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posted by ElephantGirl2
They were searching inside wingu Tower that siku Stella was worried about them and also scared.

-"Where in Magix can they be?"asked Stella

-"I would'nt know Stella thats the whole reson were looking all around Magix"said Bloom

-"O.k clearly they're not in Magix"said Musa

But they did'nt give up, they went back to Alfea to rest, at night without Faragonda noticing they got out to see if they came back.Then Sky called.

-"Hey Bloom i've been in wingu Tower investigating what broke in Three days zamani so if wewe want to se us come to wingu Tower we will be waiting"said Sky

-"But we searched there in the morning we've been worried!"yelled Bloom

-"Any way we will be there"said Musa very happy

They flew there and saw them and helped them investigate wingu Tower,They tought it had to do with Valtor so they helped.
posted by tecna535
OK, i have heard a lot of wewe fanpoppers have been saying that season 5 is rubbish, i hate it but... why?


I like it cause it doesn't focus on Bloom as much, the winx go to everybody's nyumbani planet, she may still get a lot of attention, but not as much now. The winx are going to go to Zenith in episode 22 and that is quite exciting, they are not going to Domino so that is a relief. The winx went to Solaria, Linphea, Melody, Zenith and Androis. But one thing got on my nerves, Flora. About 3 times this season she alisema "don't hurt the...
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The Party Night

As the sun goes down and it was 7 pm. Stars could be clearly seen in the sky and it was very pleasant night. Bloom was choosing her dress from her closet but she was confusing to everyone except for herself and she was ready. In the hall, Tecna was wearing a pretty blue kanzu, gown with purple shade. Stella wore a gorgeous pink and white gown. Musa was wearing a machungwa, chungwa short dress. Flora comes inside of Bloom’s room, she was wearing a green kanzu, gown which has a sleeveless and it was so good that Bloom stared it for a moment and said, “Flora wewe are looking gorgeous in this gown.”...
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Hello everyone,
Today wewe all Winx Club mashabiki will get names. Yes, we have heard many names which are for mashabiki for example: Selenators for Selena Gomez Fans. I, FloraorStella and WinxClub_Stella created names for Winx Club mashabiki together. I am feeling very happy today as I have got this Golden Opportunity to present all the names (created kwa us) before wewe guys. So get ready to know these name...

Special Thanks:-
◘ FloraorStella
◘ WinxClub_Stella

Thanks for helping me...

Names for mashabiki of :

○ Stella's mashabiki = Stellinators (WinxClub_Stella)

○ Musa's mashabiki = Musatics (nmdis)

○ Bloom's fans...
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Author's Note: hujambo everyone! So I'm back to uandishi my little mini-series thing where I go back-and-forth between uandishi one-shot song-fics around metal songs, and then pop songs. My last story was on a pop song (Florence + The Machine's "What the Water Gave Me") so it is now time for a metal song. I'm going to go a little out of order here (If wewe want to see the songs listed, link) and start up on a song-fic based on a song kwa Blackthorn. I've also decided that I will not be doing "Hexshadow Turned to Flesh". I will be doing a different song called "Bestial Satan of Grotesque Beauty." I'm...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
Here is chapter one of the story, enjoy :)

Hey everyone! My name is Kimberly Anne Possible and head cheerleader at Middleton High. And plus, I found out I was a fairy. It all started when me and my partner/boyfriend Ron were looking for our villain named Drakken and his companion Shego. I told Ron "we are never going to find them." We've been looking for three days and heard nothing on their whereabouts. Ron replied "we have to find them, and they could be anywhere." I had a feeling he was right but I thought -if they aren't on Earth then where would they be?- . So we went back on our search,...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
Okay, here is a shabiki fiction crossover I've been meaning to post for a while. This is the plot- When Drakken and Shego jiunge forces with the Trix, it's up to Kim Possible and Ron to jiunge the Winx in order to stop them from taking over both Earth and Magix. Can they save big places before they take control and Kim finds out a secret that she didn't know she was one of the Winx.

