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 Lady with her Angry Face & Shining dhahabu Lamps (Mirrored)
Episode 21: Le Cave Di Argilla

That's Italian for The Clay Pits.

Bill, Ben, Timothy, and Marion enjoy working at the clay pits, but sometimes, too many freight cars get loaded with clay, and the engines get too much work.

Sir Tophamm Hat had to find an engine to help out at the clay pits for a few days.

Sir Tophamm Hat: *Looking at engines at Knapford Station* Who am I gonna send to the clay pits?
Thomas: *Passing kwa with Annie, and Clarabel*
Sir Tophamm Hat: Not Thomas. He's got a branch line to run.
Percy: *Pulling the mail train*
Sir Tophamm Hat: I can't take Percy away from his inayopendelewa job....
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While Thomas was taking us to the magic buffers, Junior remembered something.

C Junior: Oh no.
Mr. Conductor: What's the matter Junior?
C Junior: Lilly. We left her at the windmill!
Mr. Conductor: Alright, Thomas. Get us to the windmill, then take us to the magic buffers.
Thomas: Yes sir Mr. Conductor. *Goes to windmill*
Pierce Brosnan: Thomas went as fast as he could to the windmill.
Mr. Conductor: Is that James Bond narrating?
James: *Passing Thomas with a short freight train* Did someone say my name?
Thomas: We're talking about another James.
James: Uh, huh. Sure wewe are. *Goes faster then Thomas*...
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I was getting ready to leave for Sodor. For some reason I was as small as a dog treat.

Mutt: *Barking*

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have alisema that. Anyway, I'm short at Shining Time Station, but not at Sodor. I was just about to leave when....

Billy: Hello Mr. Conductor.
Mr. Conductor: Good morning Billy. *Looking for whistle* Where is it? I know I left it somewhere.
Patch: Hi Mr. C.
Mr. Conductor: Hello Patch. Where's that whistle?
Stacey Jones: Mr. C? *Holding Mr. Conductor's whistle* I have it sir.
Mr. Conductor: Oh, thank wewe Stacey. *Takes whistle*...
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I have nothing to say
thomas the train
thomas and Marafiki
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George Carlin is the narrator.
tv onyesha
thomas the train
thomas and Marafiki
george carlin
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Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run kwa five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Stop the song

Episode 15: Kenny's Bridge Is Falling Down

The Northern Errol Line has two bridges going over Eastern Pacific tracks. Many engines including Kenny, Panzer, and Ferris enjoy going over the bridges so they can taunt anyone they see on the Eastern Pacific.

Kenny: *Pulling a train with Robert* Let me know if wewe see any trains on the tracks below...
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Dane Cook - Burger King

Starring Jerry as Dane Cook
Nikki and Victoria as The Girls
Kenny as Darrell
Jeff as Angry Person
Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bruce as Skid Row
Georgia as Woman
Andrew as Hank
Everyone else as the audience

Video: link

Jerry: So many crappy- the first job I had, right? The first job I had when I was, uh.. 17, was Burger King. That was the first job I had.
Audience: Hahaha.
Jerry: I didn't wanna call it Burger King either, cuz, like ya know, so I used to call it the BK Lounge.
Audience: *Laughing*
Jerry: If the girls were to go like-
Nikki & Victoria: Where do wewe work?...
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Episode 8

Thomas Percy & The Coal

It was a beautiful siku on the Island Of Sodor. Thomas The Tank Engine's smart blue paint shone in the sunshine. He arrived at a station, and saw Percy, and Sean.

"Hello Thomas." Called Percy, "You look splendid."

"Yes indeed." Boasted Thomas, "Blue is the only color for an engine."

"I've got some blue, but most of my paint is grey." alisema Sean.

"I like my green paint," Percy replied, "I wouldn't want to be any other color."

"Well, well anyway," Huffed Thomas, "Blue is the only color for a really useful engine. Everyone knows that." And he puffed away importantly....
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I decided to make my own Thomas series. I will include characters from the first seasons, and the episodes in the CGI series, along with characters that I will make up.

Episode 1: Gordon, and the new diesel

It was a wonderful siku on the island of sodor. Thomas was running his branchline as usual, when he stopped at a station. Gordon stopped inayofuata to him.

"Good morning Gordon." alisema Thomas. "How are wewe on this fine day?"

"I'm doing alright Thomas." Gordon replied, "And I heard we're getting a new engine."

"That's awesome." Wheeshed Thomas, "Do wewe know when the new engine will be getting here?"...
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I guess wewe could say this episode is the start of season 2 for this series.

Episode 17: Slow Down Murdoch

The island of sodor gets plenty of freight trains. Sir Tophamm Hat's engines work hard, but sometimes the work is too much, and the engines get too tired.

One of the strongest engines on the island was Murdoch, but Sir Tophamm Hat once alisema that big engines always went wrong. So he decided to order another engine. One that was powerful, but small.

