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 winx as WITCH
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posted by missdada15
TRIX Back-story (judging on the personality and some facts.)

This makala doesn't prove anything,it's just based on opinion and it came to be because of my curiosity of psihology.

Yes,i do know the characters are made up but they still have something that makes them pretty ¨real¨(Something that makes them act different then other people-personaliy.)

We all know the back-story au atleast we can put it together kwa seeing,hearing something of the winx 's family.

What do we know about the Trix?

Not much but here is some info:

-Icy's nickname was scoop icy.(Because she ate to many ice-cream)
-Darcy used...
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posted by lovebaltor
AN: Wow, I actually updated this faster than I expected. (And considering the state I was in for the past few days.) I was really happy that so many people liked the sekunde chapter, and I'm glad I improved on uandishi out certain characters. So, keep up the reviews and constructive maoni readers! Enjoy this chapter.


Faragonda had aliyopewa the five girls traveling to Earth (Midna, Alysa, Glitter, Angela and Rochelle.) specific instructions on how to find the Winx, and how to successfully bring their human spies into...
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posted by LavenderLily
Part 2: The Trix appears.
Bloom: Oh no! Musa where are you?
Stella: I`m sure she`s kidnapped kwa bad guys.
Flora: Bad guys? But i thought we don`t have bad guys to fight right now.
Tecna: Looks like we have got a mission, girls.
Layla: Yes. We got to hurry before anything bad happens to Musa.
Tecna: Wait! First of all we have to find where is she.
Bloom: That`s not a problem. Winx Believix!Winx Tracix!Show us the past!
The past: The girls were sleeping when the shadow of 3 mysterios women showed up.The first women had long ponytail hair.Next women had a cload like frizzy hair.The last women had long...
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posted by lovebaltor
 The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
AN: And here's the anticipated, part 3! :D
Enjoy and don't forget to maoni and review! :3


Roxy awoke, her vision blurry, to find no one standing above her. She got up, to find that she had a terrible migraine. She moaned, and rubbed her head. She glanced around the room once more. Great... Did they fucking tranqualize wewe au something? She rubbed her temples, as she glanced at the door, as though waiting for someone to come in. She rolled her eyes, and collapsed onto her bed, letting sleep engulf her...


She was running, no, walking, through...
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posted by tslol99
Stella just found out she has a sister

Stella: My WHAT!!!
Stella:s mom: Your sister she is going to Alfea inayofuata year
Stella: inayofuata YEAR
Stella's mom: Guys give us a sec please u can get t know Cassie Cassie y don't u onyesha them your room
Musa: Ok come on Cassie right
Cassie: Yes

the others leave Stella and her mother with and go into Cassie's room

Brandon: Sooo Cassie aaahhhhh what do u like to do
Cassie: I like to read write walk my cat FB
Tecna: What does that stand for
Cassie: maua, ua Bloom
(everyone looks at Flora and Bloom both girls blush)
I know but I named her that before I even heard of Bloom
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posted by tslol99
Musa just got knocked out kwa the rubble of the ship and Riven is well freaking out

Riven: Musa! Musa! Musa can u hear me! Musa!
(Riven thinks that the only way to get Musa help is to get her nyumbani first so he jsut drives the ship back to Magicx)

When he gets there Riven walks out of the ship with Musa in his arms

Bloom: Riven what happened to Musa
Riven: The ship started to shake from something outside and she fell and hit her head pretty hard
Flora: Lets take Musa to the clinic

at the clinic

Layla: Nurse is she going to be ok
Nurse: I don't know Layla I really don't
(turns to Flora and starts crying)
Stella: Bloom
Bloom: Yeah Stella
Stella: Don't u have the Dragan Fire
Bloom: Yeah I do what about it
Stella: Well u can heal her with it can't u
Bloom: Yeah I can
(Layla turns back around and wipes her eyes)
Layla: Then y don't u already

Bloomtrys to heal Musa but cant

Bloom: I can't my power isnt strong enough au something

To Be Continued...
 when Riven came out of the ship
when Riven came out of the ship
posted by tslol99
Musa just found out that her dad lied to her

Tune: And lieng is not propper manners
Musa: Okayyy dad y would u do that
Musa's dad: That is not the only thing its u rarely call anymore and the last time I checked your grades they seemed lilke they were slipping
Musa: Thats not the piont u lied to me
Musa runs off with Tune behind her

Riven just got to Melody and is lost

Riven: Where in the world am I
a bila mpangilio person: U r in Melody of course but to b zaidi spasific u r in Quarter Note
Riven: Okayyyyy um do u know were Rhythum...
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