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posted by Princess-Flora
>1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?
I was really happy.Thank wewe guys :D
>2. inayopendelewa Character?
Daphne. Though i think I'm the only one who still likes her this much.
>3. Least inayopendelewa Character?
Well,at first it was Layla,but now Bloom.
>4. inayopendelewa Transformation?
Enchantix. I like how the wings made them look like real fairies.
>5. Least inayopendelewa Transformation?
Mythix. Too much make up,believix shoes,and the hair is so flat and lifeless.
>6. What do wewe like about the Winx Spot?
I like the links,the forums,but mostly,I like how everybody here is really nice.It...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Our relationship has been anything but smooth, yet I wouldn’t give it up for the world because I should be over all the butterflies but I am not because I’m in upendo with you. I’m lucky I found wewe because we might fight but wewe are the other half of me. Also wewe are one of the few who can cheer me up when I’m down and the same applies to you. As we drive I sit in your truck in the passenger’s seat. The song that comes on instantly cheers me up because we had our first dance to it when we were freshmen. I was too happy to realize wewe were driving on an abandoned road and not the highway...
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So apparently on the sekunde siku of WCSC (Winx Club Specialists Countdown), Sky was voted off. link. He was voted 67%, Riven and Timmy were voted 11% and Nabu and Helia were voted 6%.

link commented:

Like I alisema before, he's completely a Gary-Stu boring guy.

link commented:

I'm still going with Sky.

link commented:


link commented:

I don't like him that much wewe know.

I agree with all the maoni against him. Such a Gary-Stu selfish doorknob.

Stay tune for the inayofuata round!
posted by florasedge31
 Zendaya C.
Zendaya C.
The winx ran onstage.
"Hey everybody!" Musa yelled in the mic.
"The band that was supposed to be coming is running a little late so we're gonna be playing for wewe for awhile." Musa continued then picked up her guitar.
"Hope wewe enjoy." Bloom alisema into her mike.

Beat of my drum
by Zendaya
( link)
^link if wewe haven't heard it:)

*After song and audience applause The other band enters and walks backstage.*
"Thank you!" Bloom alisema in the microphone and then the winx exited off the stage and went backstage.
"Their all yours." Bloom alisema to the band.
The band nodded at them and went onstage.
The winx got back...
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posted by florasedge31
The students of Alfea were in their dorms doing whatever it was that they were doing.
Ms. Faragonda came over the microphone.
"Students of Alfea. I am happy to announce that on May 3rd we will be having a school dance to celebrate 2000 years since the school opened. Red kisima, chemchemi students will also be attending this event so look your best." She announced.
"Have a nice weekend." She finished. Then turned off the mic and went to write on some paper.

~The winx~
"MAY 3RD!?" Stella yelled.
"But it's April 30th today so we only have 4 days to find perfect outfits! This is TERRIBLE!" Stella complained.
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posted by Princess-Flora
 Arrival siku
Arrival day
*****NOTE this whole chapter is in Flora's point of view, and with the dance season over until intensives and nationals I will try to be on zaidi and also this story will be coming to an end very very soon.
After a few hours of driving we finally arrived at the place that would be my nyumbani for the inayofuata 3 months. It was this gargantuan building that absolutely terrified me; but at the same time it seemed so familiar like I had been here before. The doors to the building opened up to reveal two people both where girls one looked...
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posted by CyD12

Lisa: hujambo Raven! we are going to Magix
Raven: (reading) good for you
Nova: wanna come?
Raven: not really...I have something else to do
Buuke: oh come on Raven! it will be fun!
Angelina: yeah! and the boys will be there too!
Buuke: I change my mind! it wont be fun!
Raven: well I wont change my mind! (keeps reading)
Artemis: I think wewe should go Raven!
Raven: but I wont!
Gwen: just for this time Raven! just go and have fun for once!
Alexandra: yeah! dont wewe get bored of kusoma and meditating?
Raven: actually I dont
Agnes: just for today please!
Raven: If I say yes wewe will leave me alone?...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Edward and Alphonse Elric
Edward and Alphonse Elric
My new crossover story of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with Winx Club. Thanks Zannie for helping me coming up with the title.

