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Q1: Whats your fave subject at school?:
A. Art is totally better than the other subjects!
B. I think that the no.1 lesson is chemistry, i upendo carrying out science expirements, especially when the whole thing goes POOF!
C. Sports and P.E, it keeps wewe healthy and wewe can chat with your Marafiki while doing so!

Q2. wewe really like?:
A. being praised and compilmented.
B. Learning new skills and talents.
C. having dreams where your flying.

Q3. Your walking into school one rainy monday morning feeling a bit glum, and when wewe get in a grumpy teacher shouts at wewe saying your late, what do wewe do?:
A. Explain...
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posted by nmdis
Characters in form of appearance:-
1)    Flora
2)    Stella
3)    Helia
4)    Bloom
5)    Layla
6)    Tecna
7)    Musa
8)    Roxy
9)    Sky

Plot Summary
•    One siku Flora and Stella were talking after the launch. Helia came there and made excuse why he came late to Flora and went away from there telling Flora that he has some work to do. Helia met Bloom and start talking to her in so friendly behaviour....
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1. Tecna

My reasons for loving Tecna? I'm really not in the mood to type this, so link =]]! Well it wouldn't be a problem to orodha some here. Tecna's smart and logic, wise and always help the Winx Club vichimbakazi using her technology. People say technology is annoying for a fairy, especially Stella—but technology is actually one of the most needed things in a situation. Tecna has technology enough to browse the Internet to do re-searches, and results appear in 3 seconds. Tecna has emotions as well, she's not lack of it as some of wewe may say. If she doesn't have emotion she wouldn't smile and...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Shayne and Julio grabbed Autumn kwa her wrists and shoved her toward the ship while the other got Julien and Helia. They chained them to a ukuta of the ship and took off.

"Where are we going?" Autumn growled, struggling against the chains. "And what are wewe doing with Flora and Ike?" Nobody answered. Eventually, Shayne motioned for the other guys to leave the room. Once they were gone, Autumn tapped the unconscious Helia with her foot.

"Helia, Helia wake up!" Autumn hissed. He wouldn't move. Autumn sighed before kicking him hard.

"Ow, what the...." Helia alisema but stopped once he saw that they were...
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 Twinx club logo!
Twinx club logo!
(Our vichimbakazi manage to get on much trouble challenging the trix,now it will get epic)

Icy:Since u r new fairies,we will take pity on u and let u fight in threes.
Lisa:We don't need ur......(Sunshime pokes her)Hey!
Sunshime:(whispers)Let em be cuz we r much weaker than trained witches like them,they r like 40 years zaidi trained than us!!!
Icy:Here is the thing,The black haired brat and marine headed princess fights Me.....
Lisa:I am not a brat!!!!
Darcy:Whatever!!!Since Icy is most powerful the blondy can fight along side u too.
Terra:I am not a blondy!
Darcy:Fine!And the brown haired little...
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 The winxes r back in gardenia!!!
The winxes r back in gardenia!!!
(The girls r now 23 and Stella and Flora are 24,they all r engaged and their wedding is gonna be!Together,and even Nabu has recovered kwa the Queen's 4 years non-stop healing,yay!!!)

Musa:My hair!Oh,i need to comb.
Flora:Where is my clip?
Bloom:My shoes!!!!
Tecna:Where is my wedding dress??
Roxy:(Moaning)Where is my wedding cape......
Layla:Ok,put the flowers there,no there!
(If all of them r like these u can understand Stella's situation,lets not tell and embaress her,hehe)

(The wedding is soon finished and they groom's were our red-fountain heroes,easy to guess)

------A mwaka passes-----...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(im sorry if i added characters, :) i know its mielle too :) people call her rose in the philippines thats why. and the brother was made up.. promise to make it better!)

