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And so the inayofuata day..
"I can't believe Stella did that to us, I thought we all were friends," cries Flora. Layla holds Flora's hands. "Don't worry," she says. "I believe Stella will stop all this," "Oh yeah?" asks Tecna and points to the window. It was still raining.
Stella found a club called 'Dark Magic.' She enters it. Is she willing to practice dark magic?
Bloom and the Winx run to tafuta for Stella. But they couldn't...
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I have an idee making a orodha of winx club episodes. All episodes are listed in the following format:
Rai English version / 4Kids version
Nick version /Italian version

Season 1 (2004)

1.An Unexpected Event / It Feels Like Magic
Una Fata a Gardenia

In a small town called Gardenia, an ordinary girl named Bloom is suddenly caught up in a fight between a fairy named Stella and a monster named Knut. After Bloom drives Knut off with unknown and innate abilities, Stella explains that Bloom possesses magical powers, and Bloom in turn tries to convince her parents to let her go to Alfea, a school...
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posted by Horsegirl202
wewe know Amber from my shabiki fiction stories and role plays now here is some good information about her.

How she came to Magix
Amber is the daughter of Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, she never knew she had powers to be a fairy until she met Stella and Musa. It came to her that then she had powers when she released the zumaridi, zamaradi dragon to help them who were in a fight with the Trix but only two of them, Icy and Stormy. They took her to Magix and a while later she earned her enchantix powers but the Winx had the Charmix power.

What she knew
Amber knew she belong to Magix but with nyumbani and Magix she had...
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hujambo Guys! I really have enjoyed uandishi this story! It’s so much zaidi fun then uandishi another one that I’m working on right now. I have like four characters that have the same power basically. Stars. Yes, everyone words it differently but basically those four people have the same power. Megan, Sapphire, Kristina, and Glitter all have the powers of the stars which is kind of hard to write about. If wewe can (I’m not saying that wewe have to) but if wewe can, please change their power, if wewe can’t (which is totally acceptable) I will work around it. And I have 23 characters, plus ‘guest...
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After their summer vacation, Winx Club returns to Alfea to begin their sekunde year. They meet a new fairy, Layla, who asks for their help in rescuing her Pixie Marafiki held hostage kwa Lord Darkar. Lord Darkar is actually the "Shadow Phoenix" who wants to take control of the magical realm. In order to do so, he has to find out where the Pixies' Village is in order to steal the four pieces of Codex which open the portal to the Realm of Realix, where the Ultimate Power can be found. The Trix also meets Lord Darkar and serves him. Meanwhile, Winx Club learn how to obtain their Charmix. A new "teacher"...
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An ordinary girl from Planet Earth, Bloom lives a perfectly normal life in the city of Gardenia until she meets Stella, a Princess from the planet Solaria, who is in trouble. Going to Stella's aid, Bloom discovers her magical powers. Stella persuades Bloom to jiunge Alfea, the best fairy school in all the realms. In Alfea, Bloom forms Winx Club, whose members are her four Marafiki and roommates - Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora. Later, they encounter and befriend the Specialists - Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Sky, who will also become their upendo interests. The Winx Club members also encounter a trio of witches from wingu Tower - Icy, Darcy and Story, who are known as Trix. Trix are in tafuta of the power of the Dragon's Flame and their ruthless pursuit lead to many encounters and battles with Winx Club. Bloom also begins to learn the secrets of her planet, parents, and powers.
 Winx club again!
Winx club again!
--------16 years later-------

(The winx are now comparatively old and their daughters young,Lisa and the other girls r now 16)

-----One day------

(Bloom is working as well as the other winx girls on their lives,weird they have not met for 16 years,as if they get together it maybe a harm for..........)

(Bloom suddenly finds a message teleporter,it gives messages and teleports anything)

Bloom:A message teleporter?Have not seen these in years,yoah!!!
(A message appears)
Ms Faragonda:Aaaaaa,bloom!Long time no see!I have a news,use this teleporter to get to Alfea,i have good news.Only 1 can come so bring...
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posted by CyD12
Austeja: and how are we going to find those books?
Ms. Faragonda: wewe are going to go behind the witches and find them....
Rosena: but Ms. Faragonda this is our sekunde week here! we dont know as much as they know!
Izzy: yeah! wewe cant ask us to do something we dont know how to do!!!
Faragonda: dont say wewe cant do it! wewe know wewe can do it!
Nova: but are wewe sure we are ready?
Faragonda: no... of course wewe are not ready! thats why wewe will train!
Kasumi: train? wewe will train us?
Faragonda: me and some other do wewe accept?
Rani: one question... that will give us extra score right?...
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posted by CyD12
Musa: i dont see her...
Layla: yeah same here....
Bloom: i think she scape!


