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Opinion by Alexa1996 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Why did they have to re make the theme song i went on netflix to re watch winx club and they have changed the winx club theme song to something different from the original :( its ruined here are the lyrics to the original do yall agree that this theme song rock zaidi than the new oneClose your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believ in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
Come jiunge the club!
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx!
Come jiunge the club!
We are the Winx!

Magical flowers,
Digital powers,
Rythms and tunes,
The sun and the moon,
Magic shapes and shifting tides,
And the moto burning deep inside!

We've got the style,
And we've got the flair,
Look all wewe want,
Just don't touch the hair!
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Icy hadn’t taken her eyes from Bloom since their vows had been spoken. The fairy was talking it up with Brandon, Stella, and Musa in the corner. The witch stood alone, a glass of wine in hand. She had decided to let the fairy go off on her own, the two would be seeing a lot of each other in the coming days.

It was an act of enjoy your last siku of freedom. Not that Bloom objected to Icy taking up most of her time.

And still the witch stood alone. Darcy and Stormy certainly weren’t as supportive of their marriage as Bloom’s Marafiki were. Darcy was appalled kwa fairy-witch marriages especially if they involved Bloom. Stormy claimed to simply not like Bloom. Icy could tell that deep down, the woman was uncomfortable with marriage between two women. She at least had the decency to keep it to herself.

Icy took a sip from her wine glass before setting it on the meza, jedwali inayofuata to her.

Darcy and Stormy had alisema they’d still talk to her but they had no intentions of speaking with Bloom nor attending their wedding—nor the after party for that matter.
Guide by gemixclub posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Be kind. One of the biggest traits Flora has is that she is very nice. From Marafiki to strangers, be nice. Being social and friendly to everyone can help wewe make new friends. Everybody loves her because she is always smiling, positive and with a great sense of humor!
Meditate. Flora is calm at all times so that she can think easily. Concentrate on positive thoughts and try to drain all negative things out of your mind. If wewe can`t meditate au if wewe don`t want to try to do yoga au just relax. Yoga will help wewe to improve your body and your mind.
upendo nature. This is obvious since Flora is the fairy of earth magic and loves experimenting and tending to plants. wewe can keep a small potted plant on the ledge of your bedroom window. Take care of it daily and watch it grow with Flora's magic. If wewe have a garden take care of the flowers and the plants which are planted there. If someone is already taking care of it ask him if he needs a help.
Sensitivity. In times of distress, Flora instinctively cares for her Marafiki and plants. This does not mean wewe have to be sensitive. Just have a soft side for people. Help to the people and the injured animals! If...
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Anonymous tumblr prompt; Bloom wears a tux to her wedding and her best man (Brandon) pokes light fun at it.

Her wedding would be different than the other weddings she attended. Stella's was your stereotypical, T.V perfect wedding; long beautiful flowing white dress, done up hair, pastel colors, loads of flowers. It was classy and cute and very Stella.

Flora's wedding was much the same only her colors were restricted to purples pinks and whites--neglecting the machungwa, chungwa touches Stella's had. Naturally hers was overloaded with flowers; the floor was practically just a pile of rose petals.

Tecna had swayed from the norm a bit in making her wedding zaidi digital. Her dress was one of those with flashing LED lights. And yet she still had a dress.

That wasn't for Bloom. She didn't want any zaidi glitter nor glam; she'd gotten enough of that in her Alfea days.

No. Her dress wasn't even a dress. The zaidi dress shops she entered the less the very notion of one appealed to her. And yet when she went into the tux section, everything caught her eye.
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Winx Club and The Specialists
The Specialists stayed at Alfea to prank the Winx. Let's just say that this prank can be a little to funny for the guys to ignore. He He He!

"Hey, it is time to prank the girls.", Sky whispered as he try to wake up Brandon. He woke up and spread the news. It was dawn, yet the girls weren't awake yet. Everyone woke up very groggily, but was excited to do the prank.
"Let's check out their bathtub.", alisema Brandon as the others agree. It was a normal bathtub with a shiny white coat. The others smirked as Riven hold up Stella's body wash.
"Time to slip the slippery!", whispered Riven as he gave all the boys their body wash. All the boys start pouring the soap all over the bathtub, and laugh sliently.
The Winx woke up as they heard the boys whisper about their prank to them. The girls laughed as they planned their own prank for the boys. The girls stuffed their kitanda to make them look like their sleeping in the beds. Their plan began to evolue!
Opinion by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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It seems to me that Winx has really Lost its magic touch. I honestly feel like I've been growing away from the show. I upendo the first 3 seasons but the latest 3 just don't even seem like the same onyesha anymore. Honestly I hate these 3 seasons, I really I do. Again, I don't even feel like I'm watching the same show; it's like watching a new onyesha but the characters have all the same names as the characters from the other onyesha and are drawn similar.
All this alisema I'm going to explain why I feel this way.

