro is in charge of a trap kwa the Trix and dropped Bloom into the Vortex Of Flames. Selina manage to fall in as well, but the Fairy
of the Dragon Flame (Bloom), instead of being destroyed, she is raised to a new life.

Episode 6x07

Faragonda asks Daphne to research about the Legendarium, the book that transforms legendary creatures into reality. In order to close it down for good,...
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So today was the season finale of season 5 and maybe my least inayopendelewa last battle from all of the seasons. This is my opinion it's just that I prefer the battles against the Trix, Valtor, The Wizards and Lord Darkar before the battle against Tritannus since really only Bloom battled Tritannus while the Winx minus Layla were on Andros fighting the mutants.
So in the beginning Bloom, Flora, their selkies and Neraus are seen swimming to go after Tritannus to stop him; but Stella, Musa and Tecna along with Tressa seem to be in trouble so Bloom tells Flora she can go help which she does. So I...
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So ujumla, jumla I thought this episode was cute, sweet, emotional and adventurous. I really think season 5 is starting to turn around in it's last few episodes and I hope that brings good news for season 6 and whats yet to come.
In the beginning all of the students and the Winx are in the dining hall for breakfast.The Winx are talking and all bubbly except for Flora who is obviously sad and has seemed to resort to her old self kwa not speaking and being shy. I feel bad for her; but, it was so sweet of Krystal to talk to her. We find out that Krystal is sorry for what she did and never meant to...
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posted by firebloom100
Wow, I can’t believe it was Bloom being described as narcissistic. Usually it’s Stella that bears such a title. I digress.
Attention whore: Yes, mainly in the first series. Why? Because she’s suddenly discovered she can do magic. If wewe were a human one siku and a fairy another day, I doubt you’re going to go ‘eh, sure, life goes on.’ You’re going to wonder where these powers come from; especially when later on your parents confess they adopted you.
Narcissistic: How? Bloom’s not obsessed with her image, nor is she full of herself. In fact, she’s actually quite nervous about...
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posted by florajames
Harmonic Nebula and Tides siku 3. The temple should be right here. When they landed all they say was a cave. Let's try in here alisema Musa. When they got to the end there was a red door with black muziki notes on it. Temple speaking: to enter solve this riddle. "What instrument can't be seen au touched but can be heard? Umm what does that mean asked Stella? I am not sure alisema Musa. Instrument that u can't touch… can't see but can be heard. Umm oh I got it, it's your voice. Correct u may enter. Inside there was a red ruby muziki note. Helia grabbed it and put it in the bag. Now all we need is the...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Caution: this chapter may cause wewe to cry, so have tissues au a sleeve ready.

The Winx were all shaken up kwa already losing one member from an attack kwa an old friend now their biggest foe. Their foe had a plan and that was to go for the ones not affected kwa the Guardian’s spell which is Savannah, Roxy and Krystal for the vichimbakazi and then the heroes. Everyone tried to keep their held high, but this might be the fight for the first time they do not come out as the winner with one death on their side. Mirta felt something inside her maybe guilt that she was fighting the people that took her...
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posted by pearlxashxdawn
 <3 Forever Winx~! <3
<3 Forever Winx~! <3
I upendo Winx with all my moyo but they are characteristics that i dislike each of them...

I'll start with....



1. Has a perfect prince charming - well cute but also irritating.
2. Always gets the spotlight - i was irritated kwa this on how she always gets the spotlight that's why I was beyond over joyed on how Season 4 and 5 weren't always about her.
3. The most powerful - i gotta admit, it's kinda stupid on how Ignio Straffi has a rank for who's the most powerful. For me, they should have an equal amount.
4. Winx, Transform~! - okay, this is just ridiculous. On Season 3,...
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posted by Princess-Flora
This one is dedicated to Lovebaltor, and it is about Roxy and Ogron based on the song Dark Horse kwa Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. and here's the link if wewe would like to request one, but I will only be taking request through the 4th because school starts back on the 7th and I will have to get back into the swing of things with school, dance, and my solo. Note words will be Roxy (italics), Ogron (Bold) and lyrics will be both. Hope wewe all like it

    Roxy was alone kwa herself at the local zoo. Out in the open without the Winx she was vulnerable like a paa being stalked by...
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Congratulations to Flora_Luna .She won wewe shabiki of the mwezi June! She deserves it.Here is her interview :

Q1.How do wewe feel about being our FOTM June?

Awesome! I actually didn't expect it. But this was a very active mwezi of me. I'm really glad and honoured that people chose me as FOTM June.

Q2.When did wewe start liking Winx club?

Wow, that's a hard one. Uhm, I think I started liking at when I was 5. I saw it at a channel, but I didn't watch it a lot. When I was 9 I've bought DVD's of it. Now I'm 15 years old and I still like it.

Q3.Who’s your favourite Winx club girl? and why?

Flora, definitely....
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
hujambo there winxies. It's Meeka here, with a special, early, makala to the winxies ;)
Now if your name isn't on this orodha please, please don't feel any kinda way about it. It only means we've never really talked to each other, so please don't be offended.
Okay let's get started.

Winxclub_Stella (Mel): Where could I possibly start with this girl? Okay first of all she's funny as shit. I upendo talking to her on fanpop and Chatzy. She's such an amazing person. And she's so caring. I remember around when I had first started fanpop and ilitumwa the chatzy link on the Winx club wall, I guess I...
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