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 Icy vs Articuno
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"You can't really do it can you." The woman standing before her asked. "You couldn't take care of us...take care of me. How are wewe going to take care of that baby?"

Icy stood motionlessly beneath the flickering streetlight, lips pressed tightly together.

"You couldn't save me.You didn't even look back." The woman remarked.

"I did. I went back the inayofuata siku to find you. But wewe were gone. wewe abandoned me." Icy yelled.

"And you're going to do the same thing with...what's her name? Linda...Lucy? Right, Lucille." The woman stated very flatly.

"No." Icy replied simply.

"Yes. wewe will. I abandoned you,...
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Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with wewe all my juu inayopendelewa eleven "good" characters. (And kwa "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why juu eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my orodha of juu eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor...
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So I've been meaning to write a one shot Bloom/Icy fic for a while but no ideas have come to me and also I simply haven't felt like typing it. :P But without any further it is.

Bloom didn't quite understand Icy...or witches in general. Little over a mwezi ago, the woman had religiously tried to destroy her and take her powers. Currently the woman had made a habit of visiting the woman, mostly at night when they could be alone. At first these visits were something of a horror, riddled with insults and threats. And slowly the mood changed to something almost light hearted. The witch...
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