For one all the girls seem to look the same and dress the same. They used to have originality. The transformations like Magic Winx weren't so uniformed as they are now. Now they have the same outfit with a different color palate which is a darn shame. Those school uniform things are really horrendous. They're casual attire used to actually reflect their personalities. Techna and Musa wore pants and sneakers inaonyesha that they weren't as girly as all the others. Now they are wearing the same school uniforms with the mini-skirts and the heels. Musa's outfit had reflected zaidi of a hip-hop theme which went hand in hand with her attitude. Now she's just wearing the same...
Article by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This Winx Club chemsha bongo will help wewe identify yourself. If wewe lived in the Magical Dimesion, Are wewe a Fairy, Wizard au Witch? Let's find OUT!

1. What spell sounds magical to you?
A. Rays of Pure Light
B. Ice Bolts
C. Round of Claps

2. What's a perfect animal sidekick?
A. Pegahorse (Unicorn)
B. Bats
C. Owl

3. If wewe had powers, where'd wewe go to school?
A. Alfea
B. Cloudtower
C. Red Foundation

4. What do wewe like to be?
A. Fairy
B. Witch
C. Wizard

5. What club of the Winx Club Series do wewe like?
A. Winx Club
B. The Trix
C. The Specialists

6. What's your personality?
A. Kindness, Bravery, Generous
B. Evil Deeds, Hate, Torture
C. Brave, Strong, Fighter

7. Who'd be your friend?
A. Bloom
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This fanfiction is far beyond The Winx Club Series. This is made kwa Avater13. This fanfiction is really quick, so please minded the shortness of this story. Thank wewe for reading!

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!", screamed The Winx in their Dimentix Fairy Form as the The Dark Wizards attacked with full force. The Winx and The Specialists has been battling them for a while. It was the Final Battle in The Omega Dimesion. The leader, Orgon faught against Bloom and Aisha. Troller (Vice Leader) faught against Tecna and Musa. Devon faught against Stella and Flora. The Specialists help their girlfriends.
"Winx, let's the a converge.", yelled Bloom at The Winx. "Winx, Dimentix Converge", yelled the vichimbakazi as their powers combine.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", yelled The Dark Wizards as the converge destroyed them in ice of The Omega Dimension.
It was finally over. But The Winx were so exhuasted that they didn't move. The Specialists each carried their girlfriends to the surface, but none of them could wake up.
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Bloom pressed herself as close to the ukuta as she possibly could. Her breathing was heavy, she had to slow it down, and fast.

They did this every year.
Each mwaka selecting a new target.

And they were gonna do it again this mwaka too.

And this year. This mwaka it was Bloom’s turn. Frankly she didn’t know what kind of krisimasi tradition this was. Nor did she know how it came to be.

“Come on Bloom, wewe can’t hide forever.” Icy called.

She underestimated Bloom. She could hide for hours and hours. She’d hide all krisimasi eve if she had to.

“I don’t get it.” Stormy pondered. “She was here a sekunde ago.”

“Don’t worry ladies, we’ll find her.” Icy declared.

Bloom made her way around the corner and slipped down the hall.

“I could have sworn she was in here too.” Bloom heard Darcy mutter. Her voice was now distant.

Bloom gave a sigh of relief, before crashing into Stella.
Article by MusaFromMelody posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Find out who would be your bonded Selkie.

1.What do wewe like best?
B:Flowers and Nature

2.What are your favourite colours?
A:Light blue and orange
B:Pink and light green
C:Yellow and orange
D:Purple and blue
E:Red and dark blue
F:Green and Purple

3.Which Pixie is your favourite?
A:Lockette, pixie of directions
B:Chatta, pixie of gossip
C:Amore, pixie of love
D:Piff, pixie of sweet dreams
E:Tune, pixie of good manners
F:Digit, pixie of technology

4.Who of the Winx do wewe like best?

5.Which one is your favourite planet?

Most A: Serena, gatekeeper of domino
Most B: Deysiree, gatekeeper of linthea
Article by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Which Bonded Pixie are you? Go ahead and find out. Make sure wewe have record your answer on a looseleaf paper with a uandishi material. You'll get your results.

