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posted by anniewannie
[A/N: I'd like to dedicate this chapter to:
~FloraBoricua: For supporting me and being my best friend on fanpop since I was registered. Thank wewe so much FloraBoricua and I hope that this chapter will be as great as the awali chapters.
~leamia: Thank wewe for putting me on your shabiki orodha leamia, and also, for giving me a message in my fanpop profaili about 'If Only Tears Could Bring wewe Back'. I really appreciate it and I hope that we can be Marafiki (if wewe want to).
~lovebaltor: Thanks for putting me on your shabiki orodha and I hope wewe like the chapter of 'Broken Hearts and Promises'.
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posted by Flora_xx
 Will Layla find out who hurt Flora?"
Will Layla find out who hurt Flora?"
Previously on Decisions...

Flora's pont of view

Suddenly it threw something at me and my vision started blacking out. Blotches of black invade my sight, I want to say something, anything, but my brain thinks of something else. I feel my body collapse to the ground but suprisingly, I feel no pain... wait, I spoke (thought?) too soon. Pure agony surges through my veins and I can't hold it in any more, I let out a bloodcurdling scream and let darkness take over.


Layla's Point of view

"Flora! Flora!" I yelled,...
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AN: Sorry I'm so late on the sasisho readers. I've been fairly busy with school and family time, so I haven't really had much time to work on this story. Hope wewe all can forgive me and my excuses ^^' Other than that, it you're still going with this story; I hope wewe enjoy this chapter.


It was a peaceful siku in Alfea, school for fairies. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze cooling off anyone who may be outside. The lake near the school was shining brightly, and so did the pink tiles coating the school.

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posted by Eula2003

>My suggestions for a shiny as the sun!

Birthday: August 18th

Astrological sign: Mermaid

Favourite colour: Green

Hobby: Shopping and organizing pijama parties!

Ideal boyfriend: Beautiful and full of muscles... and supersweet like Brandon!

Best friend: Bloom!!!

inayopendelewa movies: Comedies! Nothing is better than a laugh!
I like
Dressing super fashion and giving fashion tips

inayopendelewa music: Pop music

inayopendelewa magic: Moon Ray!

Eula2003`s original discovered in link
posted by florasedge31
*sorry it took me so long to update. see in February the house inayofuata door to me caught on fire. so they tore that house down and they had to redo the interior of my house on May 31st they finished the house and we moved back. But when we moved we didn't have any internet so we had to wait for verison to come. But let's get to the good stuff READING!!*

Stella had a yellow sphere in her hand she mgawanyiko, baidisha it into 2 and threw it at Bloom and Flora. They both got hit in the stomach which made them scream (muffled kwa tape though). She did the same thing but right before she threw the 3rd ball,
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One night, the winx have pijama party, Stella is so happy, Bloom, Tecna and Aisha enjoy the party, Flora have an date, while musa is lonely and sad;

"Hey Musa, don`t wewe join?" Tecna asked.
"It`s alright, I`m just bored about nothing" musa replied.
"Ok, Come on guys let`s mto fight!" Tecna yelled.
"ohhh" Musa whisper.
"Oh bye Helia, i upendo wewe much" Flora yells.
"same here" reply Helia.
"Hi I`m back" alisema Flora "whuaaaaa, A wine party?"
"Hey Flora who`s your life?" ask Aisha, then she drink alcohol again.
"Stop it, wewe idiot" Flora shouts.
"shhh, be quiet, Bloom`s sleeping" Stella alisema to Flora.
"Can i have some?" Flora smile.
"Sure" reply Tecna.
Dear Diary;
This siku make me sad even bloom didn`t talk to me, Is this true? au just a dream?

To be continue, until the inayofuata chapter, i hope do wewe like it!.
I remember way back when wewe gave me another prompt where Bloom joined the Trix so I kind of combined that with your new request of Tecna taking over as leader.

The group was in a state of unrest to say the least. Their dearest friend turned to the dark. And for what reason none of them could really actually say for certain.

All they knew was that she was gone. Lost to the dark.