Preview of chapter one-
(Kim's point of view)
hujambo everyone! My name is Kimberly Anne Possible, call me Kim. I'm 16 and head cheerleader at Middleton High, and I'm also a fairy. wewe see this all happened when Ron and I were out looking for our villain Drakken, I told Ron "we are never going to find him." He replied "we have to Kim, he has to around here somewhere." I sighed,knowing my boyfriend for once was right Drakken had to be around the planet somewhere au if he wasn't there at all.
posted by XxLalasaysxX
This One-shot is based off of the ending of my story Futuristic so uhhh might wanna read that before wewe read this. Enjoy!
*WARNING* Dramatic Overload!!!

Future Flora’s POV

Just as the others went back to their time I got knocked over kwa one of the beetles and it bit me 3 times on my right arm before I pushed it off then shot it with an arrow. I drop the bow and I look at my mutilated arm.
“No no no no no, this can’t be happening, not now!” I yell. I don’t even care if one of the guards catch me at this point I’m dying either way. I need to meet at...
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(Hope wewe all enjoy this story)

*Bloom's p.o.v*

Hi! My name is Bloom, 16 years and leader of Winx Club. I'm from the planet Domino and also princess so is my big sister Daphne. We only recently reunited with our baby sister Kim Possible and boy did we have a fun adventure. It happend about three au four weeks ago. I was taking a walk with my best friend Stella, she asked "something on your mind Bloom?" I replied "not really" truth to be told I did have something on my mind, about my family. Lately my parents have been uigizaji strange and Daphne won't tell me what's going on. I was about to say...
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posted by sweetkandi
 choosing clothes
choosing clothes
Flora was practising on how to create a human-friendly maua, ua kwa adding her guardian powers to create love, care and emotions and plus to keep it healthy as well.Stella was flicking through fashion magazines when she saw an advertisment on entering a fashion show, it read:

To all wewe fashion experts out there, come and jiunge the spring fashion onyesha and auditions inayofuata week- wear something that screams pazzow! It's SUMMER! Don't forget your touch of unique taste which doesn't clash your outfit!

Alfea practically was shaken for a dakika then lifted off the ground with a mini earthquake while birds...
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posted by gamer53101
stella: what are wewe guys........ahahahahah kill it kill it!!!!! ahahaha
musa: mtulivu, clam down stella its only a bug?
stella: its an ugly bug!!!!
bloom: oh stella haha
musa: there wewe go little bug
stella: o how can wewe touch that!!
sky:hey hujambo how are things going?
bloom: shy!!!!!!!
[they all hug and kiss]
musa:riven i missed wewe
[riven holds musa in his hands]
bloom:what happened!!
tecna:the bug!!! the bug musa picked up had poison!!!!
flora:it poison her!!!!
helia:flora use your nature powers!
flora:i'll try
[flora use her powers but they don't work]
riven:musa musa!!!!!!!!
 musa and riven
musa and riven
posted by Winxlove
Continues from the last part.I hope wewe like it!

*stella running*
Stella:I can't believe that Brandon could do something like that to me !I hate him!

*the other winx*
Layla:Hey did I wronged au i saw Stella running and crying?
Bloom:Girls,we better go to her!

*winx comes to stella's door*
Flora:Stella,open the door,it's us,Winx!
Stella:Leave me alone!
Musa:Ouu!That looks serious!
Bloom:Girls,maybe she wants to talk with me!
Flora:let's leave Stella and Bloom for a moment,girls!
Bloom:Stella,please,open the door,I'm Bloom!
*stella transforms and flies...
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posted by Alifya
Halloween is just around the Corner! Take a look at these ideas for cheap, fun and creative Halloween costumes!

Start with a bandana around your head. Boots are very helpful but wewe can make boot tops kwa wrapping dark fabric around your lower leg flapped over at the top. Girls:wear a skirt, upindo with a ragged bottom. Boys: either tuck some loose pants into your boots, au cut the bottom into a ragged edge. Wear a loose shati unbuttoned at the top, with a vest (it's easy to make a vest kwa cutting up an old shirt). wrap, upangaji pamoja a piece of fabric around your waist for a belt.