*in the clinic...*
bloom: how is flora?
nurse:she'll be fine, just a faint
layla" *whispers to musa* thanks alot! thats great news, ms. smart nurse!
nurse:whats with the laughing!?!
layla:uhh nothing!
stella: umm,, anyways... umm miss nurse! just tell us that flora is alright? i need to comb my hair..
everyone: STELLA !! =)))
stella: uff... i was just kidding, geez girls! cant wewe take a joke?
*flora wakes up a bit*
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posted by florasedge31
*Bloom called the specialist and told them to wait for them at the beach. Everyone was packing a bag. Everyone except Flora who was standing on the balcony thinking about what happened earlier.
could it have been the trix she wondered.
Autumn walked kwa and saw her and went out and talked to her.
"Flora stop thinking about it, it was probably just some bad luck au something." Autumn alisema not even sure of what she just said. Flora looked at Autumn then back at the forest.
"Autumn I just, want to know how it happened who did it." Flora said.
"We'll think about tomorrow for now just kick back and...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So now that we have all seen each girls' Mythix transformation in 3D, I've decided to make an makala on what I think of Mythix. First off based on how Bloom's looked so flat in 2D, I'm not excited to see how all of them will look in 2D.

Applies To All 6:
1. Wasn't Enchantix supposed to be the final fairy form? I guess not since here's Mythix six transformations later
2. Boots look like shortened versions of the Believix ones
3. the hair is flat
4. the scepters are annoying
5. the wings are awkward
6. I actually prefer Bloomix (minus the name and concept), Sirenix, Sophix and Lovix over the two season...
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posted by florasedge31

"FLORA!!" Stella yelled.
Flora walked into her room.
"Whoa!" Flora exclaimed.
"Your plants have, once again, ruined my room!" Stella yelled furiously.
"Sorry." Flora apologized while fixing the room with her magic and making her plants disappear.
"Sorry? SORRY is all wewe have to say after your plants ruined my BRAND NEW CLOTHES!!"
"Stella calm down just go get some new ones." Flora alisema while walking out the room. Bloom walked in.
"Sorry Stella but I'm gonna have to agree with Flora on this one." Bloom said.
"Along with the rest of us!" Musa yelled in the background....
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posted by Winxlove
 Stella's face after hearding Musa's notification for the test to the Winx girls.
Stella's face after hearding Musa's notification for the test to the Winx girls.
I was playing with my little brother with Winx dolls,and I liked the idea we played,so,I wanted to publish it here.

The roles:
Bloom dolls:me
Stella dolls:me
Flora dolls:my little brother
Musa doll:my little brother
Tecna doll:my little brother
Layla dolls:me

Now let's get started!


*It was sunday*
Musa:Girls!I have news!Bad news!
Flora:Like what?
Musa:Ok,Mrs.Faragonda have decided to make us a test with all the things we learned.
Flora:Oh but we haven't studied for tomorrow!
Musa:I know!We have very much job.The test will have 20 questions.
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(After musa recovers a bit kwa hearing Riven say I upendo u she weakly says......

Musa:Wha...what did u..... just say?
Musa:I know i heard something......and it was u,right?
-Riven understands he can't keep hiding his feelings for ever.So he tries to say the truth...
-Just then everyone else come in.They couldnot find the medicine.Bloom hopelessly replied interrupting....
Bloom:Its hopeless.We will never find those medicine and we are never gonna awake....
-Bloom looks at Musa smiling and happy.She lets a cry of joy and is speechless.Flora weeplingly said..........
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Chapter 2

