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posted by jinx_club123
Layla: Flora,Flora you'r having a bad dream. ( gives Flora water ) Flora: Thank you, Layla Bloom: What's your dream, Flora? Flora: A dream about Ardin, Ardin alisema that he's gonna take us all down. Techna: He'll never gonna suceed, right girls. Girls: Right !! Stella: Because we are the Winx Club and we will never give up each other, oh! i almost forgot, the boys are coming over here. At the Alfea grounds..................... Boys: Hi girls. Stella: Brandon!! Helia: Flora, would wewe go with me? Flora: Ok, sure Helia: I just wanted to give wewe this. ( he gives Flora a maua, ua ) Flora: Thank you,...
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posted by FloraorStella
 Goody-goody girls
Goody-goody girls
Okay, here's what it is. I don't hate it, the seasons were great. Especially 5, since all the members had a chance of the spotlight. Please respect my opinion.

In 4, it seemed Bloom got the spotlight. And not only that, she even ordered the Winx around. The creators made up a girl named Roxy. Only Roxy wasn't an original character. She was copied and another Bloom... really? The Winx becomes all girly in this season. I couldn't stand it. Their styles became weird too. Like Believix. Was that even a transformation? It looked like some disco dance outfit. And where did the Trix go? the last straw...
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posted by jinx_club123
At Headmistress Faragonda's Office............ Bloom: Headmistress Faragonda, may we ask a a question. Headmistress Faragonda: Sure thing girls. Musa: Well, Flora has heard a strange voice and seen half of his face. Headmistress Faragonda: Flora, what does he look like? Flora: Well, He has red eyes and a black hat. Faragonda: I think i know who he is. Girls: Who Headmistress?, Please tell us. Faragonda: He is Ardin. He is powerful and he can disguise himself anyone he wants to. Layla: So he is really powerful. Stella: kwa the way, how did wewe know him, Headmistress? Faragonda: Follow me. All...
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posted by jinx_club123
Summary: This is about Flora who became evil because of a new villain named Ardin who disguises him as Helia and Traps Flora, kwa the way this is my first article.................. One beautiful siku at Magix........... Bloom: It's a wonderful siku girls, right. Stella: yeah! a wonderful siku for shopping. Musa: wewe always think about shopping, Stella. Flora: How about we take a walk in the park, girls All of the girls:Sure!!! At the park................. Techna: Wow! the air is fresh here, girls. Flora: Wait a dakika girls, i'm gonna take a look at the flowers. While Flora's looking at the flowers...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
Please read and give maoni dedicated to my Marafiki shazmeen and hamda please give comment

bloom opened her eyes but it only met the darkness her hands and legs were bound together she rememberd how she and stella went to walk and someone use thye sleeping spell behind them now only she remember was every thing went blank .
suddenly bloom saw a dark figure coming to bloom .
why have wewe brought me here bloom shouted
dont worry idont want to hurt wewe i just wanted to talk and i know it was not salama out there alisema the dark figure moving closely to her
what ? bloom alisema with confusion she could...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
This idea came to me a few days zamani but I just wasn't bothered to write it, however I decided to not be a Nick and actually write it. This is my opinion please respect it, but feel free to maoni on things wewe may not 100% agree on.

Winx au first transformation:

Must say I upendo the basic-ness of this one, however it is a bit revealing. The spells are, well, average they're not strong but this is the first year, so I wouldn't expect anything amazing. One thing that did catch my eye was their ability for four new vichimbakazi to beat two senior witches, (the season finale of season 1.) What?...
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posted by musa123s
Sorry I haven't been uandishi for 2 months. Everyone was in the movie theater watching the movie. The guys kept watching till the last part but the girls kept hiding especially tenca even Timmy kept laughing when she kept hiding. After the movie was finish the guys took the girls for ice cream. Layla - omg I think I won't be able to sleep tonight. Riven- um wewe guys did musa came in the movie theater cause I didn't see her . Bloom - I thought she was with u after she. Finish calling Stella . Riven- the kiti, kiti cha were full where we were seating. Tenca - maybe she went to tafuta for Stella. Brandon...
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Oay i thought of uandishi this when i saw princess-Flora's version. Here's mine, with different confessions. Originals are at the bottom.

