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Opinion by AgyJude posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Monica looked back, There they were, she had not Lost them!
"Dang it!" She thought out loud.She looked mbele one zaidi time and to her horror, she realized she was standing at the far end of the cliff. She turned back and saw the evil-looking people standing there.
"Ha Ha Ha! Whose laughing now?" They alisema in their oh-so-evil voices."We've got wewe cornered!"
"Hey! wewe look like my sister!" alisema Monica, looking at their leader.
"Yes, yes i do!" Replied the man, his voice turning into that of a women. "'Cause I am your sister my little dumpling. She took off her scarf and Monica gasped when she saw her sister Kiara standing in front of her.
Monica clapped her hands to her mouth in horror. She looked at another man who was standing behind Kiara.
"Oh no! It's not a man! It's my other sis!" Monica realized in horror.
"Mwaha ha ha ha!" Laughed Reesa taking off her scarf."Ha ha ha- cough! Cough!"
"You really have to work on your evil laugh!" alisema Kiara with a smirk. "So, where were we? Oh yes, i remember, so, what are wewe going to do? "
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sorry but this is terriblyCelestine banged on the door as hard as she could, but it wouldn't open. She made such a racket that her two roomates who were asleep got up and found her banging on the door.
Part 9
"I'm going to the other dorm", replied Clelestine, lifting up her heavy bag which was full of clothes,. "I've had enough!"
"But-" alisema Marine.
"Let her go", Fiona Interrupted.
"But Fiona, Cel is our friend", alisema Marine. "We can't just let her go like that....... Celestine, don't leave, i know Fiona was a little harsh on you, know her don't you...."
Celestine looked at Fiona, secretly hoping she would ask her to stay.
"I'm leaving", she alisema looking at Fiona from the door."Fine! That's it! I've made up my mind! Yes! I'm leaving."
Clestine strutted off carrying one bag in her hand and the other on her shoulder.
"Fiona!" alisema Fayne. "She's really hurt!"
"Who cares? I'm sure she'll come back soon", alisema Fiona. "Trust me, I know her better than all of wewe do. She used to be my arch-enemy last year. And my friend, the mwaka before last year."
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Hey i'm Flora!Remember??What's wrong with you?
(Flora woke up in front of the Alfea's gates)
Flora:I thought that i was in the corridors!How i get here?And where are the others?
(she walks and she went in Alfea )
Flora:I'll tafuta for the girls....
(She saw Bloom talking whith some girls)
Flora:Bloom??Hey Bloom!!Where are the others?
Bloom:Excuse me?
Flora:I ask where are the others?I don't know how but suddenly i was out of the gates and also wewe dissapeared.Where are the others?
Bloom:Are wewe talking to me?
Flora:Ofcourse Bloom!
Bloom:Sorry but ...who are you?
Flora:Hey..i'm Flora.Remember?What's wrong with you?
Bloom:Sorry but i don't know you!You must think that i am someone else
Flora:What?How can wewe say that?We have been in so many adventures together!!You are my BFF!
Bloom:BFF?Sorry but again!I don't know you!!
Flora:Ok.Relax...I don't know if wewe are playing a game but if wewe want to play then ok..
Bloom:I am not PLAYING!!i really don't know you!!
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Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt and my dressssss.......
Flora:i'm,really sorry Stella....i gonna pay them..:-(
Stella:(yelling)these clothes were the last and the only pieces of the ''Magix fashion''What i gonna do now????!!!!!Tell your plant to spit them!!!!!
Flora:I'm afraid that it can' eat them
Stella:grrrrrrrrrrrr.....AAAAAAAaHHHHHHHHHH i gonna kill that stupid plant......:-@
Fan fiction by Winxlove posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Bloom in her pyjamas
This is a fanfiction i made about the winx club tv show.hope wewe like it!oh,and please rate it and comment!Enjoy! :D

P.S:I know that the winx have ended the school of Alfea,but I'm doing it as their 3rd year.

