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 Fairy Pet's (Shiny)
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posted by Princess-Flora
So I was wondering what the origin of the names is for the characters. I looked each name up and here is there origins and meanings. Also if it's says feminine it's typically a girls name and if masculine it's typically a guys name.
Bloom: means flowering state, like the new maua, ua just started to bloom.
Flora: it's origin is Latin and the root word is flos meaning flower. Flora was also the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. It also has been a name dating back to the Renaissance in France. Feminine
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posted by fifirose

LAYLA: that two timing jerk
STELLA: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSA: flora what do wewe want to do
(floras looking at the ground)
FLORA: lets go back to alfea
LAYLA: wewe want to just leave without screaming at him
FLORA: the only thing worse than this is letting them see me like this lets just go before i totally break
SKY: hujambo do wewe hear something
BLOOM: shh
BRANDON:its coming from outside
FLORA: please i just cant let him see me like this
MUSA: fine than lets bolt
STELLA:oh flora


HELIA: guys i'm sorry but...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 I missed wewe
I missed you
Wizards of the black mduara, duara versus the Specialists
Tecna: wewe did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but wewe will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if wewe figured out the hint then wewe know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five dakika until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then wewe will have to say goodbye and it also...
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 bloom seeing stella and roxy fighting
bloom seeing stella and roxy fighting
roxy: ok stella i think you're going too far
stella: solar storm! *blasts*
roxy: you're not even listening to me!
stella: i don't need wewe to tell me anything! i saw everything with my own eyes
roxy: but it's not what wewe think
stella: then what is it?
roxy: well...
stella: what do wewe mean kwa well? wewe and brandon have been uigizaji strangely so lately
bloom: *sees them arguing* guys why are wewe arguing?
roxy: stella thinks brandon is cheating on her with me
stella: because it's true
roxy: no it's not
stella: yes it is
bloom: i need to talk with stella alone come with me stella


bloom: oh i see but i'm sure that brandon will never cheat on you
stella: but i saw them with my own eyes
bloom: so are wewe mad at him?
stella: *cries* yes but i still upendo him he's zaidi important than anything in my life
bloom: don't cry
stella: can i have some time alone
bloom: all right
 stella crying
stella crying
posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's makala about the Trix, so yes, this makala is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed mashabiki of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing maoni regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color au her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if wewe dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post maoni saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy au whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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