1. What's your inayopendelewa hobby?
A. To travel across the galaxy.
B. Make Love.
C. Practice Proper Manners.
D. Gossip Secrets
E. Sleep All Day
F. Get on Tech Games (Computers, Laptops, Iphone, Ipad, Techno Gadgets)

2. What's your inayopendelewa color?
A. Multi
B. Pink
C. Nice Blue
D. Light Green Yello
E. Baby Pink
F. Neon Green

3. Who's your inayopendelewa Winx?
A. Bloom
B. Stella
C. Musa
D. Flora
E. Aisha
F. Techna

4. Who's your inayopendelewa Specialist?
A. Sky
B. Brandon
C. Riven
D. Helia
E. Nabu
F. Timmy

5. What's your inayopendelewa Pixie Power?
A. Portal Power
B. upendo Potion
C. Melodious Voice
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The Winx were going to the bar, but they didn't know that the Specialists were coming. They didn't meet yet until they went to the bar.

The Winx were dancing. The Specialists saw Bloom. She looked awesome, and they fell right for her. But then the Specialists saw The Winx (Not Bloom). Brandon flirted with Stella, and had a glass of mineral water. Riven saw Musa, who acts like a bad-boy, so he fell right to her. They danced to the groove of the music. Flora looked at Helia, which surprised Helia as she came over checking out his sketch. It was Flora, and instead, they decided to drink some zabibu Juice. Aisha loved to dance, so she danced while drinking some cherry Water. Tecna was with Timmy who loved Tech, so they talked about the modern Tech.

Bloom was glowing to Sky. Her red-hair was flaming hot, her sparkling cyan eyes were like the sea, and her beauty shine in the light.

Sky came over to Bloom. Bloom was surprised to see a Prince of Eyraklon. coming over her. "Hey, I'm Sky", alisema Sky as his moyo melted. "Hello, Sky. I'm Bloom", alisema Bloom who looked at him closely. "I gonna get us some strawberry juice", alisema Sky looking...
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The Young Dark Bloom
"Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!", alisema Lockette as she shivered nervously. "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!", chuckled Bloom as she transformed into Dark Bloom. Then Lockette tries to find the others.
"Yes, power will be mine", alisema Dark Bloom in a evil chuckle. The others came into Bloom's Dorm as Lockette told them what has happen. "Welcome, friends.", alisema Dark Bloom as a evil grin appeared on her face. "Bloom, are wewe ok?", as Flora who was getting worried of Bloom's fairy transformation.
Then Dark Bloom blasted one of a wingu sphere and broke the windows and flow away. "Come On, Girls. Bloom is Dark Bloom. CHARMIX!", alisema Musa as they transformed. They fly after Dark Bloom.
Lockette was so worried that she had told Ms. F. Ms.F was very upset and call on Red Fountain's specialists. Red kisima, chemchemi assembled an army and went straight to the Dark Forest, while Ms. Grieslda assembled the vichimbakazi of Alfea to the Dark Forest. Ms. F discovered that Bloom had transformed into Dark Bloom kwa herself, which was very strange. Could this be happening now?
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Don’t stick two villains in a room together they said…

That’ll make everything all worse they said…

Had they not heard that two negative make a positive.

The life they had wasn’t much of a life really, but it was something and they kept each other company there in that dark dismal prison cell. He’d been convicted, not for hunting fairies, but for hunting…well…drugs. The man Lost his wife (the woman wasn’t much worth it anyhow) and his job, he need to make a living somehow.
Icy, she was slapped in there for the usual; trying to take over the world, stealing powers, harassing Bloom, and this time disorderly conduct…or something like that, it was just another thing to the list, Icy made no special note of it.

There wasn’t really much to do in that tight room aside from making pointless conversation…and pointless it was, there were no fun stories to tell after all memories were shared as nothing new really ever happened.

Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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His fingers moved slowly up and down her back, rough and mangled and in desperate need of such a soothing motion.

It still sometimes ached…delicate and tender from everything that had been done.

He promised he’d make up for it.

It was a dreary kind of relationship, the kind that wasn’t ever supposed to happen under such circumstances. But it had. They were childhood friends. They’d known each other before the war. They’d attended a school together…when schools were still ‘mixed’ as the people called it.

Three realms had once attended one school together; the Ice Kingdom, the illusion realm, and the Void of Demons.

For the most part all three got along rather well—sure some of the students preferred to only associate with peoples of their own race au exclude only one realm—but for the most part everyone talked to everyone.

