Jack is my inayopendelewa character from Titanic, and my inayopendelewa character of all time. Why? Well, there are many reasons.

Jack is such an inspiration. He Lost his parents at a young age, he had little to no money. However, he managed to always keep a smile on his face. An example of this, is when Jack says this to Ruth after she asked him if he likes his lifestyle:

"Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I upendo waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with wewe fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. wewe don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. wewe learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each siku count. "

A part of that quote I especially upendo is, "I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs."

Jack seems to really understand something that many people can't seem to grasp. That is, "Money can't buy wewe happiness." Is Jack happy? He seems happy. In the quote above, he says that all he needs is air in his lungs and a few blank sheets of paper. Does he have money? No, he's poor, we know that. How many people are just content with just living? Not many. In a way, Jack lives zaidi than anyone out there for millions of dollars. We learn that from Rose. She alisema that it felt like her whole life was already set up for her. Is that really living? Think what wewe want, but I don't think it is. I think living is, as in Jacks words, waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who you're gonna meet. That's truly amazing.

Another thing about Jack, is that, in Rose's words, he can see people. He didn't see Rose as just another rich girl. He saw her. He was ultimately able to "save her" from the life she was destined to live until she met him.

Even before Jack even loved Rose, he saved her. As wewe all know, she was going to kill herself kwa jumping off the back of the Titanic. Jack didn't know who she was, why she was doing what she was doing, but he helped her. He made her see that suicide was not the answer. He didn't have to do that, as he didn't know her. He could of ignored her, walked away, but he didn't. he saved Rose's life many times, both literally and not literally.

Jack is so selfless. He puts others before himself. He could have saved himself, and gotten on the floating door in the water. Instead, he let Rose on the door so she could live. He probably knew he would die. Can wewe imagine how hard that would be, knowing wewe would die in just a couple of minutes? I know I can't personally imagine. However, he did it for Rose. And just before he died, he made Rose promise him that she would keep fighting, even though he knew he couldn't.

In the short time he had with Rose, he made her see and really feel for the first time. Not many people can do that, and that is why I upendo Jack Dawson.