1. I really agree with this one. Sky's hair looks ridiculous in season 5. Just as ridiculous as Helia's. (If not more.) I don't really care about the voice actors, i grew up watching the nick dub since they started dubbing in 2010. So... yea.

2. I honestly agree with this one alot. Not only cause of the young mashabiki but zaidi so because of the way she acted in season 4 would've been for nothing then. Turning against the winx, and what not. Roy is cool, but no.

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posted by LilyBeanie04
So, for a few days i was thinking about how people say bloom is a marry-sue , attention hog, etc.however, i was also thinking about the Winx club episodes. Ok, here we go.

1st of all, i think the reason why people fall down at blooms feet because she is the leader of the winx. I think Bloom sings because they let her, i watched the episode were they became rocks stars 2 days ago. I saw how the Winx might have let her. Musa DID sing in season 4 but i don't know what happened in season 5.

now what happened in season 1 with Bloom and Deaspro [sp?] Bloom though Deaspro was Icy. She also though she...
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posted by florasedge31
just to be clear this is my opinion so don't be starting any rage in the maoni k? And i'm not gonna bring up the rai version because no one really likes that version.

Now, honestly my inayopendelewa dub is the nick dub. Why wewe ask? Because they aren't nearly as disrepectful as the 4kids dub, (which btw is my least fave dub) Here are my reasons.

1. The voices
Now I know shit load of people are gonna disagree with this but i actually prefer the nick dub voices over the 4kids voices.

In 4kids Flora's voice was WAY too sweet. Yes she's a sweet person and should have a sweet voice but not so sweet...
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This idea just came to me. If I miss any out feel free to maoni and tell me. I'll be doing main characters and main minor characters, if wewe know what I mean :p. Ok so lets get started.

Bloom - Mary-Sue

As much as upendo Bloom, and I do she one of my inayopendelewa characters, I kind of have to agree on that she is a Mary-Sue. Practically everything does come to her with little au no work but I do upendo her never give up attitude.

Stella - Fashionista

You probably saw this one coming as it it pretty obvious, she is the blonde princess into fashion. There's one in every show, but I wish they made her slightly...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
We've all heard about these famous vichimbakazi right? In my last makala I mentioned my uandishi this one, about how Nick ruined everything and everything was fine with 4Kids. I upendo 4Kids and wish they continued to dub the Winx, but since that hasn't happened we're stuck with a bunch of morons (Nick) who have crappy shows, crappy actors and no enthusiasm whatsoever. I have four different points that I want to discuss the first being:

1. Voices:

As I've mentioned before (and most probably all of the Winx shabiki base have) the new voices are crappy. Hardly any expression is put into their so called "acting",...
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posted by crystal_winx
So if you're wondering why the sailors and the Winx started fighting it's because of their enemies to lazy to get rid of them thought that the best way to get rid of them was to spell them into thinking they were enemies.

The Trix and some other bad guys put a spell on then and then when they saw each other they started fighting. they thought it would be entertaining to see vichimbakazi destroying sailors.

When the enemies realized it didnt work they started fighting and arguing with each other and ended up destroying themselves and each other

The Winx found out about the ticks their enemies pulled and told the sailors. In the end they ended up becoming friends.
posted by crystal_winx
Stella: great job flora! I'll finish them off!
Sailor mars: No way! Mars firebird strike! *Sets vines on fire*
Bloom: Grrr!
Sailor moon: Moon tiara magic! * knocks bloom over*
Bloom: Ice wall! *blocks*
Sailor mercury: Mercury aqua mirage! *attacks Aisha*
Aisha: Andros hurricane! *hurricane sucks up sailor mercury's attack and hits her*
Sailor Jupiter: Mercury! Jupiter oak evolution! *shoots tecna*
Musa: Tecna watch out! *pushes tecna out of the way and gets hit*
Sailor moon: Why did we have to fight i just wanted to go nyumbani to eat!!
Bloom: I dont get it either we just saw each other and started fighting! Its like i couldn't help myself and something just came over me
Sailor venus: It must have been someone like doctor tomoe he would do that
Stella: O well whats the point who wants to come over for manis and milkshakes?

posted by WinxClub_Stella
I'd hate to sound like a 6 year-old squealing for a new doll they just got, but in 16 days the inayofuata Winx club episode will air. September 1st will be the air tarehe of the 25th episode and the grand finale with be aired on the 8th September.