*it was monday and the winx are waked up*
Flora:Bloom,wake up.
Bloom: I don't wanna go in school!OMG!!!!!Cough cough!*bloom do like she is sick*
Flora:oh,come on Bloom!I know that wewe are not sick!
Bloom:Well,you got me!Uff,I really wish that I won't tell the entire formules and all the other things of our last lesson...

*in fact*
Palladium:let's see...Bloom!
Palladium:Tell me the formules of doing the portion that we learned the last lession.
Palladium:Bloom,are wewe feeling ready?Have wewe learned for today?
Bloom:Well...I wasn't feeling okay...
Article by Winxlove posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Tecna in her Believix
Hello girls!I was bored and I don't have what to do,so I'm uandishi some things,you know just to pass the time.

I will talk today about Tecna.(don't say we know these things bored from these etc.but i ve got some new news.And winxfairy8080 asked me some infos about Tecna and Musa and today I'm uandishi about Tecna)

Origin:Tecna comes from Zenith.

Status:Normal girl(in comics she is a princess)

Powers:She is the fairy of tecnology and with her powers she can turn on/off anything tecnologic.

First her transformation was MAGIC WINX,a begginer's transformation:Her powers weren't so strong as they are now.She have little wings(she type a green button and her wings appeared in long triangle),a costume purple in marshmallow, some long boats purple and a strange electronic hat in her head that was puple in marshmallow with a green false gem.Her powers were zaidi worst than her powers day,but still they was avaible for very strong magics.
Guide by lovebaltor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Hi there! : ) Lol! I'm sorry for the long wait on this one! I was rather busy with other shabiki fictions and such =D But finally, here is the makala of info on Bloom! Enjoy!



Bloom was born on December 10th on the planet of Domino. But unfortunatley, her parents had to give her up soon due to that the Ancestrial Witches had attacked their nyumbani planet. Bloom's sister, Daphne, teleported her to Earth and to a new family. She grew up, not knowing that she was a fairy au who her real parents were. When she was 16, she finally realized that she was a fairy after meeting Stella, and headed off to Alfea. Her parents are also one of the parents of the Winx group who is seen many times through out the seasons. (Both her birth and adoptive parents)

While there, she made friends: Flora, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Layla/Aisha (In Season 2) and Roxy (In Season 4). She also met Sky, prince of Erraklion who goes to Red Fountain.
Fan fiction by Winxlove posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Continues from the last part.I hope wewe like it!

*stella running*
Stella:I can't believe that Brandon could do something like that to me !I hate him!

*the other winx*
Layla:Hey did I wronged au i saw Stella running and crying?
Bloom:Girls,we better go to her!

*winx comes to stella's door*
Flora:Stella,open the door,it's us,Winx!
Stella:Leave me alone!
Musa:Ouu!That looks serious!
Bloom:Girls,maybe she wants to talk with me!
Flora:let's leave Stella and Bloom for a moment,girls!
Bloom:Stella,please,open the door,I'm Bloom!
*stella transforms and flies from her window*
Bloom:Stella open the door!!Stella!
Bloom:She don't want to open the door!
Musa:Or maybe she isn't on it!Listen!
Layla:I don't listen anything!
Musa:yes,that's the problem!
Layla:Stella,please don't be pathetic,just open the door!
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Michelle, the girl who made the exchange with Rikki
Our girls finally arrived to Gardenia. Its 1:00 pm on Earth so they have the rest of the siku to meet the place where they are going to live. But first, they must meet the parenst of the girls with whom they are doing the exchange. Every girl has the direction and the names of the family. Its time to meet the family and the house our girls are staying for some months...

