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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Thx to princess-flora for getting me out of my writers block :p check out her story floras secrets its really good ;p

The Winx and Specialists were laying out on the beach, watching the sun set over the calm waters in front of them. Autumn sat in between Flora, her best friend, and Ike. It was silent as they both listened to the birds and let the breeze carry their hair. Autumn giggled when she saw Helia begin to draw her and Flora.

" you're so in love!" She teased. Helia just chuckled in reply, but continued to draw. All of a sudden,...
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posted by lovebaltor
Once I stood behind my man,
We had all eternity,
Until she came and took it away.

Sorrow now fills my mind,
This upendo is killing me...
He is no longer mine...

He's gone away,
Leaving me in all my misery,
Just to be with her.

The lucky red-headed,
Blue-eyed princess,
Who seems to be the best thing to ever grace this Earth...

He was my beloved,
We were to be one,
Why did he have to leave?

This is the moyo wewe have left yearning; soul that burning died,
These are the eyes that still are crying,
Tears I'm trying to hide;

I'm his forgotten bride...

Once I stood beside my man,
In love; hand-in-hand,
Tell me why...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At Amazonia

Diana: We have to go see them
-Flora just nodded-

-They teleport to the planet of Linphea, Flora and Diana tafuta for the Flora's adoptive parents house. When they found them, Flora look at them for an instant and she could see they were looking upset. Flora knew that instant that it was all true, but instead of yelling at them, she runned to their arms and started to cry-

Flora: Mom, dad... I miss wewe so much
Both: We too honey
-Diana walked zaidi closer without even saying a word, just looking at the liars who took their daughter away from her side-
Flora's mom: Diana..
- Flora's mom took...
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posted by CyD12
Bloom: What?!?
Stella: Why?!?
Flora: Who did it?!?
Tecna: we really dont know who was the guy...
Musa: it wasnt someone we saw before..
Bloom: where did they go?
Tecna: the guy mention Andros but im not sure if they went there..
Roxy: hey, Piff was with her?
Stella: yeah! Piff is always with Layla! like Amore is with me... talking about Amore, where is she?
Bloom: Amore is with Lockette and kiko..
Flora: i think Piff is with Layla cause she isnt here...
Bloom: hey! maybe lockette can find Layla and Piff!
Tecna: good idea!
Digit: i will call her... *leaves*
Lockette: *coming with Digit* im not sure if i can...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"Y-you?!?" Julien asked in astonishment.

"Yeah it's me" Dean alisema with a smirk.

"You just don't give up, do you?"

"Just keep in mind I could kill wewe with a flick of my fingers." Dean said, an angry glint in his eyes. Julien sighed in frustration.

Autumn POV

The doctor walked into the room with Ms. Faragonda right behind him.

"Miss F? Why are wewe here?" I asked, worry engulfing me.

"Autumn, we can try to heal your leg, but I'm afraid that your condition is too critical for wewe to be leaving Alfea. I'm sorry to say that wewe are to stay here while the others tafuta for Julien."

"What?!? With all do respect...
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You can use all these words on this club au any other club related to Winx :D For those who wants to use bad words, I've replaced them with something zaidi appropriate and related to Winx ;)

These verbs describe what you're doing. Example, if you're fangirling Winx, just say you're Winxing :D If you're madly insane with Enchantix, say you're and Enchantixing!

- Winxing
- Trixing
- Specialisting

- Charmixing
- Enchantixing
- Believixing
- Sophixing
- Lovixing
- Harmonixing
- Sirenixing
- Bloomixing

- Blooming
- Stelling
- Floring
- Musing
- Tecning
- Layling/Aishing
- Roxing
- Daphning


- Winxtastic...
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So this chapter isn't actually the real version so to speak. For the sake of fanpop's terms and conditions I'm posting a censored version of the chapter, if wewe want to read the real one, it's on my fanfiction account.
Fair warning this will be a zaidi explicit chapter. Also gonna be shorter.

"This is all my fault." Darcy winced. "I shouldn't have listened to them. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Maybe wewe were thinking of the gun at your head?" Duman declared.