Plot: Bloom and the girls are in an another fight with the Trix, but for some reason the witches became much stronger than they are. For this, all the Winx but Bloom Lost their wings and powers. They consult the help of the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse, though Ed doesn't believe they are vichimbakazi until Bloom reveals to him that she and the others are fairies. Ed agrees to help them unless they help him find The Philosopher's Stone. The Winx make a deal. Bloom soon learns about his enemies that Ed has to face, she meets Lust and Envy. Will the girls get their powers back with Ed and Al's help au will their enemies win? But they receive some additional help from Colonel Roy mustang and his partner Riza Mustang, and some zaidi help from Alex Louis Armstrong and Maes Hughes. They all agree to help out even if there's a killer on the loose.
 Colonel Roy mustang
Colonel Roy Mustang
 Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
 Alex Louis Armstrong
Alex Louis Armstrong
 Maes Hughes
Maes Hughes
 Winry Rockbell
Winry Rockbell
« Caption Contest #22 WinnerTHURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Aisha the Secondary Leader? »
How Do wewe Solve a Problem Like Diaspro?
Bloom, Rivals, Romance, Season 6, Sky kwa The Oblivious Prattler
Last episode, Diaspro upgraded from upendo potions to murder in her plot to win back Sky.
Two maswali came to my mind while I was watching:
After everything she’s done, who’d let her anywhere near Sky and Bloom? I guess Eraklyon doesn’t care what happens to its future king and queen!
Does Diaspro really think Sky would take her back if she did succeed in killing Bloom?
The first answer’s easy: the...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora’s p.o.v
I was sitting in my room during free period, catching up on everything I missed last week. It was extremely quite in here but I didn’t mind it was actually nice until it was interrupted kwa the creaking of the door that brought in my friends, our pets and the pixies. Once they came into our room they all asked how I was doing, and I replied fine. After a few dakika of talking, my phone went off and told everyone to be quiet. They asked who it was from and I alisema I didn’t know; but I picked up the phone anyways.
Flora: Hello
Other line: Hello this is the director of the movie,...
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Icy was certain that she and Darcy would have victory this time. Naturally wingu Tower would be the first to go.

As always.

Icy kicked in the door.

"Die potato." Darcy put on her sunglasses.

"Not today." Remarked the only witch remaining in the school. She reported away.

"Where the Hell is everyone!?" Icy frowned.

"Dear, Icy, Darcy, and wingu Hair….Cloud Hair!? Hey!?" Stormy started kusoma the note she found on Griffin’s desk. "When we heard that wewe were going to take over the world again we decided to take a school wide vacation…without wewe three >:) we’re tired of wewe guys going...
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posted by Princess-Flora
We slipped on our fishnets, and our mini skirts. Once we were dressed we brushed out our luscious locks and applied make up like a boss. The six of us were fierce as beauty queens. We grabbed our purses from under the beds and strutted down the halls of Red kisima, chemchemi like the queens we are.

On the bus to the clubs, we saw the Winx but luckily they didn't notice a thing, but Stella did compliment us on our superb outfits. Once we arrived in Magix, the six of us went to hit the klabu while the Winx went the other way. We were lucky because none noticed who we actually are, even though Tecna looked...
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posted by Princess-Flora
note this one-shot was inspired kwa a dream where Flora was being chased and to protect everyone she loved she had to run away for the fear au them au herself being killed. She then goes to Earth and falls in the arms of someone else who helps her ease the pain of what she left behind while this shabiki fiction is in the Helia's P.O.V and how is he waiting everyday for her just to come back because she left without a reason, goodbye and a trace; but, with a twist at the end. So hope wewe like it.