Resa: So girls, what is the name of the family wewe are going to live with?
Rikki: mine says Mr. and Ms. Lopez....
Vivienne: Mr. and Ms. Contreras
Ashley: Mr. and Ms. Hernandez
Brianna: Mr. and Ms. Maradiaga
Dakota: Mr. and Ms. Caceros
Meggie: Mr. and Ms. Najera
Resa: mine says Mr. and Ms. Dardon
Ashley: what does yours say Roslet?
Roslet: Mr. and Ms. Castañ I have to go (leaves)
Dakota: ok! bye Roslet!
Rikki: I hadnt hear of those lastnames before...
Resa: they are must comun in Earth than in any other planet...
Meggie: well what do wewe say if we go and meet those families?
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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All the girls (except for Roslet) are outside waiting for Brianna to start with the moto show. They are all sitting in front of here while she is prepairing everything

Meggie: are wewe ready Brianna?
Brianna: uummm yes...
Ashley: cool! then start
Resa: yeah! before Grizelda au Faragonda found us here
Dakota: oh come on Resa! what can they do to us?
Resa: uummm give us detention!
Vivienne: so? it will be just for once. its not that they will force us to leave the school!
Resa: maybe but I had never been in detention before and I am not planning to be in detention...
Rikki: well...then Brianna! start please!
Brianna: sure! (takes a deep breath) here I go!

[i] Brianna takes out 2 torches from her backpack and they get moto in both sides. Brianna started kwa making them spin in front of her. Then she throws one to the air while she is still spinning the other and then does the same with the other. After that, she throws both torches to the air and when she grabs them the moto disappears and suddenly 3 kind of moto rings appear around her. Brianna leaved the torches in the floor and made the rings of...
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Roslet, fairy of plants,flowers and nature
Teresa got to Alfea running. She was already late and they could not let her get in. She finally reach Alfea. She saw the last vichimbakazi get inside the school and it started to rain. Teresa also saw proffesor Grizelda, who was getting inside too. Teresa ran as fast as she could to reach Grizleda

Teresa: (out of breath) Im sorry...I know Im late. Im Teresa Mclean, from Dagobah
Grizelda: (looks at her) well yes, wewe are late. but wewe are also in the list....I was wondering if wewe were going to come
Teresa: well Im here. could wewe tell me what is my room?
Grizelda: (gives Teresa a key) Your dorm is the green one. It is conected with the machungwa, chungwa dorm with a relax room.
Teresa: (grabs the key) thank you!

It was hard for Teresa to find her dorm but she finally did. She was the last one of the girls in her dorm to get there. She has 3 zaidi roomates. She first saw one with blond, curly hair and one with black straight hair. They looked nice. Then she saw one with long straight red hair. They all looked nice!
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Stella: In her normal outfit for season 1
Hello again! :D Some people very much enjoyed my information on makala on Roxy and yes, I will be uandishi another one on...Stella! ;D Hope wewe like this one! ; )



Stella is the princess of Solaria, planet of the sun. She is the fairy of the sun, stars and the moon and she is 16 at her first appearance and was born on the 18th of August.

Her parents are of course, the king and Queen of Solaria and we see her father, Radius, a lot in the 3rd season. We don't see much of her mother, but see her in the first season while Stella was having a nightmare.

She is very close to all the girls in the Winx, but is particularly close to Bloom, who became close friends. (Due to that Stella was the one who introduced Bloom to the world of fairies)

Throughout the season, she and Brandon, a specialist of Red Fountain, stay very close to each other. Of course, they are boy friend and girl friend true and true thought out all 4 seasons.
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Roxy: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hello again! : ) Some were pleased on my latest makala on Layla (Aisha) and wanted to do, yes, another! :D Hope wewe like this one on, (Drumroll please! ;D) Roxy! Hope wewe like it! ; )



Roxy is the fairy of wanyama and is the Princess of Tir An Og. au zaidi commonly known as 'The Island of the fairies'. She is 19 years old at her first appearance and her birthday is on June 9th. Her parents are one of the parents in the series who are seen all the time in the series. We even get to learn the names of her parents: Morgana (Her mother) is Queen of Tir An Og and of the fairies. Klaus (Her father) works at a smoothie bar called; The Furity muziki Bar.

