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Ad for the DVD release of the musical about the making of TV's first great sitcom.
i upendo lucy
lucille ball
desi arnaz
stage musical
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An ad for the DVD release of LAST TANGO WITH MARLON, the dramatic stage play about the friendship of actors Marlon Brando and Wally Cox!
marlon brando
wally cox
the godfather
last tango in paris
stage play
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Robbie Rist, from The Brady Bunch, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doc MacStuffins, in a searing stage drama of romantic turmoil.
robbie rist
stage play
posted by MoonshoesPerry
Perhaps the best in talent-
But fools they always were.
And we,
We who were through with being ever-second-
We devised a plan to rid the stage of them.
No, but perfect all the same.
Clever and cunning and every bit dramatic.
We could have been starring in our own piece.

It was to be a murder-
A double murder upon the stage-
We were not so cruel as to let them die away from it.
Yes, they would draw their final breaths there,
Watched kwa a crowd of-
What else?-
Fools who would merely think their uigizaji superb,
And never comprehend
That the deaths they saw were real.
And even if they did...
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