Sky’s Dilemma

While Bloom was sleeping on her kitanda a ray of sun falls on her face which disturbs her. And then a voice comes inside “Good Morning dear, have some chai Bloom.” Tecna alisema to Bloom. “What’s the time Tecna? And thanks for the tea.” Bloom replied with a sweet smile. Tecna thought that Bloom is in a better mood. She was worried if she was still sad but after seeing Bloom she was little relief. “Would wewe like to come for breakfast Bloom au Should I send the breakfast to your room?” Tecna asked. “I will like to have breakfast with wewe guys.” Bloom replied....
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
Now a little back story :)
Well, in televisions shows we all have our favourite, don't lie I know wewe have one too. I just happened to be channel surfing when I came to Disney.
"Ugh, not a Disney show," I said, in utter boredom. "Seriously? Lifts don't songesha that fast," I continued, criticising the onyesha at it progressed. "Right... A red head on the phone with a blond. Gosh the red head is so needy! And now she bashed into a randomly placed pole thing, yep this onyesha is crappy. Oh God, dude, right so wewe onyesha a lift moving abnormally fast but the ride seems to be taking forever. You're not on a...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----The girl’s dorm
----Each girl is in a different room getting ready so when they are finished they can all see each other’s finished look at the same time.
Musa: wewe girls almost ready?
Flora: I’m ready
Savannah: same here
Tecna: I’ve been done
Bloom: just have to put an earring in
Layla: just got to put my left shoe on
Stella: how can wewe girls be finished already?
Everyone else: Stella!!!!
Stella: I’m just joking on the count of 3 we all open our doors, okay?
Everyone else: okay
Everyone: 1, 2, 3, (the doors open and everyone looks at each other and smiles)
Savannah: wewe girls look amazing...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----The inayofuata morning everyone woke up to the smell of food, and they all saw it was Flora cooking which made them smile. They ate their breakfast, cleaned up and then headed outside so Musa could perform the spell to help another realm. After everything went back to normal, Savannah opened a portal and they headed off to their inayofuata location which is Andros. Once they got there it looked the way it did when Omega was going to destroy the whole realm and Valtor was their biggest threat.
Musa: I can’t stand to see the realm this way so I have an idea
Savannah: sure what is it?
Musa: how about...
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posted by Princess-Flora
The Winx are all in Bloom and Flora's room when Flora looks at the clock, grabs her duffel bag and runs out of the room. The conversation is about them excited for the Fall Formal.

Bloom: Is everyone excited about Fall Formal inayofuata weekend?
Stella: Yes, because I get to buy a new dress, shoes, jewelry and get my hair, nails and make up done before hand.
Tecna: I think wewe just want an excuse to go shopping.
Stella: Tecna, wewe know me so well. (puts her hand on her chest pretending to be shocked)
(everyone laughs)
Musa: I'm so excited I wish it was this weekend instead.
Layla/Aishia: Me too!
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posted by Blader1367
When we started voting for the Winx Club's bestfriends Bloom and Stella we got ourselves a winner big time!
Everyone loves Bloom and Stella but their can be only one winner!
And the winner is Princess Bloom of Domino/Sparks!
I'll make it clear to wewe that this voting was made in Facebook and most of them voted for Bloom.

Bloom is the princess of Domino. When she was a baby her sister, Princess Daphne saved her kwa sending her to Earth but was killed in the process. On Earth Bloom was adopted kwa Mike and Vanessa who loved her like their own. She did not know about her magical powers until she met...
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posted by florasedge31
The merman guards swam to the castle. They told the ngome guards that they brought Flora to see if the king and Queen thought she would be able to marry their son. Flora slowly started to wake up.
"W-where am i?" She asked. Then she looked around and at herself then gasped.
"What did wewe do to me?!"
"Just a few tweaks." One of the guards joked.
"Now shh and bow down before the king." Flora did as told.
"You may rise." The king boomed.
"Who is this?" The king questioned.
"This is Flora we think that she would be nice for your son." The guard answered.
"Hmmm... She is quiet a beauty. Let's see what...
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posted by Alifya
1) Wash hair every 3 days - daily washing steals the natural oils from the hair cuticle and can leave your tresses weak, limp and difficult to work with.

2) The healthier your diet the thicker, shinier and healthier your hair. And do drink lots of water also to banish dryness and promote natural sheen.

3) Finish with a cool-to-cold rinse to help muhuri the hair cuticle and convey natural shine, and always towel dry hair before conditioning otherwise wewe could be diluting the conditioner kwa up to 70%.

4) Blow-drying, styling, straightening – who knows where our style would be without our favourite...
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