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Hello everyone! So, what is this? This is basically just me filling out some information about OCs that I don't use that often, au aren't really known compared to some of my other OCs like Dan, Phil, Francis, Yasmin, Dayton, etc.
If wewe think there's anyone else I should fill this out for, feel free to comment. This is just basic info.


Full Name: Sylvia "Silvy" Jeanine Beaufort
Age: 14
Birthday: August 8th
Stereotype: The pranker
Sexuality: Bicurious
Hair Color: Purple. originally brown.
Eye Color: Blue
Profession: Unemployed
Relationship Status: Single.
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Sorry it's so short guys D: I've been investing all my time in practicing for this huge audition I have coming up for a musical theatre camp scholarship.

Francis’ POV
I lay in kitanda (as usual) and the girl beside me (oh shit. What was her name?) pants heavily.
“Ohmygod.” She alisema in a simple breath.
I smirked at her, “Told wewe I was good.”
“So what does this mean? Is this going to happen often?”
I smirked again and stroked her arm, “It could mean anything wewe want, baby.”
Bzzz! Bzzz!
I held up a finger and reached for her side table, where my phone sat. I turned it on and saw...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Smartone123's maswali

To Francis from Nina: hujambo just asking now that that sexy piece of sexy has joins,meaning Stefania, now who's your fav girl? :3
Francis: "I don't know. How dirty is this Stefania chick?"

To Samantha from Hinta: hujambo girl,do wewe like Alora?? :D
Samantha: *blushes* "No... of course not..."

To any of your OCs from Bulma: hujambo im wondering,is any of your OCs like like Hinta?
Drew: "He's very.... cute... and sweet... and adorable... and nice... *runs away, overwhelmed*"
Francis: "Yeah, he's hot."
Carter: O///O *blushes*
Yasmin: "He's so cute and sweet and...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Took. So. Long. To. Perfect. AND I STILL DON'T LIKE IT. D:
Oh well, hopefully wewe do.
Yeah, usual warning; don't read if wewe have problems with swears, sex, homosexuality, etc
Noah’s POV
About an saa au two later I wake up in Francis’ bed, his strong arms wrapped around me. It feels a little unnatural to me; I’ve never been with anyone like this… I usually refuse to let Nicole kiss me, let alone lie naked with me in a bed.
I don’t know what to think of all this. Part of me wants to hate it, wants to hate him, but the other part is absolutely mad for him. WHY THE...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
A new chapter! Things are getting intense.
Once again, do not read if wewe don't like swears, ESPECIALLY don't read if wewe have a problem with sex. au if wewe have a problem with two guys being together.
Enjoy my friends! :D

Noah’s POV
The inayofuata few days were seriously like hell. I couldn’t even look at Francis without feeling bad for hurting him and without drowning in the unbelievable desire I felt towards him, and I couldn’t talk to Nicole without feeling bad that I cheated on her. The only people I found comfort in were Riley and Miranda.
I sat at a lunch table, reading. I was so zoned...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
A short chapter. Sorry guys D: the inayofuata one will be longer.
Francis' POV

I lay in bed, my thoughts were running wild. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I couldn’t get him out of my head.
Even when I was inayofuata to two of the hottest babes I’ve ever had the pleasure of banging, he was all that was on my mind. And it didn’t make sense, I had finally hooked up with him… shouldn’t it be over now?
“Is something wrong?” One girl asked.
The other girl nodded; “Yeah, you’ve been lying beside both of us for five dakika now and wewe haven’t even tried to touch either...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
1. Francis was originally a "class clown" type of OC, until I made him extremely sexual xD

