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 flora and helia married
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sanaa ya shabiki
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 Trinx Club!!!!!!!
Trinx Club!!!!!!!
(Hey all,ready for my ff,then here it is)

Andrina:Wow,this place is cuuuuute!
Rosalind:Ummmmmmm,excuse em ya(MEXICAN FOR EXCUSE ME),can u tell me where miss faragonda's office is?
Adnrina:Sorry,I am new!
Musen:Coincidence,i am new too!Hey,i am musen.
Andrina:I am andrina!
Rosalind:Well,hi i am Rosalind,Rosa for short.
(Suddenly they see a wave outside)
Rosa:Is there any lake nearby?
Rosa:I don't know but i think we shud run!!!!!
Andrina:Why shud we....(Rosa holds her hand quick and runs)
Musen:That was close.
Nadia:Sorry all,just getting powerful.
Andrina:Its cool.
Nadia:U all must be new,i...
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The Scene
Tecna and Calypso left the underground hideout and went back to Alfea. They ran straight to Ms. Faragonda's office.
"Ms. Faragonda!" Tecna yelled while busting in the room.
Ms. Faragonda looked up at the two.
"Tecna, what's wrong?"
"The winx, the specialists, their...their gone. They've been kidnapped!" Tecna yelled.
Ms. Faragonda stood up.
"How did this happen?" She asked.
"Yesterday after Flora and Helia were kidnapped we all and Krystal decided to go find them. We thought that maybe Lydia and Darko took them. So Krystal took us all to their hideout so we could try and rescue them....
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shabiki video
winx club
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