Popular theory around Alfea is that Darcy had used some sort of spell au that Stormy had threatened her into it. Or--most popularly--Icy had managed to convince the girl that she was worth zaidi on the dark side.

The fire...
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1. ujumla, jumla I was pretty happy and overwhelmed not doing much as in uandishi stories in a while and all. I do thank all who voted for me and wish the best of luck to inayofuata month's nominees.

2. I'm most certainly a florist. Some don't think that because I have talked negatively about Flora, lot's of times but even our inayopendelewa characters have their flaws. Nobodies perfect.

3. Bloom. Everything is just handed to her on a dhahabu platter. And she takes all the credit for herself. And she ujumla, jumla is just an annoying character in my opinion.

4. Definitely Enchantix. It was earned in a unique way, minus...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, I remember it so wewe don't have to! So here's the inayofuata episode which was aired the same day. I've heard some people say it was decent, so, I'll just have to see myself.

The episode starts off in Faragonda's office, where she has called Roxy down to see if she can help the crow. (It looks so sad ;w; don't worry little birdie, Roxy will take care of you)

We're then taken to...uh...I don't really know. Rainbow-boy-land. Yeah. That. Where we see the Specialists in their weird uniforms. This old dude (Idk if it's Saladin au not) says that they will have to perform combat...
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posted by jinxclubcreator
Ms.F: It's brightix.
Girls: How do we get it?
Ms.F: , girls, wewe need to go to a planet that the inhabitants are all hopeless, wewe need to brighten up their world.
Girls: we'll do it together.
At Ardin's Lair.............
Ardin: You''r powers are pathetic.
Flora: They need another transformation.
Ardin: I'll do it now.
Ardin casted some magic words.
Ardin: kwa the power of ancient magic i command that these four dark fairy and witches to have the Transformation darkix.
Girls: Hahahahahahaha.
At Alfea.........
Techna: Guardian of Sirenix, please help us what is this planet.
Sirenix guardian:A tree
Techna: the only planet that comes from a mti is Acacia
Bloom: We must go there and fast.
Ardin's lair......
Flora: oh no! those vichimbakazi again i'll cast a confusion spell
to be continued.........
*Here is the prologue of my new story, The truth shall capture you.*

Flora is surprised one siku when she recieves a letter from the king and Queen of her realm, Lynphea. She and the winx go there, and Flora talks to them and her mom and dad. kwa the end of their conversation, Flora becomes infuriated at her parents and her adoptive parents. After 20 years of lies, she and Miele are told they are princesses and told the whole story. She leaves, speechless, angry, and sad. But the winx provide her a shoulder to cry on.
About a week later Flora and the rest of the winx are sent invitations to go...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, I remember it so wewe don't have to! (...yes I'm using NotalgaCritic's slogan...don't wewe judge me)

So, today is finally the siku that I begin watching the monstrosity that is known as season five. Now, I know that the last few episodes are just coming out inayofuata week (I believe) but, to be honest, I have never started an episode of this dub. I have never actually seen an episode of season five. Now, how do I know so much about it when I have never seen an episode before? Well, with the amount of crap and maoni that this thing has been receiving, it's no mystery as...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 Desiryee is my inayopendelewa selkie.
Desiryee is my favorite selkie.
It was quite nice to see some of the specialists for once, lately if they onyesha any of them it's Sky. Also we got to see the rulers of all the realms; but it would have been interesting to see Krystal there with her parents. While Bloom, Layla, (Aisha), and Stella were at the meeting; I loved that Flora, Musa, and Tecna were getting training from Cordatorta. My inayopendelewa part was when Flora alisema "it must be the mustache" and Musa alisema "she's delirious". At that point I was turning as bright red as a tomato. I do like they are learning different skills and techniques from the different teachers, in order to master Sirenix. It was nice to see Musa, Tecna, and Flora save the selkies from the monster and Bloom not hog the spotlight. Bloom is my least inayopendelewa and I loved it when Diaspro put her in her place. I cannot wait for inayofuata weeks episode.
 My inayopendelewa three. Flora, Musa and Tecna
My favorite three. Flora, Musa and Tecna
posted by Flora_Bloom
 Layla and Nabu
Layla and Nabu
After Nabu's death,in episode 25's beginning,there's a huge flashback of all that happened...there's also a song running in the background.Believe it au not,those flashbacks and that song made me cry.So,here are the lyrics.

