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posted by MissAngelPaws
5. Diaspro
People hates Diaspro because they think that she aliiba Sky. How many times do I have to say this? Sky was supposed to marry Diaspro and Bloom just came and aliiba him! Diaspro had a reason for getting mad. How would wewe react if someone just came and aliiba your man?

4. Icy
Icy is one of the best villains that I ever fell in upendo with in a TV series. I like her personality and how she doesn't rest unless she gets what she wants. I also like how she hates Bloom. I was re-watching Season 1 and I loved how in the first episode, Bloom was weak and how Icy froze her XD

3. Tecna
I've loved Tecna...
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posted by Winx4eva
5. Mitzi
Lots of people hate Mitzi because she insulted poor sweet beloved Bloom. =P But I like her because of that. Insulting Bloom? Awh, yeah! That's ace! The other reason would be because of "The Lilo" episode. When everyone was like "Go Winx, wewe can do it!" she was like "Awh yeah, Trix!" and that's rare and funny at the same time. ;P

4. Stella
One word: sassy. She's sassy and girly like me, (sorta?). She's fashionable with primary colours while I'm fashionable with the gothic clothing style. Stella's the funny one and she always make jokes which make me laugh so hard! It's like getting my...
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posted by Alifya
Need some fun recipes for this year's Halloween party? Here they are!

Halloween peppers & oranges: wewe can use yellow and red peppers! Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth to make it look like a jack-o-lantern! wewe can use oranges as well!

Monster eggs: wewe need some eggs, hardcooked, cooled and peeled. Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth. wewe can use some olives for mouth, eyebrows and eyes!

Horror sandwich, sandwichi e tombstone toasts: wewe can make a mouth with a slice of curved celery au a carrot curl. Fill some with karanga siagi au cream cheese and orange-colored jam, jamu (like peach, pichi au apricot). wewe can also create tombstones!

Mummy Dogs: Cut crescent roll dough into thin strips and wrap, upangaji pamoja around hot dogs. Bake according to crescent package directions and use ketchup au mustard for eyes. Cut hot mbwa in half to make them bite-sized.
posted by Alifya
Hi girls! Here they are some tips to help wewe look beautiful!

Make up and spectacles? It's really simple. Try and match au balance it with your spectacle frames. So, if wewe have big frames, keep the make-up really simple. Perhaps simple kohl liner and that's it. Forget the eyeshadow and remember that mascara can play havoc if your glasses sit right up close to your face. Therefore steer clear. But, if your glasses are unframed, wewe can play up your eyes, so go for a neutral metallic shadow, volumising mascara and liner.

Lip Care: give dry, flaky lips the brush-off; add "brushing your lips" to...
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"Where's Tecna?" Asked Stella. "She's missing the cookies!" "Um.....Stella, these are kit kats, I'll think you'll find." Corrected Musa, plaiting her glossy long hair. "I knew that!" Lied Stella, shifting her eyes rapidly. "I really do hope so, Anyway, Tecna's probally not far.......Actually, I'm not sure, poor Tecna isn't really the sort of person you'll think twice about she just sorta blends in." Sighed Musa. "Now, I think this siku is special for some reason, but I just can't remember why." "Tecna did mention something, A bit earlier." Admited Flora. "But I'm not overly sure I was listening...
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 Which will wewe choose?
Which will you choose?
hujambo There winxies, It's Meeka yet again, with yet another article. But this should be a zaidi interesting makala because wewe all get to help select a story for me to write to jiunge kwa ongoing story The Truth Shall Capture You . I will have this makala up for a week before I put up a kura ya maoni asking which story wewe guys like the best and I will do that story. So without further ado, au how I like to say it, without further bullshit let's get started.


Unlucky Ducks
One siku while walking in the park. Bloom and Sky are approached kwa a woman...
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posted by yasmin124
10 Aishas Harmonix

you could say this is probley one Aisha best tranformations its really pretty the crown she has on her haid is very sea like i upendo it its gorgous shell her outfit is stunning she really is pretty in this tranformation i moyo it its wonderful though i dont like the hair that much

rating 9/10

9 Flora bunny outfit
very sweet outfit very adorable and cute totally my type of dress i would were to a custey ball au easter its totally stylin i upendo it its a very cutesty girly sweet pretty kind of style its soooooo adoable the image mak me want hug Flora soooo tight its very nice outfit...
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posted by zanhar1
His fingers moved slowly up and down her back, rough and mangled and in desperate need of such a soothing motion.

It still sometimes ached…delicate and tender from everything that had been done.

He promised he’d make up for it.

It was a dreary kind of relationship, the kind that wasn’t ever supposed to happen under such circumstances. But it had. They were childhood friends. They’d known each other before the war. They’d attended a school together…when schools were still ‘mixed’ as the people called it.

Three realms had once attended one school together; the Ice Kingdom, the...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so wewe don't have to! So I guess this is where they finally earn the pointless transformation (Or so I've heard) known as Harmonix. Well, let's just see how pointless it is, shall we?

The episode starts off with Tecna and Layla debating on whether au not they should open the Sirenix book. But, when Layla tries to open it, she can't. Musa and Flora soon onyesha up and tell the two that Miss Faragonda wants to see them all.

We go to Alfea's grounds where Bloom is still trying to rouse Sky's memories. She shows him a rose and goes on with some bullshit of how...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so wewe don't have to! So today the Winx will be traveling to Alfea. Oh boy...let's just hope beyond hope that they didn't completely screw the scenery and teachers over. /takes a deep breath/ So, let's get on with the review.

