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It’s early morning when he finally opens the door to their home

"I’m hoooome…" he trails off in a low voice when he catches the sight in front of him.

"Why the sad face little man" he says in his baby voice as his eyes goes to Ziva again and he sees her lazy smile.

"Our little Tateleh has been fuzzy all night. He could sense his Daddy’s absence so I decided that I did not mind if bath time would be a little earlier today. Now that Daddy is nyumbani maybe we could both finally get some sleep, hmm my little Caleb?" she alisema as she kissed their baby son’s head.

Tony had kwa now moved to...
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Tony softly closed the bedroom door behind him as he heard Ziva shift on the kitanda across the room. She catches sight of him and sits up in bed, stifling a yawn.

“Hey sweetcheeks, how was your nap?” Tony asked as he sat down on the kitanda inayofuata to her.

“It was refreshing, just what I needed after today,” Ziva replied.

“Oh yes, how is our little own doing?” Tony asked as he rubbed his hand over Ziva’s belly, smiling as he did so.

“The doctor alisema it’s perfectly healthy, and we can find out the sex of the baby in two weeks if want,” Ziva said, smiling at Tony’s hands on her ever-growing...
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ziva david
tony dinozzo
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"Ziva, come on, we’re gonna be late!"

"Okay, okay just one moment."

They were already running behind on their morning, thanks to an unset alarm and a broken water heater. They’d spent the past 30 dakika gathering up all the belongings they needed for their short trip to the Palmer house for a ‘family’ brunch, but they quickly learned that having a child comes with needing many zaidi items and bags than normal.

She had just changed their daughter’s diaper and was bustling around the room, stocking, pantyhose the diaper bag for their afternoon outing.

"Where is her purple zebra?" She calls out....
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"Tony, do not let her fall!"

He laughs at his wife’s concern, and slightly adjusts their daughter in his lap for the sake of her comfort. “She’s not gonna fall, Ziva. Besides, she inherited your ninja balancing skills.”

The little girl squeaked as her fingers slammed on to the keys, and he cringed slightly at the off-putting noise, his wife laughing in his place. “And it seems she has inherited your kinanda playing skills.”

"Hey!" he quips. But before he can retort, the little girl starts jumping in his lap, slamming her hands down on the keys once more.

"Whoa, okay there," he says,...
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I decided to do some Tiva iPod drabbles, sorry if they're a bit long, it's just once I start it's a bit hard to stop! xD That's also why I did five!

I came up with these trying to come up with the sekunde chapter of my fanfic 'Blame It On My Youth'. Check it out!

Anyway, I better tell wewe I don't have anything to do with NCIS apart from the fact that I upendo it!

The characters may be a bit out of character so be warned! :)

Anyway Enjoy!

Feels Like Tonight - Daughtry

wewe can do this, DiNozzo, he thought to himself.

He strolled out of the elevator, but stopped in his tracks when he laid eyes on Ziva....
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also includes Jibbs and McAbby, with Tiva first.
24 1/2 weeks. Feelin huge, but upendo her so much!

"You did not just do what I think wewe did."

"Weeellll….what do wewe think I just did?"

"Give me the camera, Tony."

"No. I want to take pictures of the beach."

"I just want to see it."

"No. You’re going to del—-"

"I’m going to what?"


"If wewe do not futa that picture, Tony, there will be consequences to pay."

"But, Ziva! I like this picture. It’s a good shot of wewe and Baby."

"I do not want a picture of me looking swollen and half naked to be in our family albums."

"i wasn’t planning on putting it an album."

"Then where—? Tony, do not tell me that wewe still have those pictures from Los Angeles in your possession."

"I don’t have those pictures from LA in my possession."

"You are a liar, Tony DiNozzo."
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"Where’d she get that?"

Ziva leans back to peer around the doorframe of the jikoni just as her partner walks through the door. He lets it swing shut behind him as he nods toward the floor, where she assumes their daughter is still crawling around on the hardwood. Wiping her hand quickly on a towel, she throws it inayofuata to the cutting board on the counter, coming out into the hall to greet him.

She leans back against the ukuta as she watches him crouch down to smile at their daughter, and her mouth turns upward affectionately as the little girl gives him a clumsy wave and chirps a bright, “dada!”...
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