"Jack, Jack, there's a mashua Jack." Rose alisema to Jack.
      Jack opened his eyes, almost froze to death. "We need to.... Get their attention....". Rose got off the door. "Rose! Where are wewe going?"
         "There's a whistle... Over there.... That's the only way.... We'll be...Saved.
Rose swam over to the frozen officer and grabbed the whistle out of his mouth and blew. "Come about!" yelled the officer. Shining the light in Rose's face. They helped Rose out of the water, then, went to Jack, and helped him into the boat. In the boat, Jack and Rose where covered in blankets, holding hands. After a few minutes, they fell asleep. 

      They were awoken kwa the sound of cheering and yelling. "It's a ship! We're saved!"  They opened their eyes, to see the side of a ship, the 'Carpathia. A ladder was hanging down so the passengers of Titanic could climb aboard. Jack helped Rose on the ladder and then followed behind her. On board, they found two chairs to sit on. "How are you?" Jack asked. "I'm fine, just a bit shaken, I mean, I almost Lost you." Rose said, shedding a tear.
    "But wewe didn't Rose, and that's what wewe have to think about, now try to get some sleep, wewe seem tired." Jack said, kissing her forehead. She fell asleep on his chest. Peaceful for once in her life. 

      "Can I take your names please?" asked one of the officers of the 
Jack and Rose gave each other a look, Rose nodded as if to say "Dawson"
 for her last name.
   Jack spoke up "Uh, Jack and Rose Dawson." 
  The officer wrote it down and replied "Thank you." then he walked off.
-Up on the deck for first class, Ruth was lying down in a deck chair, looking half dead. Cal, on the other hand, was calm, but inside, was a wreck. All he could think about was "Did Rose live? Did Jack live? Did they both die? Both live?" he wasn't about to stand around, he was going to find out.  He decided to go down to the deck for third class.

-Jack and Rose watched Cal as he walked down the stairs, and as he approached the same officer that asked them for their names. They looked at each other. Jack quickly took their blanket and put it over Rose's head, that way, Cal wouldn't be able to recognize Rose's bright red hair. Then he took another blanket from a chair and put it over his head, just to be safe. "How do I look?" Jack joked. "Just lovely." Rose replied, laughing.

-Cal went up to the officer " wewe there! Give me the survivor  list for Titanic. Now wewe moron!"
    "Yes sir, here wewe go." the officer handed Cal the list. Cal went down through it until he came across 'Jack Dawson and Rose Dawson'
    "These two names, where are the passengers who own them? Tell me now."
     "Over there, sir, wewe see those two people with the blanket over their heads, well, that's where they where. Maybe if wewe ask them wewe could-"
    "Thank you." Cal alisema cutting him off and then he went toward Jack and Rose. "Excuse me. Would wewe happen to know where Jack and Rose Dawson are? The officer alisema they where here?" Cal asked. Jack knew Cal would recognize their voices the moment they alisema even a word. He looked at Rose as if to say "Don't speak." So they didn't.       
       "Well! Do wewe know au not!" Cal asked.  " If wewe don't know could wewe at least tell me that! Listen. I want to know because Rose is my fiancee, and Jack well he's the guy she truly loves." Cal said, almost shedding a tear. "Even though I know I can't have her, I want to see her one last time, just to tell her I upendo her, I gave her everything that she wanted, and... She left me for him."
        "Did wewe make her happy?" Rose asked, her voice a bit shaky. 
          "Even though wewe gave her everything, was she ever happy?"
         "I guess not." Cal replied, not noticing it was Rose who he was talking to.  
"Thank you." Cal alisema as he got up. "And if wewe ever see her, tell her Cal loves her. Goodbye." He walked off up into the first class deck.
       -"You alright?"  Jack asked.
        "Fine. Just a bit shocked. I never knew he felt that way." 
         "Go see him."
          "No! If I go they'll never let me leave! I'll be trapped! Mother will never let me go back to you! I can't! I just can't." Rose said, bursting into tears. Jack held her in close, letting her rest her head on his shoulders.
         "Come Josephine in my flying machine, and it's up she goes, up she goes, come Josephine, in my flying machine." Jack sang it softly in her ear. Rose looked up at him, smiling. 
       "I upendo wewe Jack." Rose said.
       "I upendo wewe too." Jack said, kissing her forehead.

    They arrived in New York late Tuesday night, they got off the mashua together, not looking back, not worrying about Ruth and Cal, not worrying about anything. They moved to Chippewa Falls, Jack's hometown. There, they got married, and later on Jack got a well paying job, coming nyumbani everyday to Rose, and their 2 Girls; Rosa (the oldest, named after Rose) and April (named that because April was the mwezi Jack and Rose met). They lived a happy life, and every April 12th at 9:00pm, they made a toast, because at that moment, Jack and Rose met, changing each other's life forever.         

 If wewe want maoni and I will make part 2 about their daughters