OMG I'm super excited, again don't want to be the squealer but this is something worth squealing for!!!

I've blacked out the blurb for each of the episodes, I don't want to be a spoiler but the dates are outlined. Not that I don't think wewe would've found them yourself!

Now without further ado the proof!!
posted by WinxClub_Stella
Okay, before I start my rant I wanted to say I upendo the Winx and even though I do upendo it (as most people) there are things wrong with it now. I'm going to start off with Musa and her sudden personality change.

In the 4kids version and maybe the 1 saa special as well (i don't know I haven't seen it) Musa, when first saw her and up until season 3, always had this hip-hop speech and attitude towards life. She would sometimes say "just like my dad wrote in a song" but with a hip hoppy attitude. Now I get that everybody changes and she might not have stayed that way anyway, but from season 4 up...
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posted by crystal_winx
*winx and sailors transform*
Sailor mars: Mars celestial moto surround! *fire surrounds wind*
Bloom: Dragon armour! I command wewe moto come to me! *absorbs fire*
Flora: vine ivy wrap! *wraps vines around sailor Jupiter*
Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter thunder crash! *Destroys vines*
Sailor venus: Venus upendo me moon chain! *Shoots Aisha*
Aisha: *smashed against wall*
Bloom: You'll pay for this! Dragon Fury! *shoots Sailor moon*
sailor moon:* rolls out of the way* moon sceptre illumination! * Shoots Tecna*
Tecna: moto wall! *blocks*
Musa: Sonic wave! *shoots sailor mercury*
Sailor mercury: *blocks*...
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posted by LilyBeanie04
bloom:ware is flora?
she went into stella's room.
bloom: stella, have wewe seen flora?
stella: i haven't seen her since last night
they looked all around alfea.
tecna: guys, have wewe seen flora?
bloom: nope.
stella: wewe don't think the trix captured her, do you?
tecna: well if she's not at alfea then they must have.

later at the trix's hide out.
Krystal: well, we got flora now what?
icy: we need her alive because she is part of the trap.
Krystal: its for the winx right?
icy: yep

suddenly, the winx barged through the door.
musa: ok, ware are wewe keeping flora?
icy: that's for us to know, and wewe to find out.
musa saw flora near a tree.
flora: girls!!!!
bloom: we have your back flora.

bloom flew over to untie flora
the rest of the winx weer fighting the trix.
bloom and flora went outside.
bloom: flora go back to and the rest of the winx will keep the trix focusing on us.
flora ok.

to be continued...
posted by LilyBeanie04
bloom: i'm sorry about what happened with helia yesterday.
flora: sniff, i know, but that's my problem.bloom, do wewe ever get the feeling someone its taking your boyfriend
bloom: yeah.
suddenly,the door was aisha.
aisha: i heard flora crying, flora wewe ok??
flora:yeah, i'm just sad about what happen with helia.

later outside of alfea.

Krystal: so what's the plan?
icy:we are going to capture flora
Krystal: sounds great!!!!!!
icy: we will have to do it at night.

that night

flora: i hear something.
she went out of the room to look around alfea.
suddenly,somebody grabbed flora kwa the arms.
she was dragged to a portal.
suddenly, she vanished.

to be continued...
posted by MissAngelPaws
Sorry, I almost forgot about this story! I'm going to continue it. For those of wewe who haven't read the first two parts, wewe can read link and link

~The inayofuata morning, the Winx were eating breakfast~

Stella: So how was yesterday?
Layla: Huh?
Stella: Did wewe enjoy your time with Roy?
Layla: Yeah.
Musa: Well that's great because today we were going to the beach, pwani and Roy was going to be there too so we were wondering if wewe wanted to come with us.
Layla: Sure.
Bloom: Really? I thought wewe hated Roy.
Layla: I never alisema I hated him. He's actually really nice.
Tecna: So are wewe coming with us?
Layla: Sure!
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