Thomas, and Percy were working at the docks when they saw another engine come towards them. He had four cylinders, four sets of drive wheels,...
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Episode 6

Christmas Rescue

It was a snowy siku on the Island Of Sodor. Thomas, and Percy were to collect two krisimasi trees. One for the sheds, and one for Knapford Station.

When they arrived at the forest, they collected their flatcars of trees, and started off. Thomas wanted to onyesha Percy how fast he could go, but Percy wouldn't let him.

"We can't go too fast Thomas," warned Percy. "The trees might fall off, and that would never do."

"I'll keep that in mind." alisema Thomas the tank engine, and continued to Knapford. On the way, they would pass the diesel works, but Arry, and Bert were blocking...
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George Carlin: The engines, and Mr. Conductor were sleeping together in Tidmouth Sheds.
Mr. Conductor: Hey, you're not supposed to be alive!
George Carlin: Well, fuck that! I was always a better narrator then you, and wewe know it!
Mr. Conductor: That's it. I'm calling ghostbusters.
George Carlin: *Disappears*
Mr. Conductor: Now, where were we? *Setting alarm clock to go off at 6 AM* Oh, what have we here? *Grabs bat* wewe wanna play with this guy? *Grabs ball, and hits it with the bat* Why do wewe keep hitting him like that?
Bat: *Comes to life* It's the way I was made! Everyone knows that! *Grows...
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Wheel slips And Wheel flats

Rosie was having an argument with Duck, and Oliver about what situation would be worse.

Rosie: Wheel slips are worse, because wewe can't get enough traction to pull your train.
Duck: Wheel kujaa are worse in our opinion.
Oliver: Quite. If any of your freight cars, au coaches were to have a wheel flat, wewe wouldn't be able to go anywhere.
Duck: And another thing. Wheel slips aren't always caused kwa a lack of traction. Sometimes, it's caused due to lack of power. Then, I needn't remind you, being a female.
Rosie: *Shocked* What's that supposed to mean?!
Duck: Whatever...
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I came up with a lot of characters for my new series Trainz. It's a spinoff of Adventures Of Thomas & Friends, and when I start it, I hope you'll enjoy it. In this article, I'm going to onyesha wewe some of the characters that I created for the new series.

The first engine wewe will see is Kenny. He's very rude, because he has been working on the Northern Errol Line for a long time. He's only nice to his friends, but isn't easy to get along with.

If wewe take a look at the bottom images, you'll see zaidi characters.

Eddie is one of the engines that work on the Hunterdon Central Railway. He likes...
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Episode 4

The Run To The Castle

While Thomas was at the works being mended, zaidi engines were needed to pull passengers. Some passengers even had to ride the narrow gauge line to get to where they were going.

One day, Makenzie was at the station, where both narrow gauge, and Sir Tophamm Hatt's engines worked. One side was for the narrow gauge engines, and the other side was for Sir Tophamm Hatt's engines. Makenzie was getting coal, and water while Duncan was delivering her coaches to the station.

"I shouldn't have to be doing this!" Duncan shouted rudely. He got the coaches to the station, and...
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 Mr. Baldwin in his car
Mr. Baldwin in his car
kwa the United States, a new island was found. The President decided to name it The Island Of Errol, and the news soon spread around the world.

When the engines on Sodor heard about it, they couldn't stop talking about it.

"I wonder if there are trains on there like us." alisema Thomas.

"If there are, they can't be as fast as me." Boasted Gordon.

"And they certainly won't have nicer looks like me." Bragged James.

"Duh, I like muffins." alisema Henry. All the engines gave him weird looks.

"I'd like to see what it looks like." Puffed Percy.

"Me too." Agreed Duck.

"It certainly would be cool to see the...
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Another episode of the wooden railway adventures
tv onyesha
thomas the train
thomas and Marafiki
What if Emily had Edward's role in Edward's Exploit? Let's find out.

Episode 13

Emily's Exploit

The Island of Sodor was having the biggest amount of visitors that they ever had. It seemed as if every person in the world was there, and Sir Tophamm Hat needed to prepare a lot of passenger trains for them.

One day, Emily was getting ready to leave Knapford with her two coaches. They were full, and she found it hard to start. She blew her whistle, and her wheels slipped as she tried to pull her train.

"Duuh, did wewe see her straining?" Asked Henry.

"Positively painful." Remarked James.

"Just pathetic."...
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Here's a orodha of all the narrators, and which one is my favorite.

First off, Ringo Starr

I first heard Ringo narrate Thomas The Tank Engine when I was four. I thought he was good, though I only heard him narrate seven episodes. Eventually I got to hear him narrate more, and more. I'm not sure why he stopped, because Ringo was good.

George Carlin

George is the very first narrator I heard. It seemed interesting having a comedian that alisema f*ck all the time narrating a children's show. At the time when I first heard him, I didn't know he was a comedian. Now, to get back on topic. The many voices...
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