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Hello guys, it's me again, your friend LoveFlora. Here is new chapter for DWSHEA? I am sorry about late updating, but I just got back from my grandparents with my brother. Okay, this chapter was already ready before I left there, but I was too lazy to publish it. I hope that wewe guys aren't mad at me. I could have updated at them, but biggest parts of my time there we was at their summer cottage because I needed to collect plants for my school example, even though I didn't want to be in there... -.- But luckily my aunt collect some of plants for me. :D I just recognized and dried them. Unfortunately...
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Here I am again with zaidi opinions to report. ;) This time I decided to give my input on the ever famous Bloom vs Icy debate.

Over on the most hivi karibuni (as of 6/6/14) Bloom vs Icy kura ya maoni I ended up leaving an makala long maoni backing my choice. I decided to retype that here and add even zaidi opinions. Enjoy. And no I am not trying to offend Bloom fans

The only reason I think Bloom wins any fight is because she as 1.) mwandishi bias on her side and 2.) The 'the main character always wins' rule on her side. If she were any other character--particularly a villain, her fighting skills would be a big...
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