I sat there in the nyasi waiting for you. I know it’s been two years since...
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hujambo everyone,
So I decided to make an makala including my inayopendelewa people on the spot. I was actually planning this from a long time and decided to make it today. I also want to thank all the people on the spot for being there... And for being all together in good au bad times! The people below are the reason why this is the best spot on Fanpop.

lovebaltor (Aurie)
She's one of the first people I met here on the spot. She's always nice to everyone and I just upendo kusoma her arctiles so much, lol! But anyways, Aurie is definitely one of my inayopendelewa people here on the spot. Always helpful and I...
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posted by jinx_club123
The witches: ( evil laugh ) hahahaha
Ardin: Finally. She will become evil and i will rule Magix.
Flora: ( evil laugh ) hahaha.
At Alfea..............
Techna: So, girls have wewe found Flora.
Girls: Not yet, Techna.
Bloom: Let's try again tomorrow girls, it's the middle of the night.
Stella: ( yawns ) Bloom's right, so let's sleep and tomorrow we'll find Flora.
Ardin's Hideout..........
Flora: I feel dark energy inside me and what happened!!!!!!!
Ardin: The winx, Flora, they left wewe and i found wewe in the forest, So Flora, will wewe help us defeat the Winx.
Flora: Yes, Ardin i will help wewe all.
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn ran through the forest, tears streaming down her face. 'How Could he say that?' She thought. 'I thought our relationship was better than this!' Once she found a clearing, she sat down kwa a lake and let her tears and sobs go. She eventually cried herself to sleep, not realizing that the others were looking everywhere for her.


"Autumn? AUTUMN?!?" Riven called. The others did the same.

"Riven, would wewe shut up? I found her, she's sleeping." Helia hissed.

Helia slowly and carefully picked her up and brought her back to the others. They decided...
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It's a new mwaka for all alfea faries! And a dangerous one too! The Winx Club girls are gonna face new enemies! Would They be able to defeat them? Read All the Winx Story and u will know!
One siku In Alfea The Girls are teaching the students!
"Today We will start our class.." say bloom.After the class finish The Girls go to their room."im excausted being a teacher its not easy"says stella."Of course! know u know how it's feel to be a teacher!"says Musa."Yeah im still thinking what will happen in this new year?"
says Stella."Of course it's gonna be great! we have to live our new life!"says Bloom."Yes...
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posted by CyD12
Agnes: how are they?
Grizelda: they are fine..just need to rest
Alexandra: well those are good news!
Nova: yeah! (about to enter to the room)
Grizelda: (stops her) wewe cant get in there
Nova: why not? my sister is in there! I need to see her!
Grizelda: wewe will see her as soon as she wakes up
Terra: what about Raven? can we see her?
Grizelda: no! she is resting too
Artemis: ough come on! just for a few seconds!
Grizelda: wait until they wake up...they will be up soon
Norse: (gets there) one of the girls already waked up...
Angelina: who?
Norse: the one with black hair...
Nova: thats Lisa!
Sara: can we see...
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As this countdown was between 10 characters, the characters which are eliminated are:-
Lovebaltor: Bloom of course. I don't see how Stormy is in the lead—I actually find her to be rather pretty.
Zanhar1: Oh come on, how is Bloom prettier than stormy?! I think Stormy is really pretty.
MissAngelPaws: I also think that Stormy is pretty and I agree that most people hate Stormy for her hair. Just looking at Bloom makes me sick :P
Stellamusa101: I used to think Stormy was, but now Bloom – look at her makes me sick I agree with MissAngelPaws. xD

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Here's the absolute very first chapter of To whom I share blood with that wewe guys selected as one of the stories wewe wanted me to write out of 6 selections. The first Chapter of Futuristic is a work in progress. This first chapter is zaidi of an aftermath of what happened in the Epilogue of The Truth Shall Capture You. If wewe did not read it wewe should probably read that before kusoma this so it makes sense a little bit, au since it's been a while maybe wewe could link . This chapter will be zaidi of Flora, but the inayofuata chapter will start to Introduce Tecna's problem. Enough chit chat, I'm sure...
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