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 The Trix
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posted by tecna535
 Where is Roxy?
Where is Roxy?
Hey, flora where is Roxy, I can't find her anywhere? alisema Tecna
She flew back to earth, she gave up on being a fairy. alisema flora
Why? Asked Tecna
Griselda was being harsh on her then she got send to the office and got told off, she took a major temper tantrum. replied Flora
We need to get the rest of the winx and get her back, alisema Tecna
Ye, I will go get Bloom and Stella, wewe can go get Aisha and Musa, sounds like a plan? alisema Flora
Ok, see wewe later, alisema Tecna

Hey dad, I quit Alfea forever, so can I help here in the frutti muziki bar? Asked Roxy
Sure, can wewe go serve meza, jedwali 6 over there, with those...
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posted by ForeverHope
The inayofuata siku the guys had finished all their classes and were just chilling in their room. Brandon and Sky were on the couches watching TV, Riven was leaning against the ukuta listening to his iPod, Helia was drawing on the jikoni table, Alex was on a chair playing his guitar, and Timmy was kusoma the newspaper.
They all sat in silence besides the noise of the TV and the strum of the guitar. Breaking the silence Timmy alisema surprisingly, “Hey Alex. Why didn’t wewe ever tell us wewe had a brother?”
This caught everyone’s attention. Alex jumped up and briskly walked over to where Timmy was...
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A gigantic purple orb the size of four basketballs appeared in front of Musa at her command.
"Mega sonic burst!" The orb exploded against Moonless Night and the wingu shivered wildly. Weak bolts of lightning pulsed and crackled as violet waves reverberated in the air, disintegrating dark gray puffs of cloud.
"Shockwave crash!" Musa sent two tunnels of violet rings on a collision course spiraling into the cloud. The spell knocked it several yards backward. Red and purple sparks dropped into the sea, disappearing as they touched the water's surface.
Musa kept firing the unbelievably powerful...
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posted by stellawinx101
It is a bright and sunny morning on Earth. "Hah!" Stella yawns. "What a sunny day!" says Stella. "Good morning," says Bloom and the other Winx as they walk to Stella. "Good morning," says Stella and she yawns again. They all want to go to the Love&Pet duka but..
Tecna received a message. "Hold on, guys," she says and checked the message using an iPad. "Stella!" she exclaims loudly. "Hmm?" asks Stella. "Solaria, now! Your father, he died!" says Tecna. Stella uses her scepter and they arrived at Solaria.
"Dad!" shouts Stella when she sees her dad lying on the ground inayofuata to a grave. "Aah!"...
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"Stella, regret it!" shouts Flora. Stella blasts to Flora." Plasma Warp!" blasts Layla. Stella's spell didn't work. "Yes!" cheers Tecna. Bloom slowly gets up and flies to the others. "Stella, regret it!" shouts Bloom.
Stella didn't listen. She still thinks the Winx hate her. Then, Bloom realizes the only way to stop this is to apologize to Stella. Musa realized if they didn't blame her for everything that happened, this wouldn't happened. And finally, Stella realizes it's cruel to seek revenge.
Flora slowly walks to Stella. "Regret it, Stella,"...
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posted by LavenderLily
Part 2: The Trix appears.
Bloom: Oh no! Musa where are you?
Stella: I`m sure she`s kidnapped kwa bad guys.
Flora: Bad guys? But i thought we don`t have bad guys to fight right now.
Tecna: Looks like we have got a mission, girls.
Layla: Yes. We got to hurry before anything bad happens to Musa.
Tecna: Wait! First of all we have to find where is she.
Bloom: That`s not a problem. Winx Believix!Winx Tracix!Show us the past!
The past: The girls were sleeping when the shadow of 3 mysterios women showed up.The first women had long ponytail hair.Next women had a cload like frizzy hair.The last women had long...
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"Its awesome, its amazing its wonderful!" Squeled Flora, clapping her hands as she did a little twirl, followed kwa zaidi squeling.
"I know, a week back at good old alfea, a week of lecturing first years on bio-genetic reactions! OMG, its gonna be great!" Agreed Tecna, stuffing her lilac suitcase with all her valuebals: A dna detector, Three text vitabu marked as "Tv watching for dumbies, volume 1: Switch it on first!" and of course, her secret stash of chocolate.....
"Um....Actually, i was thinking zaidi about Miele's birthday and seeing the pixies again....But I'm sure giving science lessons will...
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posted by FinalAccount
5. Mirta

I know she's minor, but I like her. One word: goth. We both are goth who wear the fashion style, but we don't have the personality of a goth. Mirta is a sweet and shy girl who would rather have vichimbakazi and witches all get along. Her personality is similar to Flora's, but unlike Flora who's WAY too caring, she has her own tough side.

4. Stormy

I know lots of people don't like Stormy, but I do. She is very quick to anger and rage, out of the three sisters and is the master when it comes to things like grudges (the angry ones are my usual favorites). To the point of even disguising...
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