Roxy wasn't in the awali seasons and was introduced in season 4. She met the Winx when they tried to convince that she was a fairy. She doesn't believe them, and runs off leading the main bad guys of the season, (The Wizards of the Black Circle) and ended up making her dog, Artu, getting seriously injured and she recieves her Believix kwa believing that she can save him.
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And now the sekunde part(pleease maoni and go to see my ''a guide to edits made kwa 4Kids to Winx Club''and maoni ther too..:-):-)Hope wewe like it!!!

zaidi Than High School
(European title: "Welcome to Magix!")
We meet Stella and Bloom's roommates. Let's go over the edits (and non-edits):
Removal: A shot of a few students entering Alfea gets link
Not an edit: No one points out that Bloom's pet rabbit Kiko passes through the magic barrier perfectly fine in either version, but originally at least, they onyesha Kiko reacting to passing through just fine.
Addition / Visual: The shot of Stella talking to Bloom's parents actually goes on a few sekunde longer in the 4Kids version. Yeah.By adding a small blob of magic above Stella's hand, 4Kids has her inaonyesha Bloom's parents "The official Alfea slide globe. It comes complete with the school song!" Similar to Stella's description of Magix's schools last ep, it features clips from later eps. (Check out the blob...
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Layla (Aisha): In her normal outfit for season 2
Hello again! ; ) Everyone of course, probobly loved my earliest work on Musa! Hoped wewe like that one and now- for the inayofuata one on, (Drumroll! :D) Layla (Aisha)! Princess of Andros! Hope wewe like this one! ; )



Layla (Aisha) is the most active and sport loving girl in the Winx group. She was born on the 15th of June, and is the princess of her nyumbani realm Andros. Her parents are one of the girls parents who we see pretty commonly in the seasons. (3rd season especially)

Layla is Marafiki with all the girls, but is quite close to Flora. Througout the seasons, Layla (Aisha) states that she doesn't need a man in her life, but in season 3, meets Nabu. They become close, but in season 4, collapses and becomes unconscience. (It is not known if he is dead, au just in a magical reduced coma)

In season 2, she was the one who introduced the vichimbakazi to her pixie Marafiki (Who all bond with the Winx girls) A pixie bonds with her and it is Piff, pixie of sleep and dream. And in season 4, recieves Milly, a little white bunny.
Guide by lovebaltor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Musa: In her normal Season 1 & 2 outfit
Hello again! :D This is the third information makala in my series. And kwa maarufu demand, the inayofuata person will be... (Drumroll please!!!) Musa! :D Hope wewe like this one!



Musa is the fairy of muziki in the Winx group. She is very kind, energetic and always helps a friend in need. She is from the planet Melody (The Harmonic Nebula in the U.S version) and is the princess of her planet. She was born on May 30th and her parents are one of the Winx parents who get seen most often. Her father was a skilled musician and her mother, a skilled singer. They married, but her mother soon died after she became ill. Her father broke down and he and Musa grew far apart soon.

She and all the Winx girls are good friends, but she is quite close to Tecna.
During the series, she grows found of Riven: A tough, hard-shelled specialists from Red Fountain. In the first and sekunde season, they weren't too close, but grew closer and had a firmer relationship in the third and fourth season.
Article by lovebaltor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Flora in Believix
Hello! Me again! : ) Since some people liked my makala on Tecna, I thought that I would do another. But this time, on information on *Drumroll Please* Flora! :D Hope wewe like this one!



Flora was born on March 1. She is the shyest, most quiet and generous member of the Winx Club.

In the first few seasons, she stayed quiet and really didn't have a strong connection with the Winx. But soon, her bond grew stronger especially with Layla (Aisha in RAI English and the original) princess of Andros due to that she helped Flora gain confidence to talk to Helia. (Specialist of Red Fountain)

Her Marafiki call her "Kind" "Sweet" and "A very nice friend to have".