Icy hadn’t intentionally left the illusion realm out (she’d say hello to a few of them as she passed them kwa in the halls) she simply didn’t really know many of them. However she’d had some rather strong…or she thought they were strong…ties to...
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This is an example of Bloom and Sky on vacation on the beach.
"Ahh . . ", alisema Bloom to Sky. The Winx were on vacation with the Specialists. As they lay on the beach, Princess Diaspro was spying on them. Princess Diaspro wanted Bloom To Suffer her revenge and Prince Sky would be hers. At Night, when Bloom was sleep alone, Princess Diaspro commanded Dark Knights to capture Bloom and hang her in her kingdom. As the night moved on, Bloom was in chains in the kingdom of Irises. After a few hours of being torture kwa Princess Diaspro, Bloom cries and suffers with bruises, open wounds, and bloody injuries. In the morning, When the Winx and the Specialist woke up, they found Bloom gone! They searched the whole beach, pwani and talked to locals to see if they saw anyone with Bloom. One Local said, "Bloom was kidnapped kwa a Dark Knight with the mark of Irises and Knights.", as he looked around. Sky knew what was going on and told the Winx, " Princess Diaspro kidnapped Bloom for revenge due to that I upendo Bloom and not her." As they heard, The Winx and Specialists went to the kingdom of Iries to save Bloom.
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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“No Darko, wewe will not win the costume contest wearing that.” Icy frowned.

“Sure I will, it’s brilliant it’s fun, it’s witty…”

“It’s overdone…” Icy added for him. “Do wewe know how many ‘sexy’ nurses I’ve seen today?”

“It’s not over done when I do it…” Darko insisted.

“Why don’t wewe just enter the pumpkin, boga carving contest instead?” Icy suggested.

“Because Mirta always wins and it’s not fair.” Darko pouted.

“Oh for the upendo of God…” Icy scowled. “Buy a better costume au I swear I’ll take Valtor to the party instead.”

“I’d like to see your costume.” Darko challenged.

“Alright, as wewe go buy a new costume…I’ll change into mine.” Icy smiled. Darko didn’t even know sarcastic smiles existed until that moment.

“What the hell are wewe supposed to be?” Icy looked over at stormy.

“Bundle of grapes.” Stormy replied proudly. “It was Darcy’s idea, she alisema it’d go with my hair.”
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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“No way am I wearing this.” Valtor frowned as Icy presented her with a pastel dress. “Absolutely not.”

Icy rolled his eyes. “Sure wewe are.” He shoved the dress into her arms. “If I have to wear this ridiculous tux, wewe have to wear a dress equally as appalling.”

“Whose idea was it to do this anyways.” Valtor muttered.

“You alisema wewe needed new clothing.”

“No…I mean whose idea was it to swap the genders of everyone in all of Magix!?” Valtor threw her hands in the air.

“I thought that was your idea too.” Icy declared.

“Why would I…? What would that even accomplish?” Valtor folded her arms over her chest.

“I don’t know…people won’t recognize wewe so wewe can destroy them easier? That au wewe simply wanted boobs of your own.”

“That is…only partially true.” Valtor admitted.

“So it was you?”

“No! No I had nothing to do with this one! I rather liked my goatee.” She rubbed her chin. “But now its gone.”
Fan fiction by emily_waz_here_ posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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all girls ( except Stella): hurry up
Stella: fine fine just give me a second
Bloom: but we're already 20 dakika late
Stella: fine I'm finished wewe happy now
Bloom: yes
Tecna: come on girls before the guys think we forgot about them
(With the boys)
Riven: I just knew that they would be late, there always late
Helia: riven calm down I am sure they will be hear any dakika now
Riven:if wewe say so
(Finally the girls arrive)
Bloom: sorry we are late we had to wait on Stella
Sky: that's ok just glad wewe made it
Stella: snookums!
Brandon: hujambo Sunshine
Helia: hujambo flora wewe look beautiful
Flora: thanks ( blushing)
Riven: I don't mean to break up the upendo fest but where is musa
Tecna: she was right behind us maybe she forgot something
Riven: yea I guess
( In the shadows someone watched them making sure the everything was going just as planned)

Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The letter I wrote to them alisema this
[i]Dearest sisters,
I have news to tell wewe three. I have found out that I am not related to wewe kwa blood. My birth mother is our father’s sister, but she was killed right after I was born and he took me under his wing. The reason I didn’t stay with my actual father is the war that broke out about the Linphean Legends that killed my mother caused him to resort back to dark magic. That’s another thing summer might have the longest hours of daylight, but everything goes dark at some point, so what I mean kwa this is dark magic runs in my veins. The darkness might be over powered kwa light, but when the moon is full I’ll have to be careful. Not matter what wewe three will always be my sisters. Blood doesn’t mean a thing, whose been there when wewe have needed them is your family.
Ashlyn Eira, princess of Linphea and Queen of the winter sector in this realm. wewe are my older sister and before wewe were sent away I gave wewe the nickname Asher because I could never pronounce Ashlyn Eira. wewe are...
Article by Princess-Flora posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?