2. Yasmin and Pierce were originally supposed to date.

3. Mia was one of my first OCs, but I hardly ever use her.

4. I used to be terrified of pairing my OCs with other people's because I was afraid no one would like my OCs D:

5. Tons of my OCs were supposed to be straight, but ended up gay/lesbian/bi (examples being Francis, Trinity, Jasey)

6. My newest OCs include Malinda, Alexis, Drew, Kadri, Phil, Dan and Skylar.

7. Francis is my favouritest OC of mine. Which is kinda sad... cause he's a douche. xD

8. Dayton...
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So. For those of wewe who missed the last chapter... I'll sum it up for you: Noah went to a club where Francis sings at, Francis and him started talking and Francis was being unusually sweet and telling Noah that it's okay that he's gay. The chapter ended with Francis imba a song (Lost in wewe kwa Three Days Grace) which he dedicated to Noah, and the two of them kiss.
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex au swearing, there's A LOT.
It's short. But that's okay.

Noah's POV

“Oh. My. God.” I panted.
I never...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
This is a romance meme in honor of Valentine's day! The results are sexual, flirtatious and all around completely awkward.
I chose some of my most sexual OCs for this to be as inappropriate, but hilarious as possible, if wewe have problems with any sort of sexuality... please don't read this.
For those of wewe who actually decide to press on, enjoy!


Twelve Characters I upendo
1. Yasmin
2. Dayton
3. Carter
4. Francis
5. Chloe
6. Maylene
7. Pierce
8. Amy
9. Lucy
10. Cyrus
11. Hazel
12. Shayla

1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Another sexual meme. And just really weird. Read at your own risk.
Thanks to Zmidy313 for giving me a bila mpangilio orodha of my OCs to use.


Yeah, torturing your OC’s.... AGAIN!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed you...


Answer all the questions. If wewe don’t I’ll find you, and watch wewe sleep again. wewe know, wewe sleep like an angel... *fantasizes and drools*
Link back to the original meme in the description. Down there. ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE. Hehe, I’m so pervy XD
Comment and link if wewe do this. It’s nice to know if people...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
WARNING: This meme contains insane amounts of pervertedness (mostly kwa Francis).
Read at your own risk.


- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order.
- Please link back to the blank.
- Enjoy. ;D


1. Francis
2. Maylene
3. Dayton
4. Yasmin
5. Carter
6. Lucy
7. Pierce

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would wewe like a donut au milkshake?

Francis: "Hello my sexy motherfu-"


Francis: "Fine! I'm Francis, and all about donuts. If wewe know what I mean." *winks*

Maylene: "I'm Maylene! I like chocolatey donuts with...
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I think this is some record to the amount of time I've consistently updated a fanfic *throws confetti*
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex au swearing, there's A LOT.
Another chapter, this time getting a little deeper...

Francis raised his head from the guitar, gitaa once he finished the song. He saw me at the front of the crowd, giving a small smile. “I’m going to take a few moments to myself guys,” He told the audience, “Please just socialize au something,”
He walks over to me, and I try to ignore the attraction...
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This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex au swearing, there's A LOT.
Very few other OCs are in this chapter, but they will be featured later.

I walked away with Francis and to my locker. I tossed in my vitabu and closed it, only to find Francis standing right there.
“Oh my god! Francis!”
“You have a girlfriend?” Francis questioned, as if he didn’t believe me.
I nodded; “Why is that so shocking?”
“Cause you’re gay; wewe were practically making out with Cody’s ear.”
“I was asleep,”...
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This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex au swearing, there's A LOT.
Very few other OCs are in this chapter, but they will be featured later.


Francis' POV
“Fuck… that boy is SO cute.”
I saw myself staring from across the study hall room at the unbelievably attractive boy.
“Noah?” The girl sitting beside me said.
“Uh, duh.” I replied. “Who else?”
“Are wewe seriously gonna chase after him, AGAIN? He’s already denied you.”
I put my lips together in a pout and pinch the girl’s...
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NOTE: Every OC will NOT BE in every episode. So please don't get pissed when your OC isn't in an episode. This is not a competition series, it is an everyday life series.


*At Paige's Hose*

Carli: *in her room imba Save Me kwa Nicki Minaj*

Paige: *walks in* BOO!

Carli: *screams* What was that for?!