The episode starts off with *le gasp* an actual decent CGI shot? For once, they've used this technology correctly, the opening probably being the best one I've seen yet. But, I am soon slapped back into this horrible reality when I hear Faragonda's voice. It's bland. Just like all the others! Honestly, she sounds like Tecna au Flora...
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"thanx wewe gyes for saveing me " flora alisema cring
"i carnt beleve i nearly died"she coninue
"there there flora dont cry it not your fault but i have something to tell u know that u are her well u see i upendo wewe and i wanted to tell u sooner but before i could u died i never want to lose u again understood" alisema helia now bursting into tears
"understood i upendo u to" alisema flora as they kised
"so u see krystal helia dosent like u know which gives zaidi reson to kill flora dosent it".............
"yes but she will have helia still likeing her even if she dead"said krystal in anger
"then why dont...
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posted by zanhar1
Don’t stick two villains in a room together they said…

That’ll make everything all worse they said…

Had they not heard that two negative make a positive.

The life they had wasn’t much of a life really, but it was something and they kept each other company there in that dark dismal prison cell. He’d been convicted, not for hunting fairies, but for hunting…well…drugs. The man Lost his wife (the woman wasn’t much worth it anyhow) and his job, he need to make a living somehow.
Icy, she was slapped in there for the usual; trying to take over the world, stealing powers, harassing Bloom,...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I felt something rush through my veins. It was the blood pumping through my entire body again. I thought this can’t be real. I heard their voices as I fluttered my eyes open. I felt strong arms wrap, upangaji pamoja around my body. I was stiff at first until I realized it was Helia. I heard him whisper I’m glad I didn’t lose wewe this time. I thought to myself and realized I was alive. I stood up with his help. The Winx and I had a group hug like old times, but something didn’t feel right to me. We all decided it had been a long day, so we would all stay at the Spring Castle. With that everyone got back...
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posted by zanhar1
Her reflection was obscured kwa the filth on the mirror. It was dusty and old and cracking. All of Icy wanted to believe that what she saw was simply the product of the mirror being so dirty.

But running her hand over the dust and grim only served to dirty her pale skin. It did nothing to change her reflection.

Nothing to change that she was staring at someone who wasn't quite her. Someone with rather short, slightly Tangled hair.

Someone whose eyes were a hue au two darker and void of that evil sparkle they once held. They were bigger, and one could say, had a zaidi welcoming and soft glow to...
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posted by zanhar1
She dragged her body along the floor. Nails clawing and taring it the grass.

She fought for words but none escaped her lips.

It was agonizing to watch.

The girl gave a twitch. And then a cough. Blood splattered over her dress.

And Icy had never felt such anger in a long time. She didn't even like the fairy, but there was something about watching her suffer like this that made her fridge blood boil.

They were enemies, and yet, Icy felt obliged to fight in her defense.

Perhaps it was the 'nobody messes with her but me' mentality.

Whatever it was, Icy found herself on her feet and storming towards...
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posted by zanhar1
“Did wewe not know that it’s all a lie?”

It was the sekunde time Icy heard that same message. That siku anyhow. If she had to count the exact total…well she just wouldn’t be able to.

And the worst part was, she had no clue why people kept telling her this. At the start of the week it was a waitress at the restaurant she, Darcy, and Stormy ate at. And then it was one of her old classmates. And soon it was just bila mpangilio passerbys. And so Icy would zone them out.

She had better ways to spend her time than listening to them squawk. She had a school to destroy and a planet to conquer. And conquer...
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Author's Note: Here's my sekunde installment in this series-ish thing. Now here's one of the most voted for pop songs on my list; Florence + the Machine's "What the Water Gave Me". I hope wewe like it.

"And time goes quicker, between the two of us. Oh, my love, don’t forsake me, take what the water gave me..."

Layla made her way across the sandy beach. She watched as the sun began it's setting in the west, the waves lapping against the sand; allowing ripple-like patterns to be made against the Earth. There was a soft...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
This story will be about the Specialists' backgrounds (probably except Sky's, 'cuz he already has one). Nobody knows, so that's why. This's the first. Hope y' enjoy :)

Riven tried.
He really did.
But it wouldn't bother. She died. And he didn't. It still hurts.
Sometimes he thinks: wouldn't things be better if I open myself to others? But that wouldn't bother either.

"We will get out of here, will we?" She asked.
"Of course." He said.
"Of course. 'Till then, wanna play a game?"
"I'm too afraid to play."
"You don't have to be. It'll be fine."
"Allright then. Let's play."

He blames himself. If she...
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posted by 101musastella
Flora woke up from her dream. It was a nightmare to dream that Helia would hate her, it can never be into a reality, would it? She slowly moved her head from the pillow, and she sat on her pink kitanda with a pink-ruffled blanket with maua, ua designs. She turned her head and looked at the bed. Flora blinked. "It was all just a dream," She reminded herself. She sighed in relief. All her thoughts mixed together into her brain, still wondering about her dream. "Dreams don't usually turn into a reality," Flora alisema to herself. She walked to a round-edgy meza, jedwali which has a picture of Helia. She picked...
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flora was screaming and crying gasping for air but bella just grabed her tighter flora was going paler then ever and slowly was closing her eyes her finely words was this
"goodbye everyone"
as she shut her eyes compleatly
bella laught and drank the last pients of flora blood after that she got he straw and bit flora moyo aria and stuck her straw in flora moyo and drnk from there when there was no blood lrft to drink bella left flora on the floor and disapered the winx and specaialst were relested and was crying zaidi then ever
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