I was surprised, honestly. The spot has kind of died down since school and classes have resumed for the most of us, and it's sad. I didn't post that much - though I've been trying to find time. So, thanks for voting for me guys :)

2. inayopendelewa Character?

I think most people should know this kwa now, but if you're newer to the spot and have decided to read my 'exciting' interview... Then Tecna is my favorite. She's been my inayopendelewa since the very beginning and I'm sure she will always be my favorite.

3. Least inayopendelewa Character?

Bloom. If wewe want zaidi information as to why I dislike her, click here.

4. inayopendelewa Transformation?

I think it's a tie between Winx/Charmix and Enchantix. I really upendo the simplicity of the original transformations and even though Charmix wasn't this whole big new outfit, I really upendo the way the girls earn the charms. Believing in yourself and admitting your mistakes and weaknesses is something really hard to do - and I really connected zaidi with the characters in season two because of this transformation. And...
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Kind of an early Halloween thing; vampire Icy. Why? Because every fandom seems to have at least one vampire fic.

Pale and cold.

Void of a soul.

Icy sat herself upon a velvet cousin sofa. It was dark out now, the moon invading the room from the space in the curtains. She shifted slightly allowing herself to place a glass upon the nearest table. Crimson liquid dribbled from the rim, the droplet adorning the polished oak.

She was awaiting a guest. The man was a fool to take her up on any offer, much less one that put him alone in a room with her.

Each and every one of them had been foolish.

Each and every one of them had paid for it too.

They’d have a chajio, chakula cha jioni of sorts. She’d make conversation, they’d keep it going. Eventually they’d request some quality time spent in the bedroom…

And she’d take them there alright. Once in her kitanda chambers, behind closed doors she’d put her lips to the softest parts of their neck. They’d let her, thinking it was for a sort of passionate kiss. And the thought would remain until they found themselves sucked dry of blood.
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold. All colors seem to fade away I can't reach my soul.

She never quite liked it at all. The feeling of her powers. She wasn't born with them, not like the others. It was kwa chance.

kwa tragedy.

That she had come into them.

The cold was stinging, paining. She had struggled to get away from it, logged to get away from it. She was dying. It was killing her all too slowly.

Killing her until all she could feel was the cold.

Just when she thought she was Lost to the frost; her blood frozen through and through, moyo slowed to practically dead.

Just when she couldn't feel her own soul...

kwa some act of mercy au resent from nature, a sort of magic awakened within her.

Her body went cold, completely so.

No matter how much snow she brushed out of her brunette hair, the white remained. Her skin all to pale for what it once was.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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With my junior year, I have had less time to write so I thought I would publish my outtakes from all the shabiki fictions I ever wrote so far.

Alternate choice but not getting used currently for chapter four
Flora: Phew, I made to downtown Magix alive. (Runs inside the mall and spots her Marafiki and they see her)
Bloom: Flora, what’s wrong?
Flora: wewe know, almost getting my butt killed. (Panting hard)
Layla: He was behind you?
Flora: Yes but I Lost him when I ran in front of the oncoming traffic.
Musa: wewe could have been hit kwa a car!!!
Flora: I would have stood a chance of living if I got hit kwa a car, rather than a dark death energy sphere.
Stella: A dark death energy sphere!
Flora: Yes, I thought being in the hospital would be better than six feet under.
Tecna: she has a point (the boys walk over to them when they see their girlfriends at the mall)
Bloom: Tecna, you’re not helping!
Sky: Tecna’s not helping with what.
Fan fiction by XxLalasaysxX posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Flora’s POV

“I’m glad wewe accept.” Helia alisema as he swung me around then set me back down on the ground.
“How’d wewe think about doing that.” I asked while looking back up at him.
“I...actually came up with the idea.” Janessa alisema while rubbing her head.
“The time that Icy started irritating your relationship she tore wewe guys apart,” She said
I remember what happened after the incident at the mall and how I snapped at him.
“You two getting remarried would be perfect to start new and put all of that stuff behind you.” She said. I walked over and hugged her.
“Thank you.” I said.
“Don’t mention it.”
“We should all start planning tomorrow for now I think we should celebrate Flora being back with us, and the return of Helia and Stormy.” Brandon suggested.
“Agreed!” We all alisema in unision.


They all decided to tidy up the palace, while Icy was there she tossed some things around and left the place a mess. Then after that they had some free time and decided to play some board games. Flora was sitting...