Wrap yourself in white...
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Tecna bit her lip as she turned the page of the newspaper. 'Gardinia shocker!' The headlines read out on the front page. "I know someone who can help." Informed Tecna to her six friends, the winx in chill out room. "Well? Don't just sit there, tell us!" Snapped Stella, impatiently. Tecna blushed. "Timmy's made a new magic invention, which could help, zaidi than wewe whining Stella." She replied crudely. "Oh magic, magic, magic! That's all wewe ever stupid girls talk about!" Interrupted Roxy. "Hey, don't diss poor Tecna! To be honest, if it wasn't for wewe we wouldn't be in this mess!" Gaged Musa...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Chad: I thought it was wewe (bringing her arms into a hug) I missed wewe Char.
Flora: (backs out of the hug) actually I go kwa Flora now and I have a fiancée
Chad: (slightly disappointed) oh; but beautiful name kwa the way
Stella: ahem
Flora: okay I’ll introduce wewe all (pointing to her friends) this is Stella, Bloom, Layla, Musa, Tecna, and wewe should recognize my sister Savannah and together the seven of us form the Winx Club and girls this is Chad
Chad: (bowing) it is a pleasure to meet all of your, and nice to see wewe again Savannah.
Musa: not to interrupt but how do wewe two know each other?
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Taken from a prompt kwa frostbite883 on tumblr; An Icy/Bloom fic in which Bloom is being haunted kwa a ghost and doesn't know why until...

Before I start with the actual story, the A/U comes from the fact that both Icy and Bloom will be human. They live on Earth. Bloom is a college student—living off on her own in an apartment and Icy has been out ‘in the real world’ for some time, has a job, etc.

The darkness loves you.

It needs you.

You need it.

It’s cold in here.

The whisper was soft and sweet. It lingered on the fringes of her dream. Still present as Bloom returned from a deep sleep....
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
It was their final mwaka at Alfea college for fairies. The Trix and Selina were finally executed and there were no other known threats to the Magic dimension…yet
As they finished hugging and saying their farewells, Aisha came up with an idea. In her hand 6 necklaces with jars of beads appeared.
Wear these everyday. This will be so that we don’t forget about each other. She explained. Each winx took one and immediately put it around her neck.
And let’s promise we meet back here let’s say… 10 years from now. When we’re all about 31 au 32. Flora suggested.
They all nodded in agreement.
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Author’s Note: Even though I can’t win WOTM two times in a row, I still want to be a part of this theme. I’ve had several ideas for Winx fics in the genre of supernatural-horror. I am going to publish a series eventually, but right now, I will just post this crossover one-shot about Icy. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Black Butler’ so...welp, enjoy.
The streets of London were quiet, except for the pitter-patter of soft heels as a woman in a long, dark blue dress made her way down the roads. She looked as if she...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I forgot to post a chapter of change yesterday so here it is and I'll post Staying Inside tomorrow

Flora’s p.o.v
Back at Alfea we showed all of the Winx the dresses we bought. They all loved their dresses, and that made me happy even though I know I shouldn’t be feeling that way because they are not my friends. Maybe I was feeling bad, but I can’t now when our plan is already on its way. After everyone tried on their dresses, I told them I have to go because I have a prior arrangement. They all nodded and alisema goodbye as I walked out of our dorm room doors to head to Diaspro’s room....
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It was a spell of sorts--she didn't quite know if they had cast it on her on purpose au kwa accident. To be honest it didn't matter at all...
not anymore anyhow.
After awakening from the haze that the spell had put on her Icy's initial instinct was to become angry--that kind of thing always came naturally to her. But putting some rational thought into play, she had to admit, the whole thing was actually rather...tolerable? No, not tolerable, enjoyable. The ice witch had had her fair share of adoration, but this was different. While under this spell, people actually seemed to care for her...and...
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