Soon, in season 2, Flora recieved her bonded pixie: Chatta, the pixie of chatter and gossip. And in Season 4, a little pink cat who she names Coco.

She also has a sister, Miele (Rose in 4kids) who she saves and recieves her Enchantix for doing so.
Opinion by Gretsel posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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i just want wewe to see the differnce between 4kids' winxclub and european winxclub...i will add as many episodes i can...hope wewe like it:-D
It feels like magic
(European title: "An Unexpected Event")
So, we meet Bloom and Stella. Let's see what edits this ep has to offer:
Rearrangement: The first ep starts, and there's already an edit. 4Kids opens with the shot of Gardenia panning to the apartment, but then cuts to Bloom biking to the park and running into Stella and her battle with a troll, and they don't onyesha Bloom waking up at her house, frantically getting dressed, talking to her parents, and meeting Mitzi (the snob) until segment two. In the original, it opens on Bloom waking up, frantically getting dressed etc., and it's not until several dakika into the onyesha that she runs into Stella's battle. A side effect of the rearrangement is that in some scenes "after" the battle (a minion rips Bloom's pants leg during the battle), Bloom's pants are perfectly fine, until she and Stella are in the bedroom and Bloom points at the ripped pants.
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Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hi everyone! : ) I was bored and decided that I was going to write a small series of information on all of the Winx girls! wewe may think this may be boring but it actually isn't! (The girls surprisingly have very interesting backgrounds.) Today, I will start with information on Tecna and then Flora and so on and so forth. This was my little introduction on I hope wewe like it! ; )



Tecna was born on the 16th of December and is the princess of the planet Zenith (Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy in RAI English) Her parents are the king and Queen of course and Tecna gets her smart from both sides of the family.

Of course, she is the fairy of technology and she went to Alfea when she was around 14 years old. While there, she made Marafiki (Flora, Musa, Stella and Bloom) she and Musa are paticularly very close friends.

While at Alfea, she met the Specialist: Timmy. They grew close and soon had a relationship.
Fan fiction by lovebaltor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Anna: The fairy of Plants that Terra battles
-After Faina and Juliet had battled and defeated their opponents, the battles of course, must go on! Who will be the inayofuata to battle? Well, let's find out...-

Palladium: That was excellent Juliet! But we still have a lot of people to go! Let's see, who will go next...Ah! Terra! I think wewe should go next!


All the girls laugh at Terra and her er- confident show

Palladium: Er- yes, I suppose...Terra, wewe will be facing Anna.

Terra: Who's that?

A girl with silky brown hair comes up, wearing a green shawl, scarf and short brown capris.

Palladium: Get ready,

Terra: Come on Winx! *Transforms*

Anna: Winx! Let's go! *Transforms*

Palladium: Go!

Terra: *Flies up* Take this! *Rocks form around her and are tossed like small, sharp spears*

Anna: *Flies up* EEK! Vine Sheild! *Blocks the attack*
List by Amber0639 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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moto Arrow
moyo of the Dragon
Force of Light- Helps humans believe in fairies
moto Ball
Dragon Furry
Heat Flare
Dragon Holocaust
Dragon Twister
Flame Shield
Flame Burst
Flaming Armor
Dragon Inferno
Dragon Rage
Flame Strike
Flaming mduara, duara Assault
Enchantix Dragon Sphere
Enchantix Flame Burst
Dragon Heart
Strength of Light- Healing Spell
Super Nova
Dragon Wing
Dragon Sphere
Inner Flame- Sophix
Ice Flame- Lovix
Ice Wall- Lovix
Frozen Dart- Lovix

Soler Storm
Solar Dance
Rising Sunburst
Solar Wind- Solaria Ring
Solar Sweeper- Ring
Sun Burst
Double Eclipse
Sun Shield
Enchantix Solar Sphere
Sunbeam Shower
Ocean of Light
Dawn of Light- Helps Humans Believe in Fairies
Sirius Shield
Solar Storm
Stardust Fury
Magic Rainbow
Fan fiction by Gretsel posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I made that when i was it's with ''you are the one''music(or e.g. unica, tu es la seule,mono esy etc)hope wewe like it!