Icy lifted her hand, willing a sphere of ice into her open palm.

"They say a bullet travels faster than magic. Wanna find out if it's...
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posted by Princess-Flora
now that I've finished Betrayal, and Change it's time to choose the inayofuata story.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
I got the idea to make this the sequel to the war and it also came to me when I was learning about psychological disorders in my AP Psych class back in March. This shabiki fiction will be in Flora's p.o.v and the mwezi leading up to her wedding siku in a diary style and it will be how she is dealing with Helia's, Krystal's and Savannah's death.
Lights. Camera. Action.
the long awaited sequel to Worldwide a songfic based on Big Time Rush's song Worldwide and the sequel will also be a...
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posted by florasedge31
*Lily is now apart of the winx. Read spelled before wewe read this.*

The winx walked down to the restaurant in magix.
They made their orders for brunch. (Pictures below of what they ordered). When their chakula came they all dug in.
"This restaurant is amazing." Musa alisema while wiping syrup off her mouth with a napkin.
"Agreed." Everyone else said.
Then there was silence as everyone ate their food.
~After eating~
Flora's POV~
When I push my plate towards the middle of the meza, jedwali I hear my phone beep in my pocket. I pull it out of my pocket. It was a text from Helia. He wanted me to meet him on the outside...
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posted by florasedge31
 The jewel on Lily's staff
The jewel on Lily's staff
Previously on spelled...
"Flora?" She asked.
Flora waved at Aisha and then pointed at Lily. Aisha looked in that direction and was shocked to see Lily.
"Aisha, I know wewe probably like what on earth is going on but wewe have to get us down from here quickly." Lily said.
Aisha nodded. She used her magic to make a beam to cut the vines holding Flora and Lily. They dropped down both landing on their feet.
"Thank wewe Aisha!" They both alisema while hugging her.
"Okay, okay we gotta go tell the other's now." Aisha alisema while they departed from their hug.
They all ran out the room and started running...
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posted by Princess-Flora
First off I am glad that season 5 continues after its long winter break. I absolutely loved their swimsuits they showed each of the girls unique personalities. The episode I hope will onyesha the younger kids don't throw away what can be recycled and no matter what wewe can do it can spark a movement to help end pollution in the oceans and on land. On the other hand sirenix is over the juu there is the 2-D land version, the CGI infinite ocean version and the 2-D version in water. Also the Dark Sirenix for the Trix looks like they got in a fight with octopuses and lost. Another thing is their transformation...
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posted by nugget14
 Priscilla in civilian outfit
Priscilla in civilian outfit
Priscilla is one of the students of Alfea. She is sometimes seen in wingu Tower could mean that she is a transfer student like Mirta but the reverse a fairy wanting to be a witch. She is most seen with Luna and Katy.

Priscilla has marroon hair with a bob-cut style. Her civilian form is a chokaa green tank juu and miniskirt with matching sandles. Her fairy form consits of dark green juu with matching skirt, ndama high dark green boots and a lighter green handless gloves. Her wings are shaped like leaves, which are green.
 Priscilla in magic winx outfit
Priscilla in magic winx outfit
posted by tslol99
Musa and Riven r in the ship and some tecnical difficltys start happening
Musa: Riven r u sure
Riven: No thats y I alisema I think
Musa: Okay do u want me to do anything to help
Riven: No I can do it all kwa myself
Musa: Sorry I didnt mean to affend u au something
(Musa walks to a kiti, kiti cha in the back away from Riven)
Riven: Musa sorry I'm kinda freaked right now and I sorry if I made u mad
Musa: Its ok I just want to help so can I do anything
Riven: Not at this dakika but I'll tell u if there is
Musa: Ok
Riven: Ok I need help
Musa: What what is it
Riven: I need u to put a protective barrier around the ship
Musa: Ok sure
(puts the barrier around the ship)
Riven: Ok good now I think we r good for right now
Musa: Goo...

(A big shake and Musa falls pretty hard and hits her head and gets nocks out)
Riven: Musa (puts the ship on auto pilot) Musa Musa can u hear me MUSA!!!