Paige: *laughs*

Carli: Get out my room Paige! >.<

Paige: *can't breath from laughing so hard* That.........was so........funny....

Carli: ...

Paige: *stops laughing* hujambo wewe know school starts today.

Carli: Yeah, why?

Paige: wewe should jiunge like choir....or something.

Carli: No way! wewe know...
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posted by poophead4837ext
Chapter Three

I go off to where the name drawings will take place. As I expected, no one was enthusiatic. I try to find Ryan in the crowd of all the people, but couldn't, so I just stood there.

Effie alisema all the boring stuff. Blah blah blah, Panem this, The Capitol that. It's the same thing every year. I almost fell asleep until I heard she was going to pick the names now.

"Here we go." Effie said, with a bit too much anticipation.

"Ashley- No no thank you."

What is she doing? Isn't that against the rules au something?

"Ah, here we go. Meredith Lynn Carter."

I stood there in shock. I knew I had...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Chris: ok cast a new girl is coming her name is Ariana
Ariana: *has a boom box in hand and her kisu in the other*yo Chris *steps out of the boat*
Chris: hujambo Ariana
Ariana: *smiles and grabs her stuff*
Courtney: hi im courtney
Ariana: hi im Ariana
Gwen and Leshawna: nice name
Ariana: thanks *walks out and bumps duncan* im terribly sorry
Duncan: yea its ok *looks up*wow u are hot
Ariana: excuse me
Duncan: a real baby girl
Ariana: i beg your pardon im not a baby girl
Duncan: how about a kiss and i help u win
Ariana: how adorable that sounds i have to say no
Duncan: u going to be a courtney well she kiss me and u probably like me
Ariana:heck no juvy *pins him to the wall* i will never ever like u
Duncan:but u touching me u like me
Ariana: u are so immature *walks away*
Duncan: see u in my dreams and the morning cutie
Ariana: yea your dreams but dont call me cutie
Duncan: *nods*what ever u say princess
Ariana: *sighs*
Last episode of TDI, the campers had to row canoes to Boney Island and make a signal fire. The bass, besi won and the Gophers eliminated Catina. Even Candy had left but we brought in a replacement camper, Terra.


"Okay so today wewe guys are gonna be hunting with paintballs! You'll be hunting other campers who'll be dressed as deer. The hunters will be wearing some cool hunting gear." Chris explained as he showed the attire.

Okay so the "deer" will be:

ray -G
Rikki -B
Jared -G
Damien -B
Terra -G
Alexa -B
Breeze -G
Saphira -B

The "hunters" will be:

Mr. Fluffykins -G
Melisa -G
Gemz -G
Rayven -B
Sofie -B
Lisa -B
Jade -B
Lexi -B

The "deer" head into the woods for a head start.
Alright hunters, go bag some deer!
because being pointless is fun :D:D
thats a lot of words
down there
I never make my makala short ...
I don't like them short
heh heh

Jake: I upendo MY PARENTS *hugs/kisses them* I upendo THE WORLD! EVERYTHING IS GREAT!

Toby: Veto is a great person, he’s just so amazing.*hugs Veto*. I don’t care if Bradley dies, hes not important to me.

Bradley: Toby is amazing, I upendo him so much. I hate playing video games *throws games at the wall* School is stupid, Cassie is too. what an ugly motherfucker.
( he thinks Cassie is really pretty :3)

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posted by Elkhat-Law
sooo this is basically just a story that explains why Veto lives alone with his older brother, Daniel.
It will eventually get a title. but it doesnt get a prologue. im lazy
Once I figure out a title for a BlakexNicole story I'm writing, I'll start uploading it.(im on chapter 4 of that :d)

Oh, it also takes place when Veto is 14 and Daniel is 18.

chapter 1

Vetos POV

It was all quiet in my room, until my clock alisema it was 7am...‘’ got something all the girls want...’’ I rolled over, and turned my clock off. I wasn't really in the mood to listen to anything this morning. I crawled...
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