Rosella: ough! where is that witch?!?
Elizabeth: i dont know! we already tafuta al around here...
Haze: Nadia, can wewe feel her?
Nadia: *in the floor*
Megan: OMG! Nadia! what happen?
Nadia: ough! my head hurts!!!
Bridgette: why? whats wrong?
Nadia: to many negative energy!!! i cant stand it!
Ariel: OMG! they should be here somewhere!
Rosella: but where?!?
Megan: we dont know... we better be careful
Nadia: aaaaaaa! the energy! is getting closer!
Haze: im going to tell the others to come here!
Ariel: sure, but hurry!!!!
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"Don't worry, I'll sort them out Flora!" Insisted Chatta, clenching her fists and trying not to shudder. "No Chatta, there's no point risking yourself." Disagreed Flora, not overly sure what she'll do with herself if Chatta was lost. "Flora belevix!" Shouted Flora suddenly just before one of the ruby avenger's where about to slice Livy with his sword. He stopped speachless as soon as Flora chanted a simple few words hich leaded to mystical, unbelievable results! Every vegetation, it seemed, tended to her as her beautiful believix
outfit appeared, complete with sparkles and glitter. Then her...
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posted by Princess-Flora
------In the girl’s room at Alfea, they are all in Bloom’s and Flora’s room waiting for her to arrive at Alfea, since they received the text at 3:02 p.m. on my way back. The girls are all talking and getting carried away about what juicy details they will get out of her.
Stella: it feels like it has been a while since that text, does anybody know what time it is?
Layla: (checks her phone and slightly freaks) its 7:02 p.m. which means 4 hours zamani she texted she was on her way back.
Tecna: let’s not panic and let’s call her
Musa: (dials her number, puts It on speaker for everyone to her...
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posted by winx_bloomtecna
1.Magic of tonight to one
3.Super girls
4.Magic of sirenix(sirenix)
5.Way of sirenix
12.The power of charmix
13.We are winx(come jiunge the club)
14.Winx your'e magic now
15.Power of believix
16.Enchantix (shining so bright)
17.Believix 3d
18.Christmas magic
19.Return to me
20.Like a ruby shining
21.Beyond the clound(fly togather)
22.We're the winx(season 5)
23.Winx rising up togather
25.If wewe desire
26.Open your eyes
27.We girls are the winx
28.Super heroes
29.Magical adventure
30.Living the magic
31.We are the magic winx
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posted by FloraorStella
I really want wewe to read this; NOT ripoti it before wewe do. And if wewe ripoti it, I'm making a complaint. I hope that one of wewe will be one of those reporters; I want to know why you're doing it. Which makes me start of my first question:

1. Are we insulting you?

I don't think so. I mean it isn't an makala to offend you. Do wewe think it is? Really? Well then here's the obvious answer to it: Write your own article! That way, wewe can express your own feelings. wewe don't have to ripoti our opinions just because wewe don't agree with it!

2. Number of makala you've reported

THREE! Three articles...
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So this is my very first romantic one-shot! Well, honestly, I don't know how romantic this one is going to be, considering the theme, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze something in. This story was requested kwa BlueColor, so, the couple(s) in this story will be: Layla/Roy, Layla/Nabu. This will be written in first person point-of-view (Layla's). I hope wewe like it!

"Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction,
Whatever happens in my dreams,
I know it can't be worse than this,
So I prefer to sleep." -Epica


"I don't know about...
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"Millions of songs, all those years in my soul and when we met, I just knew they're for wewe now your voice is imba them all your wings at mine, we will never fall."

Of all the millions of fairies, witches, and specialists in the universe that she could have fallen in upendo with...Icy's moyo had to choose that one. Frankly Icy didn't believe she had a choice in the matter. As if she wasn't being judged kwa the public enough already. Falling in upendo with the enemy wasn't exactly the most normal thing a witch could do. In fact it was probably one of the strangest, and kwa all means, witches did...
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* READ the prologue before wewe read this chapter and any other chapters that will come. Thank you
------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v---------------------------------------------------------
Today was my last siku at Linphea Preparatory and word had gotten out due to my group of friends. Everyone nicer to me than usual and I didn’t mind it because my Marafiki got me going away present and my boyfriend alisema we could make the long distance thing work; but I alisema yes at first and then later...
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: So I wanted to enter storyteller9's link but my answer was way too long to put it into the small confines of that answer box so...I had to put it here XD Anyways, I think it will give everyone a chance to see who my inayopendelewa characters are and why I like them so much.


1. Tecna:

~To me, Tecna has always been my inayopendelewa character. I have connected and liked her ever since I first started watching the show. Personally, I am most like Tecna. We are both nerdy and have different interests than our friends. (Though now I know zaidi people with...
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posted by Rainflowers
hujambo Guys! I have so many makala in the works for not only this club, but others too. But, I decided to finish all Winx Related stories first. I decided to write them be maarufu demand. First, I'm going to finish Personality. inayofuata I'm going to finish Winx V.S. W.I.T.C.H. Last, I am going to finish up Hatred. I urge wewe to read any of these makala and become a shabiki of them so zaidi readers will see them. For my inayofuata Winx makala I am thinking that I will write a makala about a spell that the Trix places on Flora and Musa that make them act like four mwaka olds. For those of wewe who didn't...
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posted by Zmidy313
1st, Leader of Jinx Club: Lilly: Fairy of the Moon

Hi, my name is Lilly and as wewe know, I am a fairy! I was born Dec. 7 1995, a siku the moon had a halo, and I'm the princess of Lunaria, and the Fairy of The Moon! While my older sister Stella is the Guardian Fairy of Solaria, that leaves me the Guardian Fairy of Lunaria! The nyumbani of the Moon! Ya see I was actually born in Lunaria, but I was kidnapped kwa Mangrin, this evil villain. And I was trapped in the Dark Realm, forced to be taught powers of dark magic, and be a slave of Mangrin and Dakar. It was horrible. But when i was 14, The Winx...
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 Trinx Club!!!!!!!
Trinx Club!!!!!!!
(Hey all,ready for my ff,then here it is)

Andrina:Wow,this place is cuuuuute!
Rosalind:Ummmmmmm,excuse em ya(MEXICAN FOR EXCUSE ME),can u tell me where miss faragonda's office is?
Adnrina:Sorry,I am new!
Musen:Coincidence,i am new too!Hey,i am musen.
Andrina:I am andrina!
Rosalind:Well,hi i am Rosalind,Rosa for short.
(Suddenly they see a wave outside)
Rosa:Is there any lake nearby?
Rosa:I don't know but i think we shud run!!!!!
Andrina:Why shud we....(Rosa holds her hand quick and runs)
Musen:That was close.
Nadia:Sorry all,just getting powerful.
Andrina:Its cool.
Nadia:U all must be new,i...
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