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(MY flight got cancelled. thats why im posting now. And I removed the brother of Flora, its weird, so yeah, I removed him. So if anyone asks, why didnt wewe put the part of the brother? I removed him now. super sorry about that ! )

*Flora ran to her house*
Flora: Mielle ! (or Rose, but for now its Mielle) where are wewe sweetie?
Mielle: FLora!
Flora: Mielle,!
*both hugged each other*
Mielle: Dad's in his room.
Flora: Lets check him out.
*they went to his room*
Flora: Dad, are wewe ok? I heard that wewe were badly wounded.
Dad: Im ok honey, but wewe mom... wewe should look for her.
Flora: Oh yeah.. she go kidnapped....
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posted by iwatchthestars
(part 4 ! i wont post in a few days, because ill be gone a few days...hope wewe like it)

Flora: what is it wewe want to say??
Karel: remember the time when I met wewe in the mountains and the time we talk to each other.
Flora: Ofcourse I remember !
Karel: ever since then... I started to like you... I upendo wewe Flora
*flora was so shocked she cant even make eye contact on Karel*
Karel: So... will wewe go out with me?
*Flora couldnt think clearly... for some reason, she had a sekunde thought.. because Karel was her first crush, even before Helia.*
Flora: I...
Blooom: I hope flora is alright..
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