To Be Continued...
Previous Chapters:


"You should believe her, wewe know?" Darcy said.

"Uh, where did they come from? And who are they?" Joshua asked. The Trix laughed and my natural instinct kicked in, I leaped in front of everyone and kept them behind me.
"Get out of here!" I screamed. Darcy face darkened and she sent a magic orb towards me. "Reflective mirror," the spell bounced off my reflective shield and hit Stormy. I looked at Joshua, "I'm a fairy," he looked at me in a questioning manner but I decided I should transform. "Stella Charmix!" My usual attire appeared and...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Author's note: this chapter is in the point of view of the person in the black hoodie. Also this story is currently my longest story since Worldwide had 20 chapters which was my longest one and now this one has that beat since this is the 20th chapter and it still is going strong.
-----Unknown p.o.v
I’m sitting back in my room thinking about my plan. I laugh, but not loud enough for anyone to notice because I’m closer to the Winx than anyone would think. Well I used to be close to them, but then they left for Earth and when they came back they totally forgot about...
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posted by stellawinx101
"Flora, thank goodness!" screams Layla when Flora flies to her. "I know and something's not right about that guard, killing me?" says Flora. "They all are finished!" ametoa maoni Bloom. "Liliane, sweetie," says the king. "Yes?" asks Liliane. "Stella, she.." - "Don't talk about it!" cuts Stella.
"King Belia, please let us be sisters again. "Well,.. alright," says King Belia. Stella and Liliane cheered.
Everything ended well and they all were happy except for Bloom. Will Bloom find her real parents? That swali is playing in her mind.
Tecna wants to return to Zennith but cannot make a decision. Will she go there?

XP nothing to say here. inayofuata chapter is Tecna's POV//Point Of View.

Rise Up, Truth/Stella's POV~

This has got to be the worst siku of my life. Fighting is one of my hobbies, but it's my 10th favorite. I just painted my nails three hours zamani and now they're all damage. Dang it!

"Stella, look out!" Layla shrieked and looked at me. I used one of my spells, "Light Diamond!" and defended myself. That was close. My nails almost got injured! Bloom looked at me in a sarcastic way. "What?" I asked. "When wewe defended yourself wewe look like wewe were protecting something." Bloom answered. Oh goodness..she...
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 Meeka's Take on Dark Bloom
Meeka's Take on Dark Bloom
Bada badum ba ba bam. wewe guys are ready know who I am so no sense in saying my name au anything so let’s just start shall we?

This take I shall say my thoughts on Dark Bloom Suggested kwa Victoria (SummerThunder)
This will be a rather short take but oh well.
I will do my thoughts on her appearance and what she did in the one episode she was in.
So lesh do dis. ( `’ ~’) <Tried to make a face, wewe like?


As far as the appearance goes. I don’t really mind. All the light blue turned to Navy blue. Yay. Her wings got sharper. Supes dangerous! Her crown turned grey, shocker! and she...
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posted by florajames
Do I look ok Stella? Perfect. Stella helped her pick out the dress, shoes and did her makeup. She left her hair down.Flora was wearing a Green trim on juu and bottom and pink in the middle knee length dress. A green head band with a blood red rose on the side, matching earrings too. Then there was a knock. I'll get it alisema Bloom as she opened the door and Helia came inside cringing a bundle of red, pink, and white roses for Flora. Then Flora came out and saw Helia, he looks handsome in his dress clothes. Helia was wearing a black tux and black pants.

Helia's Pov.She looks so beautiful.
No Pov....
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I've got nothing to say. But if wewe ask me why it's called Séphlore, I don't really know. The name just pop out of my head last Friday on November 15, 2013. I was originally going to name it Yarxaar au Paelös; but they sound quite boring. In the end, I chose Séphlore. In this chapter, there's no point-of-view.

The Book of Séphlore; Part 1~

Flora was anxious. She still couldn't get a decision. Her hands were beginning to sweat as she took out the red gem out of her pocket; looking at it. Flora sighed. She put the red gem back into her pocket. She paused for a moment.

Her rage was out of control....
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