I'm not alone

I feel so good today
i know that it's a super day
whith zaidi fun whith my friends
they are here for me again
whith them i can handle
the bad events of the day...
Whith them everyday it's an adventure...
and i like that because
i want everyday...
to open my wings and say...

That i'm not alone
(you know that we will always be near to you)
i feel strooooong...
(whith your Marafiki wewe musn't be afraid)
and i know that i'm in a fairytaaaale...
(you're a magical creature,didn't wewe know?)
i'm powerfuuuuulllll....
(come jiunge us and then you'll see that...)
I'm one winx...

enchantix and believix...
who can say that they aren't wonderful?
but to reach them
wewe must be imposible
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Agnes: how are they?
Grizelda: they are fine..just need to rest
Alexandra: well those are good news!
Nova: yeah! (about to enter to the room)
Grizelda: (stops her) wewe cant get in there
Nova: why not? my sister is in there! I need to see her!
Grizelda: wewe will see her as soon as she wakes up
Terra: what about Raven? can we see her?
Grizelda: no! she is resting too
Artemis: ough come on! just for a few seconds!
Grizelda: wait until they wake up...they will be up soon
Norse: (gets there) one of the girls already waked up...
Angelina: who?
Norse: the one with black hair...
Nova: thats Lisa!
Sara: can we see her now?
Norse: yeah...but be quiet because the other one is still resting
Katara: alright...thanks! (they get inside the room)
Lisa: (looks at the girls) girls! its nice to see you!
Nova: Lisa! (runs over to her) how do wewe feel?
Lisa: I feel better now (looks at Raven) but I think she doesnt...
Fan fiction by lovebaltor posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Lucy : The fairy of Darkness that Juliet Battles
-After Christina had faught, and defeated a fairy for an assigenment, now it was time for the rest of the girls to fight and onyesha off their powers in front of Professor Palladium-

Palladium: inayofuata up we have Faina!

Faina: *Takes a deep breath* Ok, here I go!

Terra: Goo Faina! OO! OO! OO! OO!

Juliet: *Giggles*

Leah: Yeah! Go get 'em Faina!

Faina: *Walks up to Professor Palladium* Um- Excuse me- Professor?

Palladium: Yes?

Faina: Who exactly I'm I battling?

Palladium: Oh yes! Right! *Claps hands and looks around* Farren! Why don't wewe come up here and battle Faina!

-A girl with long, blond, curly hair wearing a belly-shirt and jeans walks up-

Palladium: Alright, get ready-

Faina: *Nods* Winx! Let's go! *Transforms*

Farren: *Sighs* Winx! Come on and go! *Transforms*

Palladium: Go!

Faina: *Flies into the air*
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Love, love, love... wewe surely have experienced that terrible condition when wewe find yourself sighing for a boy who doesn't even notice you...First of all I'll give wewe advice: in gaining love, charisma has a very important role. Observe your own behaviour! Be aware of your own nervousness. Try to feel it as a ukuta between yourself and the person wewe wish to attract. Worry will always work against you. Say to yourself that wewe are going to enjoy yourself, use humour! Sometimes wewe really like someone but say nothing because wewe fear if wewe tell him, wewe would be rejected…be confident and try this spell! Good luck!

wewe will need:
-A mirror, most any kind.
-2 candles of any colour; pink is a good choice, as it brings friendship -and romance

In a comfortable place put a candle on each side of the mirror. Light the candles ... turn down, au off, any artificial light. Now, sit down in front of the mirror, gaze at your reflection. Relax. Notice all your good qualities and focus on them. Then say aloud how wonderful wewe are! Smile at yourself! State all the positive aspects of your personality, (your humour, your...