There's a place where I can go everytime I close my eyes
It's the place where wewe and I can meet again

Just like birds in the sky, simply carried kwa the wind

Are your fingers on the keys you're playing for me?

When things get off and its hard to believe

I hear wewe say be strong, I know you'll handle this


So don't give up now, everything is alright.

For the best things...
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posted by rabeetbf
December 10th /January 27
Planet Domino /Planet Sparx
Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities

Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities
Solar energy, light

May 30 /May 10 (4Kids version)
Planet Melody
The Harmonic Nebula, Melody fairyland (4Kids Version)
Alfea, Winx club
Powers and abilities

March 1 (Original Italian)
March 16 (4Kids)
Planet Linphea (Original Italian)
Fifth moon of Marigold,...
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 Zanhar1 our shabiki of the mwezi August
Zanhar1 our Fan of the Month August
I see Flora_xx our shabiki of the mwezi July is not active anymore so i send to Zanhar1 the interviewe.
1.How do wewe fell that wewe are shabiki of the month?

I feel pretty happy that everyone was kind enough to vote for me.

2.Do wewe expect to win?

I actually did not, I never win anything lol.

3.What your inayopendelewa winx ? why?

Probably Musa. I upendo muziki and she is the muziki fairy. She also has a pretty cool attitude.

4.Did wewe have Marafiki that watch winx club too?

I have one she was on the swim team, but the season just ended so I won't get to see her anymore.

5.What's your favourite witch?why?

Icy ;P...
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Bloom pressed herself as close to the ukuta as she possibly could. Her breathing was heavy, she had to slow it down, and fast.

They did this every year.
Each mwaka selecting a new target.

And they were gonna do it again this mwaka too.

And this year. This mwaka it was Bloom’s turn. Frankly she didn’t know what kind of krisimasi tradition this was. Nor did she know how it came to be.

“Come on Bloom, wewe can’t hide forever.” Icy called.

She underestimated Bloom. She could hide for hours and hours. She’d hide all krisimasi eve if she had to.

“I don’t get it.” Stormy pondered. “She...
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1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?

I was surprised, honestly. The spot has kind of died down since school and classes have resumed for the most of us, and it's sad. I didn't post that much - though I've been trying to find time. So, thanks for voting for me guys :)

2. inayopendelewa Character?

I think most people should know this kwa now, but if you're newer to the spot and have decided to read my 'exciting' interview... Then Tecna is my favorite. She's been my inayopendelewa since the very beginning and I'm sure she will always be my favorite.

3. Least inayopendelewa Character?

Bloom. If wewe want more...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
So here it is, the final chapter of Futuristic :') I hope wewe enjoy it. If wewe guys want, I'll do a one-shot explaining what happened after the end. Just tell me in the comments. But anyway,

The guards busted down the door and immediately saw Flora in standing in the middle of the room. The Queen stepped through the guards and saw Flora standing in the middle of the room.
“How did wewe get back in here?” She asked. Flora didn’t say a word.
“It doesn’t matter, wewe will be executed immediately this time.” She alisema while lifting her hand...
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posted by zanhar1
I squeezed it into my schedule, a new fic!

Her eyes were downcast and sullen as she walked down the street. It was empty and lonely.


It was hers.

It was once hers.

She shouldn’t have survived. No one was supposed to. But she did.

And only kwa chance.

That siku was cheerful and chilly. The perfect siku really. It was one of those days were a person could forget that a war was taking place. There had been a cease fire, which was rather strange as the people of Sparx were fairly relentless.

Icy’s mother had insisted that she go take a vacation. A much needed one. She alisema that Icy could bring...
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